SEC Compensation Program

Jan. 25, 2017

How the SEC Sets Salaries

Starting salaries are determined based on an assessment of the selectee’s total experience (and education, as applicable). This includes both specialized experience (directly related to the duties of the job being filled) and relevant experience (not directly related to the duties of the position, but which prepared the candidate for success in the position). In determining a salary offer, the SEC applies structured “pay matrices” that define the amounts of experience needed for pay to be set at specific rates between the minimum and maximum pay range for the grade. The base pay ranges below reflect the candidate’s full range for a selected grade. However, a selectee's initial pay in most instances after being calculated, is determined to be lower than the maximum rate of the pay range based on their years of specialized experience, relevant experience and grade level.

Information Used by Office of Human Resources Staff to Set Pay

The résumé that a job candidate submits when applying for an SEC position is used by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) Compensation Team to identify creditable relevant and specialized experience. To ensure that your experience is accurately credited, it is essential that you submit a résumé that includes your complete work history and description of specific job duties, start and end dates for each position, and full and part time work done.

Base Pay Ranges

SK Employees

The base pay ranges for the different levels of SK series employees are as follows:

2024 Basic Pay
Effective Date: 04/07/24
SK Employees
(BU and NBU)

Grade Minimum Maximum
1 $24,074 $35,255
2 $27,070 $39,643
3 $29,534 $43,251
4 $33,152 $48,543
5 $37,095 $56,748
6 $41,348 $63,251
7 $45,951 $71,325
8 $50,883 $78,988
9 $56,204 $88,523
10 $61,895 $97,486
11 $68,005 $115,211
12 $81,503 $138,091
13 $96,923 $164,206
14 $111,291 $188,547
15 (supv) $117,974 $203,632
16 $127,096 $215,847
17 (supv) $134,723 $233,115

Locality Pay

The locality rates presented below are applied to an employee’s basic pay based on the duty location.

Duty Station Locality Rate
Atlanta 23.45%
Boston 31.97%
Chicago 30.41%
Denver 29.88%
Fort Worth 26.91%
Los Angeles 35.84%
Miami 24.42%
New York 37.24%
Philadelphia 28.55%
Salt Lake City 16.82%
San Francisco 45.41%
Washington, DC 33.26%

The salary cap, including locality pay, is $284,600 for all SK staff.

All locations are subject to the minimum/maximum ranges and salary cap.

Senior Officers

The pay ranges for the Senior Officer levels are as follows:

Senior Officer Pay Chart
Effective Date: 04/07/2024

Pay Structure (No Locality)
SO Level 2024
Level 1 $200,988 $305,096
Level 2 $200,988 $311,235
Level 3 $200,988 $311,235

All locations use minimum and maximum. There is no locality pay.

Last Reviewed or Updated: April 9, 2024