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Statement on Departure from the SEC

Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar

Nov. 16, 2015

Today, I sent a letter to President Obama thanking him for the opportunity to serve the American public, and to provide notice that my last day with the Commission would be at the end of December 2015, or at such earlier time as my successor assumes my position. A copy of the letter is attached.

It has been a privilege to serve our country as a Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and to have been asked to do so by two Presidents. My tenure has included one of the most transformative times in the Commission’s history. During my two terms, the nation experienced a historic financial crisis, and the capital markets have undergone other traumatic events, such as the Flash Crash.

As my letter to the President makes clear, I hold firm to the belief that the men and women of the SEC are the finest public servants in the government. Any success the SEC has had is due to them.

On a note closer to home, I need to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to my personal staff over the years. I have been blessed to have had some of the brightest, loyal, and committed counsels as my advisers. Their talents and unselfish dedication will stay with me long after I’ve left the Commission. My thanks need to start with my current counsels: Paul Gumagay, Giles Cohen, Neil Lombardo, and Keshia Ellis. Their hard work, dedication, focus, and commitment to the agency’s mission are without equal and have made a lasting impact on the SEC and our capital markets.

I also want to acknowledge other counsels who had an especially meaningful impact during my seven-plus years at the Commission: Smeeta Ramarathnam, my former Chief of Staff who served with me the longest (now Deputy Director, SEC’s Office of Credit Ratings), Zak May (now Director of Policy for Industry Super Australia), Mike Coe (now Assistant Director, SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets), Marc Leaf (now a law partner in the private sector), Liban Jama (now a Senior Adviser at the PCAOB), and Chris McLean (now a Senior Compliance Officer at an asset management firm).

Lastly, I want to thank my confidential assistants over the years. Truth be told, nothing could have been accomplished without them. In particular, I want to acknowledge Dee Carpenter, who has been with me the longest and has proven to be invaluable. Her attention to detail, organization, and foresight have made an immeasurable difference.

It has been an honor and a privilege.

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