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SEC Modifies Timing for Filing Non-Public Form N-PORT Data to Align With Its Approach to Data Management and Cybersecurity


Washington D.C., Feb. 27, 2019 —

The Commission today modified the submission deadlines for registered investment companies filing non-public monthly reports on Form N-PORT. Form N-PORT is a new form for reporting both public and non-public fund portfolio holdings to the Commission in a structured data format.  As a result of today's changes, rather than filing non-public monthly reports with the Commission within 30 days after each month-end, funds will be required to maintain the relevant information in their records and file all three monthly reports with the Commission no later than 60 days after the end of each fiscal quarter.  The non-public monthly reports on Form N-PORT for the first and second months of the fiscal quarter will remain non-public and the monthly report for the third month will become publicly available upon filing (with the exception of certain specific data items), rather than being filed non-publicly no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal quarter and being made public 60 days after the end of the fiscal quarter.  

Importantly, the amount and timing of the information on Form N-PORT that will be made available to the public will not change. 

As part of its approach to data management and cybersecurity, the Commission periodically assesses whether alternatives exist that would allow the Commission to fulfill its mission while reducing the sensitivity of the data that it collects.  The Commission has determined that allowing funds to report this monthly data at quarter end – while not changing the amount or substance of the data – will allow the Commission to fulfill its mission while reducing its cyber risk profile.  

"I applaud the staff’s efforts to evaluate our data needs and cybersecurity risk profile and believe this revised approach to the receipt of new, non-public monthly Form N-PORT data enables the Commission to receive and analyze this new data while meaningfully reducing the sensitivity of that data at the time it is transmitted to the Commission," said Chairman Jay Clayton. 

Filing Form N-PORT through the EDGAR system will begin in April 2019 for larger fund groups and in April 2020 for smaller fund groups.


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