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SEC Compensation Program

How the SEC Sets Salaries

The SEC’s pay-setting practices are structured to ensure consistency and objectivity by using tools termed “pay matrices.”  Specifically, use of the pay matrices ensures that a new employee’s pay is set commensurate with the experience – both “relevant” and ”specialized” -- that he or she brings to the position:

  • Relevant experience includes experience not directly related to the duties of the position but which nonetheless prepares the candidate for success in the position.
  • Specialized experience includes technical experience directly related to the duties of the position to be filled.

Information Used by Office of Human Resources Staff to Set Pay :

The resume a job candidate submits when applying for an SEC position is used by Office of Human Resources (OHR) Compensation Team to identify creditable relevant and/or specialized experience. The SEC encourages job candidates to provide the following information to ensure that compensation is set accurately:

  • Complete work history (e.g., not just the most recent 10 or 15 years)
  • Job titles
  • Duties for each job (be specific in describing the duties)
  • Start and end dates for each job, including month and year
  • Full-time or part-time status (include hours worked per week)

Base Pay Ranges

The base pay ranges for the different levels of SK series employees are as follows:

SK Series Pay Chart
January 7, 2018
Grade Min Max
SK-1 $21,398 $30,419
SK-2 $24,061 $34,204
SK-3 $26,251 $37,317
SK-4 $29,467 $41,883
SK-5 $32,972 $48,962
SK-6 $36,752 $54,574
SK-7 $40,843 $61,539
SK-8 $45,228 $68,150
SK-9 $49,957 $76,377
SK-10 $55,017 $84,111
SK-11 $60,447 $99,404
SK-12 $72,444 $119,145
SK-13 $86,150 $141,676
SK-14 $98,922 $162,677
SK-15 $104,861 $175,693
SK-16 $112,970 $186,232
SK-17 $119,749 $201,131

The salary cap, including locality pay, is $243,500 for all SK staff.

The base pay ranges for the different levels of Senior Officer positions are as follows:

Senior Officer Pay Chart

Effective Date: January 7, 2018

2018 Pay Structure (No Locality)
SO Level Minimum Maximum/Cap
Level 1 $188,050 $249,272
Level 2 $188,050 $254,286
Level 3 $188,050 $254,286
SO Pay Caps (No Locality)
Level 1 $249,272
Level 2 & 3 $254,286

All locations use minimum and maximum/cap.

Locality Pay

The locality rates presented below are applied to an employee’s base pay based on his/her duty location.

2018 SEC Locality Rates

Locality Current Rate
Atlanta 21.16%
Boston 29.27%
Chicago 27.47%
Denver 25.47%
Forth Worth 23.40%
Los Angeles 30.57%
Miami 22.64%
New York 32.13%
Philadelphia 24.59%
Salt Lake City 15.37%
San Francisco 39.28%
Washington D.C. 28.22%

 Updated January 2018

All locations use minimum and maximum/cap.


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