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Commission Notice:
List of Foreign Issuers that Have Submitted Information Under the Exemption Relating to Certain Foreign Securities

Securities and Exchange Commission

[Release No. 34-48063; International Series Release No. 1269]

June 19, 2003

Foreign private issuers with total assets in excess of $10,000,000 and a class of equity securities held of record by 500 or more persons, of which 300 or more reside in the United States, are subject to registration under Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 19341 (the "Act").2

Rule 12g3-2(b)3 provides an exemption from registration under Section 12(g) of the Act with respect to a foreign private issuer that submits to the Commission, on a current basis, the material required by the Rule. The informational requirements are designed to give investors access to certain information so they have the opportunity to inform themselves about the issuer. The Rule requires the issuer to provide the Commission with information that it has: (1) made or is required to make public pursuant to the law of the country of its domicile or in which it is incorporated or organized; (2) filed or is required to file with a stock exchange on which its securities are traded and that was made public by such exchange; and/or (3) distributed or is required to distribute to its security holders.

When the Commission adopted Rule 12g3-2(b) and other rules4 relating to foreign securities, it indicated that from time to time it would publish lists showing those foreign issuers that have claimed exemptions from the registration provisions of Section 12(g) of the Act.5 The purpose of this release is to call to the attention of brokers, dealers and investors, that some form of relatively current information concerning the issuers included in this list is available in the Commission's public files.6 The Commission also wishes to bring to the attention of brokers, dealers, and investors the fact that current information concerning foreign issuers may not necessarily be available in the United States.7 The Commission continues to expect that brokers and dealers will consider this fact in connection with their obligations under the federal securities laws to have a reasonable basis for recommending those securities to their customers.8

Direct any questions regarding Rule 12g3-2 or the list of issuers in this release to Nina Mojiri-Azad, Office of International Corporate Finance, Division of Corporation Finance, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC 20549-0302

((202) 942-2990). This release is available on the Commission's Web site: www.sec.gov. Requests for copies may also be directed to the Public Reference Room, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC 20549-0102 ((202) 942-8090).

For the Commission, by the Division of Corporation Finance, pursuant to delegated authority.

Margaret H. McFarland
Deputy Secretary


1 15 U.S.C. 78a et seq.

2 Foreign issuers may also be subject to such requirements of the Act by reason of having securities registered and listed on a national securities exchange in the United States, and may be subject to the reporting requirements of the Act by reason of having registered securities under the Securities Act of 1933, 15 U.S.C. 77a et seq.

3 17 CFR 240.12g3-2(b).

4 Exchange Act Release No. 8066 (April 28, 1967).

5 Exchange Act Release No. 45855 (May 1, 2002) was the last such list.

6 Inclusion of an issuer on the list in this release is not an affirmation by the Commission that the issuer has complied or is complying with all the conditions of Rule12g3-2(b). The list does identify those issuers that have both claimed the exemption and have submitted relatively current information to the Commission as of May 21, 2003.

7 Paragraph (a)(4) of Rule 15c2-11 [17 CFR 240.15c2-11] requires a broker-dealer initiating a quotation for securities of a foreign private issuer to review, maintain in its files, and make reasonably available upon request, the information furnished to the Commission pursuant to Rule 12g3-2(b) since the beginning of the issuer's last fiscal year.

8 See, e.g., Hanley v. SEC, 415 F.2d 589 (2d Cir. 1969) (broker-dealer cannot recommend a security unless an adequate and reasonable basis exists for such recommendation).

Company Name Country File Number
10 Group plc United Kingdom 82-5229
3DM Worldwide plc United Kingdom 82-34705
4 Imprint Group plc United Kingdom 82-5104
AB Lietuvos Telekomas Lithuania 82-5086
Accor S.A. France 82-4672
ACOM Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4121
Adidas Salomon AG Germany 82-4278
Advanced Info Service Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-3236
AEM S.p.A. Italy 82-4911
Aeroflot Russian International Airlines Russia 82-4592
African Gem Resources Ltd. South Africa 82-34638
African Marine Minerals Corp. Canada 82-3329
Afrikander Lease Ltd. South Africa 82-34632
Agenix Ltd. Australia 82-34639
AIFUL Corp. Japan 82-4802
Air France France 82-5050
Airspray N.V. Netherlands 82-34700
Aldeasa S.A. Spain 82-4774
All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd. Japan 82-1569
Allgreen Properties Ltd. Singapore 82-4959
Alpha General Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-34649
Altai Resources, Inc. Canada 82-2950
Altran Technologies S.A. France 82-5164
Amadeus Global Travel Distribution S.A. Spain 82-5173
America Telecom S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-34636
American Manor Corp. Canada 82-4158
AMP Ltd. Australia 82-34713
AMRAD Corp. Ltd. Australia 82-4867
AmSteel Corp Berhad Malaysia 82-3318
Angang New Steel Co. Ltd. China 82-34663
Anglo American Corp. of South Africa South Africa 82-97
Anglo Irish Bank Corp. plc Ireland 82-3791
Antofagasta plc United Kingdom 82-4987
AO Mosenergo Russia 82-4475
AO Samaraenergo Russia 82-4708
AO Siberian Oil Company Russia 82-4882
AO Surgutneftegas Russia 82-4302
AO TD Gum Russia 82-4132
Apasco Mexico 82-3103
APF Energy Trust Canada 82-5166
Applied Gaming Solutions of Canada Inc. Canada 82-4832
Applied Optical Technologies plc United Kingdom 82-5165
Aquarius Platinum Ltd. Bermuda 82-5097
Arcelor SA Luxembourg 82-34727
Arcon International Resources plc Ireland 82-4803
Argent Resources Ltd. Canada 82-5091
Arisawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4620
Artel Solutions Group Holdings Limited Cayman Islands 82-34697
Asia Fiber Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-2842
Atlas Copco Sweden 82-812
Australian Gas Light Company Australia 82-4797
Australian Oil & Gas Corp. Ltd. Australia 82-4576
Austrian Airlines Austria 82-4970
Auterra Ventures Inc. Canada 82-4653
Autogen Ltd. Australia 82-34666
Avalon Ventures Ltd. Canada 82-4427
Avgold Ltd. South Africa 82-4482
BAA plc United Kingdom 82-3372
Bacardi Ltd. Bermuda 82-4992
Banca Popolare di Lodi Italy 82-4855
Banco Mercantil S.A. Bolivia 82-4296
Bandai Co. Ltd. Japan 82-3919
Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4835
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA Poland 82-4613
Bank of East Asia Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3443
Bank of Fukuoka Ltd. Japan 82-1117
Bank Vozrozhdeniye Russia 82-4257
BankInter S.A. Spain 82-2972
BCE Emergis Inc. Canada 82-5206
Beghin Say France 82-5209
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co. Ltd. China 82-34651
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-34642
Belluna Co. Ltd. Japan 82-5233
Benfield Group Ltd. Bermuda 82-34726
Bespak plc United Kingdom 82-3349
Beta Systems Software AG Germany 82-4631
BHP Steel Ltd. Australia 82-34676
Billerud AB Sweden 82-34625
BioMS Medical Corp Canada 82-34689
Bionomics Limited Australia 82-34682
Blackrock Ventures Inc. Canada 82-4555
Blue Power Energy Corp. Canada 82-2213
BNP Paribas France 82-3757
BOC Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-34675
Bohler Uddeholm AG Austria 82-4089
Boliden Ltd. Canada 82-4707
Bombardier Inc. Canada 82-3123
Boots Group plc United Kingdom 82-34701
Boral Ltd. Australia 82-5054
Bradford & Bingley plc United Kingdom 82-5154
Brambles Industries plc United Kingdom 82-5205
Brazil Realty S.A. Brazil 82-4454
Bresagen Ltd. Australia 82-5135
Bridgestone Corp. Japan 82-1264
Burberry Group plc United Kingdom 82-34691
Burns Philip & Company Ltd. Australia 82-1565
BWT Aktiengesellschaft Austria 82-5221
C Squared Developments Inc. Canada 82-1756
C.I. Fund Management Inc. Canada 82-4994
Cal-Star Inc. Canada 82-2406
Canadian Everock Explorations Inc. Canada 82-5163
Canadian Metals Exploration Ltd. Canada 82-2143
Canadian Oil Sands Trust Canada 82-5189
Canadian Western Bank Canada 82-4478
Canfibre Group Ltd. Canada 82-2222
Cap Gemini S.A. France 82-5065
Capitaland Ltd. Singapore 82-4507
Caribbean Cement Co. Ltd. Jamaica 82-3715
Carso Global Telecom Mexico 82-4379
Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze S.p.A. Italy 82-5126
Cathay Pacific Airlines Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1390
Cementos Lima S.A. Peru 82-3911
Centrais Eletricas de Santa Caterina Brazil 82-3795
Central Termica Guemas S.A. Argentina 82-5145
Centrica plc United Kingdom 82-4518
Cereol France 82-5210
Cerestar France 82-5211
Cerveceria Nacional S.A. Panama 82-4704
Ceska Sporitelna A.S. Czech Republic 82-4384
CESP Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo Brazil 82-3691
Challenger Minerals Ltd. Canada 82-3666
Champion Natural Health Com Inc. Canada 82-4485
Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands 82-34644
Chengdu PTIC Telecommunications Cable Co. Ltd. China 82-4573
Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4138
China Oilfield Services Ltd. China 82-34696
China Online Bermuda Ltd. Bermuda 82-3654
China Pharmaceutical Enterprise & Investment Corp. Hong Kong 82-4135
China Resources Enterprise Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4177
China Steel Corp. Taiwan 82-3296
China Strategic Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3596
Chr. Hansen Holding A/S Denmark 82-34732
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Japan 82-34668
Cia Forca e Luz Cataguases Leopoldina Brazil 82-5147
CITIC Pacific Ltd. Hong Kong 82-5232
Citiraya Industries Ltd. Singapore 82-34706
CML Microsystems plc United Kingdom 82-3176
Coca Cola Amatil Ltd. Australia 82-2994
Companhia de Transmissao de Energeria Electrica Paulista Brazil 82-4980
Companhia Siderurgica Belgo Mineira Brazil 82-3771
Companhia Suzano De Papel E Celulose Brazil 82-3550
Compass Group plc United Kingdom 82-5161
Computershare Ltd. Australia 82-4966
Concept Wireless Inc. Canada 82-4003
Consolidated Odyssey Exploration Inc. Canada 82-3934
Consolidated Pine Channel Gold Corp. Canada 82-2583
Consolidated Westview Resource Corp. Canada 82-2601
Continental AG Germany 82-1357
Continental Precious Minerals Inc. Canada 82-3358
Cora Resources Ltd. Canada 82-4571
Corporacion Geo S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3870
Corriente Resources Inc. Canada 82-3775
Cross Lake Minerals Ltd. Canada 82-2636
CSK Corporation Japan 82-781
Cue Energy Resources Limited New Zealand 82-34692
Curion Venture Corp. Canada 82-3602
Curran Bay Resources Canada 82-34724
Cybird Co. Ltd. Japan 82-5139
Cycle & Carriage Ltd. Singapore 82-3163
Dah Sing Financial Group Hong Kong 82-4272
Daido Life Insurance Co. Japan 82-34658
Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-2962
Davide Campari Milano S.p.A. Italy 82-5203
DBS Group Holdings Ltd. Singapore 82-3172
De Longhi S.p.A. Italy 82-34652
Del Monte Pacific Ltd. British Virgin Islands 82-5068
Den Danske Bank Aktieselskab Denmark 82-1263
Dentsu Inc. Japan 82-5241
DEPFA Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG Germany 82-4822
Deutsche Beteiligungs Holding AG Germany 82-4977
Deutsche Lufthansa AG Germany 82-4691
Devine Entertainment Corp. Canada 82-4118
Dexia Belgium Belgium 82-4606
Dixons Group plc United Kingdom 82-3331
Dofasco Inc. Canada 82-3226
DRC Resources Corp. Canada 82-713
DSM N.V. Netherlands 82-3120
E New Media Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-5101
East Japan Railway Co. Japan 82-4990
Eastmain Resources Inc. Canada 82-4421
Editora Saraiva S.A. Brazil 82-5046
EI Environmental Engineering Concepts Ltd. Canada 82-1598
Eisai Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4015
E-Kong Group Ltd. Bermuda 82-34653
Electrocomponents plc United Kingdom 82-34672
Emgold Mining Corp. Canada 82-3003
EMI Group plc United Kingdom 82-373
Enerco Energy Service Co., Inc. Canada 82-1162
Energy Africa Ltd. South Africa 82-4306
EnviroMission Limited Australia 82-34693
Epic Oil & Gas Ltd. Canada 82-5045
Erciyas Biracilik ve Malt Sanayi AS Turkey 82-4144
Erste Bank Austria 82-5066
Essilor International France 82-4944
European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. Netherlands 82-34662
Eurotunnel plc United Kingdom 82-3000
Eurotunnel S.A. France 82-2999
Evergreen Forests Ltd. New Zealand 82-4114
Exel plc United Kingdom 82-34655
Expo Resources Inc. Canada 82-34730
Fancamp Resources Ltd. Canada 82-3929
FANCL Corporation Japan 82-5032
Ferreyros SA Peru 82-34695
First Australian Resources N.L. Australia 82-3494
First Pacific Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-836
First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Canada 82-4461
First Silver Reserve Inc. Canada 82-3449
First Tractor Company Ltd. China 82-4772
FJA AG Germany 82-5077
FNX Mining Co. Inc. Canada 82-34684
Fortis Amev Belgium 82-3118
Fortis S.A./N.V. Belgium 82-5234
Foschini Ltd. South Africa 82-4044
Fosters Brewing Group Ltd. Australia 82-1711
Franc Or Resources Corp. Canada 82-4164
Friends Provident plc United Kingdom 82-34640
Frutarom Industries Ltd. Israel 82-4357
Fubon Insurance Co. Ltd. Taiwan 82-4788
Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. Japan 82-78
Fuji Television Network Japan 82-5176
Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Japan 82-5231
Fujitsu Support & Service Japan 82-4885
Funai Electric Ltd. Japan 82-5078
G. Accion S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4590
Gambro AB Sweden 82-34731
Gamesa S.A. Spain 82-5201
Gammon Lakes Resources Inc. Canada 82-4909
Genbel South Africa Ltd. South Africa 82-235
Gencor Ltd. South Africa 82-311
Generale de Sante S.A. France 82-34626
Genetic Technologies Ltd. Australia 82-34627
Genting Berhad Malaysia 82-4962
GGL Diamond Corp. Canada 82-1209
Giordano International Ltd. Bermuda 82-3780
Gitennes Exploration Inc. Canada 82-4170
Glanbia Public Ltd. Ireland 82-4734
Globel Direct Inc. Canada 82-5084
Glorius Sun Enterprises Ltd. Bermuda 82-4581
Golconda Resources Ltd. Canada 82-3167
Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3604
Goldas Kuyumculuk Sanayi Ithalat Ihracat AS Turkey 82-5223
Goldcliff Resource Corp. Canada 82-2748
Golden Arch Resources Ltd. Canada 82-659
Golden Hope Mines Ltd. Canada 82-3023
Goldshore Holdings plc United Kingdom 82-34678
Goodman Fielder Ltd. Australia 82-2009
Govett Strategic Investment Trust plc United Kingdom 82-287
Grand Hotel Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3408
Grasim Industries Ltd. India 82-3322
Great Eagle Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3940
Great Quest Metals Ltd. Canada 82-3116
Great-West Lifeco Inc. Canada 82-34728
Greencore Group plc Ireland 82-4908
Grupo Carso S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3175
Grupo Comercial Gomo S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-34661
Grupo Dataflux Mexico 82-4899
Grupo Ferrovial S.A. Spain 82-4939
Grupo Financiero BBVA Bancomer S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3273
Grupo Gigante, S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3142
Grupo Herdez S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3818
Grupo Industrial Saltillo Mexico 82-5019
Grupo Melo S.A. Panama 82-4893
Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4582
Grupo Posadas S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3274
GTECH International Resources Ltd. Canada 82-3779
Guangdong Investment Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3772
Guangzhou Investment Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4247
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. China 82-34656
GUS plc United Kingdom 82-5017
Gzitic Hauling Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4195
H. Lundbeck A.S. Denmark 82-4973
Hagemeyer N.V. Netherlands 82-4865
Halifax Group plc United Kingdom 82-5003
Hang Lung Properties Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3410
Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1747
Hanny Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3638
Hansom Eastern Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands 82-4152
HBOS plc United Kingdom 82-5222
Heineken Holding N.V. Netherlands 82-5149
Heineken N.V. Netherlands 82-4953
Henderson Investment Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3964
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1561
Henkel KGAA Germany 82-4437
Henlys Group plc United Kingdom 82-5051
Herald Resources Ltd. Australia 82-4295
Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corp. Ltd. South Africa 82-596
Hikari Tsushin Inc. Japan 82-4998
Hilasal Mexicana S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4743
Hindalco Industries Ltd. India 82-3428
Hino Motors Ltd. Japan 82-1388
Hip Interactive Corp. Canada 82-34720
Hoganas AB Sweden 82-3754
Hokuriku Bank Ltd. Japan 82-1045
Holcim Ltd. Switzerland 82-4093
Hong Kong & China Gas Company Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1543
Hong Kong Construction Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4029
Hong Kong Electric Holdings Hong Kong 82-4086
Hornbach-Baumarkt AG Germany 82-3729
Hypothekenbank in Essen AG Germany 82-4883
Hysan Development Company Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1617
Hyundai Motor Company Korea 82-3423
I.T.C. Limited India 82-3470
IEI Energy Inc. Canada 82-1032
IEM S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-2337
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. South Africa 82-359
Imperial Metals Corp. Canada 82-34714
Imperial One International Ltd. Australia 82-1257
Inapa Investimentos Participacoes e Gestao S.A. Portugal 82-4864
Inca Pacific Resources Inc. Canada 82-1665
Industria de Diseno Textil S.A. Spain 82-5185
International Health Partners Inc. Canada 82-4868
International PBX Ventures Ltd. Canada 82-2635
International Road Dynamics Inc. Canada 82-3899
Internet Identity Presence Co. Inc. Canada 82-478
Interpump Group S.p.A. Italy 82-4511
Interstar Mining Group. Inc.Canada 82-3759
Invensys plc United Kingdom 82-2142
Investor AB Sweden 82-34698
IP Applications Corp. Canada 82-34637
IT Holding SpA Italy 82-4728
Italian Thai Development Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4299
Itech Capital Corp. Canada 82-3200
Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd. Jamaica 82-3720
Jannock Properties Ltd. Canada 82-5062
Japan Airlines Company Ltd. Japan 82-122
Japan Future Information Technology & Systems Japan 82-34657
Japan Retail Fund Investment Corp. Japan 82-34716
Japan Telecom Co. Japan 82-3943
Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-2963
Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3085
Jasmine International Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4876
JCDecaux S.A. France 82-34631
JD Group Limited South Africa 82-4401
JG Summit Holdings Inc. Philippines 82-3572
Jiangsu Expressway Co. Ltd. China 82-34677
Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd. China 82-34715
Jinhui Holdings Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3765
Jinhui Shipping & Transportation Ltd. Bermuda 82-4054
JKX Oil & Gas plc United Kingdom 82-34709
JNR Resources Inc. Canada 82-4720
Johnnic Communications Ltd. South Africa 82-5184
Johnnic Holdings Ltd. South Africa 82-5128
Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-2416
Johnson Matthey plc United Kingdom 82-2272
Jones David Ltd. Australia 82-4230
JSAT Corp. Japan 82-5111
JSC Buryatzoloto Russia 82-4619
JSC Electrosvyaz Rostov Region Russia 82-4740
JSC Irkutskenergo Russia 82-4458
JSC Khantymansiyskokrtelecom Russia 82-4823
JSC Moscow City Telephone Network Russia 82-4957
JSC Primorsk Shipping Corp. Russia 82-4717
JSC Uralsvyasinform Russia 82-4545
Jugos del Valle S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4258
Justsystem Corp. Japan 82-4732
K Wah Construction Materials Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3850
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Japan 82-4389
Kawasaki Steel Corp. Japan 82-3389
Keells John Holdings Ltd. Sri Lanka 82-3854
Keika Express Co. Ltd. Japan 82-34718
Kelso Technologies Inc. Canada 82-2441
KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. Poland 82-4639
Kidde plc United Kingdom 82-5153
Kidston Gold Mines Ltd. Australia 82-2351
Kimberly Clark de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-3308
Kingfisher plc United Kingdom 82-968
Kirin Brewery Co. Japan 82-188
Klabin S.A. Brazil 82-34628
Kobe Steel Ltd. Japan 82-3371
Komercni Banka A.S. Czech Republic 82-4154
Krones AG Germany 82-3871
Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad Malaysia 82-5022
Kumba Resources Ltd. South Africa 82-5217
Ladbroke Group plc United Kingdom 82-1571
Lagardere Groupe SCA France 82-3916
L'Air Liquide S.A. France 82-5224
Landesbank Rheinland-Phalz Germany 82-4930
Lattice Group plc United Kingdom 82-5110
Legacy Hotels Real Estate Investment Trust Canada 82-34729
Legend Group Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3950
Lend Lease Corp. Ltd. Australia 82-3498
Lenzing AG Austria 82-3207
LG Electronics Inc. Korea 82-3857
Liberty International plc United Kingdom 82-34722
Liberty Life Association of Africa Ltd. South Africa 82-3924
Lindsey Morden Group Canada 82-5143
Lion Industries Corp. Berhad Malaysia 82-3342
Loblaw Companies Ltd. Canada 82-4918
Lonmin plc United Kingdom 82-191
Lopro Corp. Japan 82-4664
L'Oreal France 82-735
Lukoil Oil Co. Russia 82-4006
Magician Industries Holdings Inc. Bermuda 82-4358
Makro Atacadista S.A. Brazil 82-4095
Malbak Ltd. South Africa 82-3751
Man Group plc United Kingdom 82-4214
Mandarin Oriental International Ltd. Hong Kong 82-2955
Manila Electric Co. Philippines 82-3237
Maple Minerals Inc. Canada 82-3650
Marcopolo S.A. Brazil 82-4310
Market Age plc United Kingdom 82-5230
Marks & Spencer Group plc United Kingdom 82-1961
Marubeni Corp. Japan 82-616
Matsui Securities Co. Ltd. Japan 82-5215
Maximum Ventures Inc. Canada 82-3923
Mayr Melnhof Karton AG Austria 82-4052
M-Cell Ltd. South Africa 82-5192
MCK Mining Corp. Canada 82-3938
Medallion Resources Ltd. Canada 82-3656
Menzies Gold N.L. Australia 82-4536
Mercantil Servicios Financieros C.A. Venezuela 82-4648
Metorex Ltd. South Africa 82-34711
Metro Cash & Carry Ltd. South Africa 82-4279
Michael Page International plc United Kingdom 82-5162
Michelin Compagnie Generale des Etablissements France 82-3354
MIM Holdings Ltd. Australia 82-173
Minebea Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4551
Minto Explorations Ltd. Canada 82-4119
Mishibishu Gold Corp. Canada 82-2682
Misr International Bank S.A.E. Egypt 82-4629
Mitsubishi Corp. Japan 82-3784
MJ Maillis S.A. Greece 82-4975
Mobistar N.V./S.A. Belgium 82-4965
Molson Inc. Canada 82-2954
Morgan Crucible Co. plc United Kingdom 82-3387
Mosaic Group Inc. Canada 82-34686
Mount Burgess Gold Mining Co. Australia 82-1235
Mytravel Group United Kingdom 82-5049
NABI North American Bus Industries RT Hungary 82-4925
Nadro S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4611
Name Brand Sales Inc. Canada 82-5218
Nampak Limited South Africa 82-3714
Nedcor Ltd. South Africa 82-3893
Nestle S.A. Switzerland 82-1252
New GKN United Kingdom 82-5204
New World Infrastructure Ltd. Hong Kong 82-4218
NIB Capital Bank Netherlands 82-5098
Nippon Steel Corp. Japan 82-5175
Nissan Motor Co. Japan 82-207
Nomura Research Institute Ltd. Japan 82-34673
Norilsk Nickel Russia 82-4270
Norilsk Nickel Mining Metallurgical Co. Russia 82-5167
Norske Skogindustrier ASA Norway 82-5226
Northern Abitibi Mining Corp. Canada 82-4749
Northern Orion Explorations Ltd. Canada 82-3153
Novar plc United Kingdom 82-4542
Novozymes AS Denmark 82-5116
Nuinsco Resources Ltd. Canada 82-1846
Nutreco Holding N.V. Netherlands 82-4927
NV Umicore S.A. Belgium 82-3876
Nyzhniodniprovsky Pipe Rolling Plant Ukraine 82-4814
OAO Oil Co. Yukos Russia 82-4209
OAO United Heavy Machinery Uralmash Russia 82-5063
Occupational & Medical Innovations Ltd. Australia 82-5174
OJSC Marganetsky Ore Mining & Processing Ukraine 82-34710
OJSC Ordzhonikidzevsky Ore Mining Ukraine 82-34664
OJSC Volga Telecom Russia 82-4642
Old Mutual plc United Kingdom 82-4974
Olivetti S.p.A. Italy 82-5181
Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. Japan 82-3326
Omega Project Co. Ltd. Japan 82-5030
OMV AG Austria 82-3209
Onesteel Ltd. Australia 82-5103
Onfem Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3735
Opap S.A. Greece 82-34699
Open Joint Stock Company Dniproenergo Ukraine 82-4844
Open Joint Stock Company Electrosvyaz of Primorsky Region Russia 82-5200
Open Joint Stock Company Ukrnafta Ukraine 82-4859
Orange S.A. France 82-5168
Orbis S.A. Poland 82-5025
Orkla AS Norway 82-3998
Osterreichische Elektrizitatswirtschafts Austria 82-4381
PA International Bermuda 82-34685
Pacific Andes Int'l Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-4031
Pacific Topaz Resources Ltd. Canada 82-1285
Pacrim International Capital Inc. British Virgin Islands 82-3812
Paperlinx Ltd. Australia 82-5061
Paranapanema S.A. Brazil 82-5083
Paul Y ITC Construction Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-4217
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. United Kingdom 82-2083
Perfect Fry Corp. Canada 82-1609
Pernod Ricard S.A. France 82-3361
Phoenix Canada Oil Co. Ltd. Canada 82-3936
Pinault Printemps Redoute France 82-5179
Pinetree Capital Corp. Canada 82-2759
PixelNet AG Germany 82-5236
Polski Koncern Naftowy Poland 82-5036
Power Corp. of Canada Canada 82-137
Power Financial Corp. Canada 82-1716
Premier Oil Group plc Scotland 82-34723
Prestbury Holdings plc United Kingdom 82-34702
Prima Developments Ltd. Canada 82-34703
Progress Energy Ltd. Canada 82-34671
Prokom Software S.A. Poland 82-4700
Promatek Industries Ltd. Canada 82-1351
Promise Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4837
Promotora de Informaciones Spain 82-5213
Provimi France 82-5212
PSP Swiss Property AG Switzerland 82-5052
PT Bank Buana Indonesia TBK Indonesia 82-34694
PTT Exploration & Production plc Thailand 82-3827
Public Power Corp. S.A. Greece 82-34707
Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport Germany 82-4369
Q P Corporation Japan 82-4750
Qantas Airways Australia 82-4130
Rabobank Nederland Netherlands 82-5010
Radio Gaucha S.A. Brazil 82-4341
Raffles Medical Group Singapore 82-4926
Randstad Holding NV Netherlands 82-4956
RAO Gazprom Russia 82-4670
RAO Unified Energy Systems Russia 82-4077
Raytec Development Corp. Canada 82-3553
RBS Participacoes S.A. Brazil 82-4338
RBS TV de Florianopolis S.A. Brazil 82-4340
RE Power Systems AG Germany 82-34654
Remgro Ltd. South Africa 82-5106
Rentokil Initial plc United Kingdom 82-3806
Resorts World Berhad Malaysia 82-3229
Rexam plc United Kingdom 82-3
Rich Minerals Corp. Canada 82-2832
Roadshow Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-5208
Roche Holding Ltd. Switzerland 82-3315
Rock Resources Inc. Canada 82-4504
Rolls Royce Group plc United Kingdom 82-34721
Rosneftegazstroy Russia 82-4597
RWE AG Germany 82-4018
S Oil Corp. Korea 82-34630
S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution Austria 82-34634
S.A. Fabrica de Productos Alimenticios Brazil 82-4870
SABMiller plc United Kingdom 82-4938
Sage Group Ltd. South Africa 82-4241
Sahaviriya Steel Industries plc Thailand 82-5008
SAIA-Burgess Electronics Holding AG Switzerland 82-4810
Saipem S.p.A. Italy 82-4776
Sammy Corporation Japan 82-5227
Sam's Seafood Holdings Ltd. Australia 82-34648
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Korea 82-3109
Sancor Cooperativas Unidas Ltd. Argentina 82-4476
Sandvik AB Sweden 82-1463
Santos Ltd. Australia 82-34
Sanyo Electric Co. Japan 82-264
Saputo Inc. Canada 82-34670
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Canada 82-5037
Schwanberg International inc. Canada 82-34712
Schwarz Pharma AG Germany 82-4406
SCI Entertainment Group plc United Kingdom 82-34659
SCMP Group Ltd. Bermuda 82-3327
Securitas AB Sweden 82-34719
Sega Enterprises Ltd. Japan 82-3439
Sekisui House Ltd. Japan 82-5129
Sembcorp Industries Ltd. Singapore 82-5109
Shandong International Power Dev. Co. Ltd. China 82-4932
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd. China 82-5160
Shangri La Asia Ltd. Bermuda 82-5006
Sharp Corp. Japan 82-1116
Shin Corp. Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-3140
Shin Satellite Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4527
Shiseido Company Ltd. Japan 82-3311
Shun Tak Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3357
SIA Engineering Co. Ltd. Singapore 82-5123
Siam Commercial Bank Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4345
Sigma AB Sweden 82-5228
Silverstone Corp Berhad Malaysia 82-3319
Sime Darby Berhad Malaysia 82-4968
Simsmetal Ltd. Australia 82-3838
Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd. Singapore 82-5117
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Singapore 82-3622
Singer N.V. Netherlands 82-34635
Skandia Insurance Co. Ltd. Sweden 82-5079
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Sweden 82-3637
Sky Perfect Communications Japan 82-5113
Slovnaft A.S. Slovak Republic 82-3721
Societe Generale France 82-3501
Sogecable S.A. Spain 82-4981
Sons of Gwalia Ltd. Australia 82-1039
Southcorp Holdings Ltd. Australia 82-2692
Southern Pacific Petroleum N.L. Australia 82-353
Southern Telecommunications Co. Russia 82-4721
SPL Worldgroup B.V. Netherlands 82-34708
St. George Bank Ltd. Australia 82-3809
St. Jude Resources Ltd. Canada 82-4014
Standard Chartered plc United Kingdom 82-5188
Starlight International Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3594
Starrex Mining Corp. Ltd. Canada 82-3755
State Bank of India India 82-4524
Stina Resources Ltd. Canada 82-2062
Stratabound Minerals Corp. Canada 82-3284
Studsvik AB Sweden 82-5172
Sultan Minerals Inc. Canada 82-4741
Sumitomo Corp. Japan 82-34680
Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. Japan 82-3507
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. Japan 82-4395
Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd. Japan 82-4617
Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. Hong Kong 82-1755
Suns Group Ltd. Bermuda 82-4350
Suzano Petroquimica S.A. Brazil 82-34667
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolagot Sweden 82-763
Svyazinform of the Region Samara Russia 82-4889
Swire Pacific Ltd. Hong Kong 82-2184
Swiss Reinsurance Co. Switzerland 82-4248
Synex International Inc. Canada 82-862
Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. Australia 82-3841
Tai Cheung Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3528
Taylor Nelson Sofres plc United Kingdom 82-4668
Techmarine International plc United Kingdom 82-34690
Technovision Systems Canada 82-5069
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. Hong Kong 82-3648
Telefonica Data Peru S.A.A. Peru 82-34646
Telefonica Moviles Peru Holding S.A.A. Peru 82-34645
Telepizza Spain 82-5001
Televisao Gaucha S.A. Brazil 82-4339
Tennyson Networks Ltd. Australia 82-5138
TFS Switzerland 82-5095
Thai Farmers Bank Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-4922
Thiz Technology Group Ltd. Cayman Islands 82-34681
Thoughtshare Communications Canada 82-2442
THUS Group plc United Kingdom 82-34650
TNR Resources Ltd. Canada 82-4434
Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS Turkey 82-3699
Tomorrow International Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-4256
T-Online International AG Germany 82-5125
Toyota Industries Corporation Japan 82-5112
Toys "R" Us Japan Ltd. Japan 82-5073
Tractebel Energia Brazil 82-4760
Tradehold Ltd. South Africa 82-5238
Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A. Argentina 82-3845
TravelSky Technology Ltd. China 82-34687
Trio Gold Corp. Canada 82-2127
Truly International Holdings Cayman Islands 82-3700
Tsingtao Brewery Company Ltd. China 82-4021
TT&T Public Co. Ltd. Thailand 82-3744
Tullow Oil plc United Kingdom 82-5202
Tyumen Air Company Russia 82-4789
U.S. Commercial Corp. S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-34669
UFJ Holdings Inc. Japan 82-5169
Unaxis Holding Inc. Switzerland 82-34643
UNI President Enterprises Co. Taiwan 82-3424
Unicredito Italiano Italy 82-3185
United Bank for Africa plc Nigeria 82-4804
United Grain Growers Ltd. Canada 82-34725
United Media Ltd. Canada 82-3859
United Overseas Bank Ltd. Singapore 82-2947
USA Video Interactive Corp. Canada 82-1601
Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais S.A. Brazil 82-3902
Valeo S.A. France 82-3668
Valerie Gold Resources Ltd. Canada 82-3339
Vanteck VRB Technology Corp Canada 82-34688
Vedior N.V. Netherlands 82-4654
Velcro Industries. N.V. Neth. Ant. 82-145
Venfin Ltd. South Africa 82-3760
Ventracor Ltd. Australia 82-4630
Veos plc United Kingdom 82-5220
Vermilion Resources Ltd. Canada 82-34704
Viceroy Resource Corp. Canada 82-1193
Viktor Lenac Shipyard D.D. Rijeka Croatia 82-5219
Village Roadshow Ltd. Australia 82-4513
Vinci France 82-4781
VNU N.V. Netherlands 82-2876
Vodafone Panafon Hellenic Telecommunications Greece 82-4969
Vodafone Telecel Comunicacoe Pessoais S.A. Portugal 82-4528
Vodatel Networks Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-5146
Vri Biomedical Ltd. Australia 82-34683
Vtech Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3565
Wal Mart de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico 82-4609
Wanadoo France 82-5150
Washtec AG Germany 82-4888
Westone Ventures Inc. Canada 82-4890
Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AG Austria 82-4316
William Hill plc United Kingdom 82-34679
Windarra Minerals Ltd. Canada 82-561
Wolford AG Austria 82-4403
Woodside Petroleum Ltd. Australia 82-2280
WPN Resources Ltd. Canada 82-2418
Wrightson Ltd. New Zealand 82-3646
X-Cal Resources Ltd. Canada 82-1655
Xstrata plc United Kingdom 82-34660
Yamaha Corp. Japan 82-34717
Yeebo International Holdings Ltd. Bermuda 82-3869
Yell Group plc United Kingdom 82-34674
Zeltia S.A. Spain 82-34665
Zero Hora-Editora Jornalistica S.A. Brazil 82-4337
Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. China 82-34629
Zhejiang Southeast Electric Power Co. Ltd. China 82-34633
Zurich Financial Services Switzerland 82-5089



Modified: 06/25/2003