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Revision of Volume I of the EDGAR Filer Manual and Amendments to Rule 10 and Rule 12 of Regulation S-T

Dec. 14, 2020

The SEC has significantly revised Volume I of the EDGAR Filer Manual to remove unnecessary and outdated content and to relocate basic instructions and technical explanations to the EDGAR—Information for Filers webpage at  The revisions include other changes, including acceptance of electronic notarizations and remote online notarizations in connection with the Form ID application for EDGAR access.  

The SEC also amended Rule 10 of Regulation S-T [17 CFR 232.10] to remove the manual signature requirement for Form ID notarization, and to clarify that Rule 10 is excluded from the amendment to Rule 302 of Regulation S-T [17 CFR 232.302].  

Finally, filing times in Rule 12 of Regulation S-T [17 CFR 232.12] were amended to accord with the SEC’s current hours for submission of electronic filings.

The revised Volume I and the amendments to Rule 10 and Rule 12 will be effective upon publication of the associated SEC release in the Federal Register.  Please see SEC Release 33-10902.

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