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Warning to All Investors About Bogus "Prime Bank" and Other Banking-Related Investment Schemes

June 1, 2009

Lured by the promise of astronomical profits and the chance to be part of an exclusive, international investing program, investors are once again falling prey to bogus "prime bank" scams. These fraudulent schemes involve the purported issuance, trading, or use of so-called "prime" bank, "prime" European bank or "prime" world bank financial instruments, or other "high yield investment programs" ("HYIP"s). The fraud artists who promote these schemes often use the word "prime" — or a synonymous phrase, such as "top fifty world banks" — to cloak their programs with an air of legitimacy. They seek to mislead investors by suggesting that well regarded and financially sound institutions participate in these bogus programs. But prime bank and other related schemes have no connection whatsoever to the world's leading financial institutions or to banks with the word "prime" in their names. The Securities and Exchange Commission and other federal and state agencies are continuing to warn investors about these scams.

For more information please see: How Prime Bank Frauds Work

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