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SEC Investor Advisory Committee to Discuss Non-Traditional Accounting and Climate Disclosure on June 9


Washington D.C., June 6, 2022 —

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Investor Advisory Committee will hold a virtual public meeting on June 9 at 10 a.m. ET. The meeting will be webcast on the SEC website.

The committee will host two panels, the first involving a discussion about the accounting of non-traditional financial information and the second involving a discussion about climate disclosure. The committee also will discuss potential recommendations on protecting older investors and the funding of investor advocacy clinics. The full agenda is available here.

The Investor Advisory Committee was established to advise the SEC on regulatory priorities, the regulation of securities products, trading strategies, fee structures, the effectiveness of disclosure, and on initiatives to protect investor interests and to promote investor confidence and the integrity of the securities marketplace. The committee is authorized to submit findings and recommendations to the Commission.

This will be the first committee meeting since the appointment of eight new IAC members. It also will be the final meeting for the SEC’s inaugural Investor Advocate, Rick A. Fleming, who announced his departure effective July 1. The full list of committee members is available here.


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