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Form 13F Data Sets

July 2013 - December 2023

Updated: January 9, 2024

Form 13F was adopted pursuant to statutory directive designed to increase the public availability of information regarding the securities holdings of larger institutional investors. The Form 13F data sets are extracted from the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) based portion of Form 13F submissions in EDGAR. The data is presented without change from the “as-filed” submissions and in a flattened format to provide the public with readily available Form 13F data.

The data sets will be updated quarterly. Data contained in documents filed after 5:30PM Eastern on the last business day of a quarter will be included in the subsequent quarterly posting.

13F Data Sets (PDF) provides documentation of scope, organization, file formats and table definitions.

Find out more about Form 13F.

DISCLAIMER: The Form 13F data sets contain information derived exclusively from structured data filed with the Commission by individual filers as well as Commission-generated filing identifiers. Because the data is derived from information provided by individual filers, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data sets. In addition, it is possible inaccuracies or other errors were introduced into the data during the process of extracting the data and compiling. Finally, the data does not reflect all available information, including certain metadata associated with Commission filings. The data is intended to assist the public in analyzing data contained in Commission filings; however, it is not a substitute for such filings. Investors should review the full Commission filings before making any investment decision.


Data Downloads

Associated Data Distribution Table

File: 2023 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:68.59 MB
File: 2023 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:65.89 MB
File: 2023 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:64.66 MB
File: 2023 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:67.41 MB
File: 2022 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:58.52 MB
File: 2022 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:58.78 MB
File: 2022 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:58.4 MB
File: 2022 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:59.73 MB
File: 2021 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:56.69 MB
File: 2021 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:58.57 MB
File: 2021 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:52.31 MB
File: 2021 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:52.56 MB
File: 2020 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:46.65 MB
File: 2020 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:45.79 MB
File: 2020 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:46.4 MB
File: 2020 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:47.12 MB
File: 2019 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:46.28 MB
File: 2019 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:46.62 MB
File: 2019 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:50.64 MB
File: 2019 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:43.42 MB
File: 2018 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:45.29 MB
File: 2018 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:43.48 MB
File: 2018 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:43.41 MB
File: 2018 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:42.3 MB
File: 2017 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:40.54 MB
File: 2017 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.67 MB
File: 2017 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:40.38 MB
File: 2017 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:41.56 MB
File: 2016 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.71 MB
File: 2016 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.99 MB
File: 2016 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.99 MB
File: 2016 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.67 MB
File: 2015 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.2 MB
File: 2015 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:40.46 MB
File: 2015 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:39.3 MB
File: 2015 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:40.35 MB
File: 2014 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:37.22 MB
File: 2014 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:37.62 MB
File: 2014 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:36.5 MB
File: 2014 Q1 13F Format:ZIP Size:36.2 MB
File: 2013 Q4 13F Format:ZIP Size:34.41 MB
File: 2013 Q3 13F Format:ZIP Size:34.68 MB
File: 2013 Q2 13F Format:ZIP Size:1.86 MB
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