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Money Market Fund Information

January 2013 - May 2017

This report provides basic identification information for all entities that are organized as Money Market Mutual Funds (MMFs), and that have filed Form N-MFP with the Commission.

The report includes MMFs that do not sell shares to the public and MMFs that have ceased operations but have not yet terminated their registration with the Commission.

Please note that MMFs that offer multiple share classes to investors are also listed on the "Investment Company Series & Class" report. The money market fund report contains both Commission generated filing identifiers and EDGAR data created and maintained by each registrant.

Since certain records have been created by and are required to be maintained by each registrant, we can not guarantee their accuracy.

Hint: When using EDGAR to obtain information about a money market fund, the Series ID number is the best identifier to use to obtain the most complete listing of filings

This file contains the following data fields:

Field Name Field Description
reporting_period This is the date as of which the money market fund’s information is current. Each filer determines whether to use the last calendar day of a month or the last business day of a month.
registrant_cik The Central Index Key (CIK) is a ten digit number assigned by the SEC to each entity that submits filings.
registrant_name This corresponds to the name of the legal entity registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The name of the Registrant may be different from the name of the actual fund, which will be the “Series Name.”  A Registrant may have one or more series (funds).
series_name Series Name is the name investors would most likely recognize as being the name of the fund. A Registrant may include one or more Series and a Series may have one or more Classes (see below). (Entered by filer and may not correspond to the exact legal name of the class).
series_id This is a unique identifier assigned by the SEC to each series of a registrant.  The format is an “S” followed by nine digits.
series_category_name This is the name of the category that the fund filer listed as most closely describing the type of fund for which the information is given. The choices are: Government/Agency Fund, Treasury Fund, Prime Fund, Single State Fund, and Other Tax Exempt Fund.
class_name This is the name of the specific class within the series. A Registrant’s Series may include one or more share classes with differing sales charges and expenses.
class_id This is the EDGAR class identifier associated with each class within a series. The format is a “C” followed by nine digits.
class_ticker_symbol The stock market symbol (if any) for a Class. This is not a required field and will not be available for every registrant.
investment_adviser This is the name of the entity that has registered itself with the SEC, under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as the adviser to the Registrant.
sub_adviser In some cases, an investment adviser has delegated the day-to-day management of a fund to a Sub-Adviser, but the Investment Adviser retains ultimate responsibility for the fund.

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