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Structured Disclosure RSS Feeds

June 10, 2024

The SEC provides Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for EDGAR structured disclosure submissions as a courtesy for those interested in viewing, analyzing, and manipulating the submissions. These feeds are updated every ten minutes Monday through Friday, 6am – 10pm EST. The content and format of these files may change without prior notice.

These pages contain links to subscribe to the RSS feeds and lists of the most recent filings for:

  1. Filings containing financial statements tagged using the US GAAP or IFRS taxonomies.
  2. Mutual fund filings containing a risk/return summary tagged using the US Mutual Fund Risk/Return Taxonomy.
  3. Inline XBRL Filings containing financial statements tagged using the US GAAP or IFRS taxonomies in the Inline XBRL format.
  4. All XBRL filings submitted to the SEC.

The above RSS links may be opened in a web browser, but the resulting page may lack functionality. Rather, they are designed to be accessed with specialized RSS software products, which are widely available for free.

Each entry provides metadata (company name, accession number, CIK, filing date, and form type), a link to the filing in EDGAR, and a link to the interactive structured data files in a compressed (.zip) format.

For a historical archive of all filings with XBRL data submitted to the SEC beginning with the inception of the voluntary program in 2005, go to Each monthly archive contains a complete set of all structured data filings received during that month across all programs.

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