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Aug. 12, 2022

The Division of Investment Management Fellowship Program

The regulation of investment companies and investment advisers involves complex regulatory issues of potentially broad impact to financial markets. The Division benefits greatly from the input from experienced subject matter specialists who can help apprise policymakers of current practices in asset management and potential consequences that may arise from regulatory action.

To this end, the Division has developed a Fellowship program, whereby experienced attorney and non-attorney professionals can serve two- to four-year positions within the Division. These positions are designed to provide the agency with deep and current knowledge of a particular subject area, and can therefore span many potential areas of focus. In the past, such positions have included specialists in, for example, operational issues, portfolio management, risk management, and private funds, amongst others. The Division’s specialists have been outstanding contributors to a wide array of agency priorities, including rulemaking initiatives, examinations, investigations, legal guidance, disclosure review, and market monitoring.

If you are an experienced asset management professional looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact in a highly collaborative, mission-driven, and fast-paced environment, we strongly encourage you to submit your resume and accompanying cover letter to

Last Reviewed or Updated: April 19, 2024