The Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, in collaboration with SEC University, hosts an ongoing Outside Perspectives Series where academic and industry speakers are invited to discuss topics of current interest to SEC staff. These one and a half hour talks target a broader set of Commission staff than attendees of our traditional academic series, including staff from rule-writing divisions and senior policymakers. The series allows SEC staff to learn from and interact with experts in topics of special importance and/or of broad interest to the Commission. For a list of upcoming and previous seminars, see below.

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    October 16
    Alon Brav, Duke University
    Topic: Governance by Persuasion: Hedge Fund Activism and the Market for Corporate Influence

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    November 3
    Sanjai Bhagat, University of Colorado at Boulder
    Topic: Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, and Bank Capital

    October 3
    Mohini Singh, CFA Institute
    Topic: Data and Technology: Transforming the Financial Information Landscape

    May 18
    Dan Egan, Betterment Investment Company
    Topic: Evidence-Based Improvements to Investor Behavior: The Betterment Approach

    February 23
    David Yermack, New York University
    Topic: Blockchains and the Future of Financial Markets and Governance

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    October 8
    Chris Plantier, Investment Company Institute
    Topic: Regulated Funds, Emerging Markets, and Financial Stability

    July 22
    Stefan Hunt, UK FCA
    Topic: Is Financial Disclosure for Consumers Ever Effective? Evidence from UK Field, Lab and Natural Experiments

    June 23
    Karel Engelen, International Swaps Derivatives Association (ISDA)
    Topic: OTC Derivative Taxonomy

    April 6
    Grant Passmore and Denis Ignatovich, Aesthetic Integration
    Topic: Formal Verification: A Way to Ensure the Safety and Fairness of Financial Algorithms

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    December 2
    AnnaMaria Lusardi, George Washington University
    Topic: The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy

    August 27
    Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Cornell University
    Topic: Can Short-Selling Help Correct Under-Pricing

    August 19
    Steven Crawford, University of Houston
    Topic: The CEO-Employee Pay Ratio

    May 1
    Jay Ritter, University of Florida
    Topic: IPOs and Capital Raising

    January 27
    Michael Greenberg, RAND Corporation
    Topic: Fair Value, Historical Cost, and Systemic Risk

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    July 26
    Amit Seru, University of Chicago
    Topic: Securitization of Residential Loan Originations: A Retrospective Review

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    December 12
    Ethan Mollick, University of Pennsylvania
    Topic: The Dynamics of Crowdfunding

    October 25
    John Core, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Topic: Is U.S. CEO Compensation Broken?

    October 5
    John Julsman, Hulsman Enterprises
    Topic: A Discussion of the European Financial Crisis

    June 29
    Gary Gorton, Yale University
    Topic: Shadow Banking and the Financial Crisis

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    October 12
    Jordan Seigel, Harvard University
    Topic: What Makes the Bonding Stick? A Natural Experiment Involving the Supreme Court and Cross-Listed Firms

    September 29
    Christian Leuz, University of Chicago
    Topic: Disclosure-related

    May 12
    Maureen O'Hara, Cornell University
    Topic: Flow toxicity, liquidity crashes and the Probability of Informed Trading

    February 17
    Merritt Fox, Columbia Law School
    Topic: The Effectiveness of Mandatory Disclosure: an Empirical Test of the Line of Business Regulations

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    June 4
    John Griffin, University of Texas at Austin
    Topic: Did Subjectivity Play a Role in CDO Credit Ratings?

    May 13
    Andrew Metrick, Chief Economist, President’s Council of Economic Advisers and Yale University; and Sanjai Bhagat, University of Colorado
    Topic: Corporate Governance Ratings

    April 29
    Frank Hatheway, Chief Economist, Claude Courbois, Managing Economist, Director of Research, and Nick Hirschey, NASDAQ
    Topic: High Frequency Trading on NASDAQ

    April 27
    John Morrall, Former Deputy Administrator for OIRA; Richard Williams, Managing Director, Regulatory Studies Program, Mercatus Center, George Mason University; and Michael Livermore, Executive Director, Institute for Policy Integrity, NYU School of Law
    Topic: Economic Analysis in Federal Rulemaking

    April 1
    Shiller, Yale University
    Topic: The Case for Trills: Giving the People and Their Pension Funds a Stake in the Wealth of the Nation

    February 22
    Adam Ashcraft, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Topic: Asset-Backed Securities

    February 9
    Sean Dobson and Laurie Goodman, Amherst Securities
    Topic: Mortgage Markets

    January 7
    Ian Domowitz, Milan Borkovec, and Kevin O’Connor, Investment Technology Group (ITG)
    Topic: Measuring the Price Impact of Stock Trading

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    December 3
    Juhani Linnainmaa, The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business
    Topic: Investor Characteristics and Stock Market Participation

    November 10
    Sal L. Arnuk, Themis Trading
    Topic: High Frequency Trading

    November 5
    Jeffrey Blockinger, Chief Legal Officer, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group; Thomas Fritsch, General Counsel, Plainfield Asset Management LLC; and Edward McNamara, General Counsel, Plainfield Direct, Inc.
    Topic: Hedge Fund Compliance

    • Andrei Kirilenko, CFTC
    • Sophie Shive, University of Notre Dame
    • Fabrizio Ferri, Harvard University
    • David Reeb, Temple University
    • Avri Ravid, Rutgers University
    • Lee Pinkowitz, Georgetown University
    • James Vickrey, New York Fed
    • Srinivasan Sankaraguruswamy, National University of Singapore
    • Kose John, New York University
    • Milton Harris, University of Chicago
    • Russ Wermers, University of Maryland
    • Malcolm Baker, Harvard University
    • Jennifer Carpenter, New York University
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    • Jay Dahya, Baruch College/CUNY
    • Brad Barber, UC Davis
    • Alex Frino, University of Sydney
    • Antonio Falato, Federal Reserve Board
    • Alex Edmans, University of Pennsylvania
    • Christopher Yung, University of Colorado
    • Anna Obizhaeva, University of Maryland
    • Gerard Hoberg, University of Maryland
    • Kumar Venkataraman, Southern Methodist University
    • Jim Hsieh, George Mason University
    • Ugur Lel, Federal Reserve Board
    • Gjergji Cici, William and Mary
    • Jack Cooney, Texas Tech University
    • Otto Van Hemert, New York University
    • Harold Mulherin, University of Georgia
    • Laura Starks, University of Texas
    • Lalitha Naveen, Temple University
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    • Victoria Ivashina, Harvard University
    • Richard Evans, University of Virginia
    • Andrew Karolyi, Ohio State University
    • Mila Getmansky, UMass - Amherst
    • Mark Mitchell, CNH Partners
    • Justin Wolfers, University of Pennsylvania
    • Ulrike Malmendier, University of California, Berkeley Department of Economics
    • Pete Kyle, University of Chicago
    • Gregory Duffee, University of California, Berkeley
    • Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago
    • Gary Gorton, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
    • Alon Brav, Duke University
    • JB Heaton, Bartlit, Beck, Herman, Palenchar and Scott, LLP
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    • Alexander Ljungqvist, New York University
    • Robert Engle, New York University
    • Burton Hollifield, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Jonathan Berk, University of California, Berkeley
    • Terry Hendershott, University of California, Berkeley
    • Michael Brennan, University of California, Los Angeles and London School of Business