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Comments on Concept Release

Registered Public-Utility Holding Companies and Internationalization

(Release No. 35-27110; International Series Release No. 1210; File No. S7-30-99)

  • Comments of Mark W. Menezes, Repeal PUHCA Now! Coalition, February 10, 2000. (File name: menezes1.htm)

  • Comments of Cheryl M. Foley, President/International Business Unit, Cinergy Corp., February 4, 2000. (File name: foley1.htm)

  • Comments of Dennis S. Hansen, Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission, February 4, 2000. (File name: hansen1.htm)

  • Comments of Scott Hempling and David Lapp, Attorneys for Consumer Intervenors, February 4, 2000. (File name: hemplin1.htm)

  • Comments of Douglas E. Davidson, GPU, Inc., February 3, 2000. (File name: davidso1.htm)

  • Comments of Cheryl A. LaFleur, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, and Fiona B. Smith, Company Secretary and General Counsel, New England Electric System and National Grid Group PLC, February 3, 2000. (File name: lafleur1.htm)

  • Comments of Salvador Montejo Velillo on behalf of Endesa, S.A., February 3, 2000. (File name: velillo1.htm)

  • Comments of Willard M. Berry, President, European-American Business Council, February 3, 2000. (File name: berry1.txt)

  • Comments of Philip R. Sharp, January 31, 2000. (File name: sharp1.htm)

Modified: 10/08/2004