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Money Market Fund Information

January 2013 - February 2024

This report provides basic identification information for all entities that are organized as Money Market Mutual Funds (MMFs), and that have filed Form N-MFP with the Commission.

The report includes MMFs that do not sell shares to the public and MMFs that have ceased operations but have not yet terminated their registration with the Commission.

Please note that MMFs that offer multiple share classes to investors are also listed on the "Investment Company Series & Class" report. The money market fund report contains both Commission generated filing identifiers and EDGAR data created and maintained by each registrant.

Since certain records have been created by and are required to be maintained by each registrant, we can not guarantee their accuracy.

Hint: When using EDGAR to obtain information about a money market fund, the Series ID number is the best identifier to use to obtain the most complete listing of filings.

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File: February 2024 Format:XML Size:737.26 KB
File: February 2024 Format:CSV Size:260.66 KB
File: January 2024 Format:XML Size:734.91 KB
File: January 2024 Format:CSV Size:260.02 KB
File: December 2023 Format:XML Size:740.07 KB
File: December 2023 Format:CSV Size:257.47 KB
File: November 2023 Format:XML Size:738.08 KB
File: November 2023 Format:CSV Size:261.55 KB
File: October 2023 Format:XML Size:737.62 KB
File: October 2023 Format:CSV Size:261.54 KB
File: September 2023 Format:XML Size:740.37 KB
File: September 2023 Format:CSV Size:262.44 KB
File: August 2023 Format:XML Size:741.01 KB
File: August 2023 Format:CSV Size:262.7 KB
File: July 2023 Format:XML Size:740.93 KB
File: July 2023 Format:CSV Size:262.62 KB
File: June 2023 Format:XML Size:744.24 KB
File: June 2023 Format:CSV Size:258.23 KB
File: May 2023 Format:XML Size:750.54 KB
File: May 2023 Format:CSV Size:269.87 KB
File: April 2023 Format:XML Size:751.63 KB
File: April 2023 Format:CSV Size:270.29 KB
File: March 2023 Format:XML Size:751.46 KB
File: March 2023 Format:CSV Size:270.13 KB
File: February 2023 Format:XML Size:752.85 KB
File: February 2023 Format:CSV Size:264.79 KB
File: January 2023 Format:XML Size:765.08 KB
File: January 2023 Format:CSV Size:269.83 KB
File: December 2022 Format:XML Size:764.82 KB
File: December 2022 Format:CSV Size:275.56 KB
File: November 2022 Format:XML Size:765.5 KB
File: November 2022 Format:CSV Size:275.8 KB
File: October 2022 Format:XML Size:770.13 KB
File: October 2022 Format:CSV Size:277.43 KB
File: September 2022 Format:XML Size:778.73 KB
File: September 2022 Format:CSV Size:275.28 KB
File: August 2022 Format:XML Size:776.79 KB
File: August 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.08 KB
File: July 2022 Format:XML Size:778.41 KB
File: July 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.32 KB
File: June 2022 Format:XML Size:778.49 KB
File: June 2022 Format:CSV Size:280.35 KB
File: May 2022 Format:XML Size:780.22 KB
File: May 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.97 KB
File: April 2022 Format:XML Size:778.45 KB
File: April 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.36 KB
File: March 2022 Format:XML Size:780.18 KB
File: March 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.91 KB
File: February 2022 Format:XML Size:781.33 KB
File: February 2022 Format:CSV Size:278.58 KB
File: January 2022 Format:XML Size:779.84 KB
File: January 2022 Format:CSV Size:274.06 KB
File: December 2021 Format:XML Size:798.09 KB
File: December 2021 Format:CSV Size:285.25 KB
File: November 2021 Format:XML Size:796.88 KB
File: November 2021 Format:CSV Size:284.54 KB
File: October 2021 Format:XML Size:796.92 KB
File: October 2021 Format:CSV Size:284.57 KB
File: September 2021 Format:XML Size:786.14 KB
File: September 2021 Format:CSV Size:280.78 KB
File: August 2021 Format:CSV Size:281.02 KB
File: August 2021 Format:XML Size:787.05 KB
File: July 2021 Format:CSV Size:283.75 KB
File: July 2021 Format:XML Size:796.17 KB
File: June 2021 Format:XML Size:796.5 KB
File: June 2021 Format:CSV Size:283.7 KB
File: May 2021 Format:XML Size:797.2 KB
File: May 2021 Format:CSV Size:284 KB
File: April 2021 Format:CSV Size:288.19 KB
File: April 2021 Format:XML Size:809.25 KB
File: March 2021 Format:XML Size:809.75 KB
File: March 2021 Format:CSV Size:288.3 KB
File: February 2021 Format:XML Size:822.69 KB
File: February 2021 Format:CSV Size:292.66 KB
File: January 2021 Format:XML Size:822.81 KB
File: January 2021 Format:CSV Size:285.31 KB
File: December 2020 Format:XML Size:814.33 KB
File: December 2020 Format:CSV Size:281.84 KB
File: November 2020 Format:XML Size:814.7 KB
File: November 2020 Format:CSV Size:281.99 KB
File: October 2020 Format:XML Size:813.42 KB
File: October 2020 Format:CSV Size:281.55 KB
File: September 2020 Format:XML Size:813.9 KB
File: September 2020 Format:CSV Size:281.77 KB
File: August 2020 Format:XML Size:831.89 KB
File: August 2020 Format:CSV Size:288.54 KB
File: July 2020 Format:XML Size:835.25 KB
File: July 2020 Format:CSV Size:282.98 KB
File: June 2020 Format:XML Size:835.25 KB
File: June 2020 Format:CSV Size:289.59 KB
File: May 2020 Format:CSV Size:292.78 KB
File: May 2020 Format:XML Size:840.57 KB
File: April 2020 Format:XML Size:840.05 KB
File: April 2020 Format:CSV Size:285.52 KB
File: March 2020 Format:XML Size:839.66 KB
File: March 2020 Format:CSV Size:285.17 KB
File: February 2020 Format:XML Size:842.41 KB
File: February 2020 Format:CSV Size:286.18 KB
File: January 2020 Format:XML Size:842.69 KB
File: January 2020 Format:CSV Size:293.16 KB
File: December 2019 Format:XML Size:898.82 KB
File: December 2019 Format:CSV Size:309.17 KB
File: November 2019 Format:XML Size:900.21 KB
File: November 2019 Format:CSV Size:309.61 KB
File: October 2019 Format:XML Size:883.72 KB
File: October 2019 Format:CSV Size:310 KB
File: September 2019 Format:XML Size:904.58 KB
File: September 2019 Format:CSV Size:316.57 KB
File: August 2019 Format:XML Size:884.68 KB
File: August 2019 Format:CSV Size:310.82 KB
File: July 2019 Format:CSV Size:310.97 KB
File: July 2019 Format:XML Size:885.23 KB
File: June 2019 Format:CSV Size:280.06 KB
File: June 2019 Format:XML Size:848.11 KB
File: May 2019 Format:XML Size:1.3 MB
File: May 2019 Format:CSV Size:280.49 KB
File: April 2019 Format:XML Size:1.3 MB
File: April 2019 Format:CSV Size:279.47 KB
File: March 2019 Format:XML Size:1.3 MB
File: March 2019 Format:CSV Size:279.32 KB
File: February 2019 Format:XML Size:844.13 KB
File: February 2019 Format:CSV Size:278.32 KB
File: January 2019 Format:XML Size:1.29 MB
File: January 2019 Format:CSV Size:278.03 KB
File: December 2018 Format:XML Size:842.83 KB
File: December 2018 Format:CSV Size:277.92 KB
File: November 2018 Format:XML Size:1.31 MB
File: November 2018 Format:CSV Size:282.13 KB
File: October 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.72 KB
File: October 2018 Format:XML Size:1.33 MB
File: September 2018 Format:CSV Size:285.05 KB
File: September 2018 Format:XML Size:866.86 KB
File: August 2018 Format:XML Size:865.75 KB
File: August 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.72 KB
File: July 2018 Format:XML Size:866.17 KB
File: July 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.77 KB
File: June 2018 Format:XML Size:862.98 KB
File: June 2018 Format:CSV Size:283.78 KB
File: May 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.16 KB
File: May 2018 Format:XML Size:864.07 KB
File: April 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.25 KB
File: April 2018 Format:XML Size:1.04 MB
File: March 2018 Format:XML Size:864.77 KB
File: March 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.38 KB
File: February 2018 Format:CSV Size:284.14 KB
File: February 2018 Format:XML Size:864.18 KB
File: January 2018 Format:XML Size:868.88 KB
File: January 2018 Format:CSV Size:285.71 KB
File: December 2017 Format:XML Size:865.53 KB
File: December 2017 Format:CSV Size:284.49 KB
File: November 2017 Format:XML Size:871.93 KB
File: November 2017 Format:CSV Size:286.09 KB
File: October 2017 Format:CSV Size:290.34 KB
File: October 2017 Format:XML Size:1.06 MB
File: September 2017 Format:CSV Size:295.05 KB
File: September 2017 Format:XML Size:898.55 KB
File: August 2017 Format:XML Size:924.18 KB
File: August 2017 Format:CSV Size:303.95 KB
File: July 2017 Format:XML Size:911.69 KB
File: July 2017 Format:CSV Size:299.26 KB
File: June 2017 Format:CSV Size:298.62 KB
File: June 2017 Format:XML Size:910.09 KB
File: May 2017 Format:XML Size:919.11 KB
File: May 2017 Format:CSV Size:301.3 KB
File: April 2017 Format:CSV Size:301.98 KB
File: April 2017 Format:XML Size:921.68 KB
File: March 2017 Format:CSV Size:301.29 KB
File: March 2017 Format:XML Size:919.74 KB
File: February 2017 Format:CSV Size:299.38 KB
File: February 2017 Format:XML Size:915.65 KB
File: January 2017 Format:CSV Size:299.45 KB
File: January 2017 Format:XML Size:916.1 KB
File: December 2016 Format:XML Size:919.66 KB
File: December 2016 Format:CSV Size:300.27 KB
File: November 2016 Format:CSV Size:288.33 KB
File: November 2016 Format:XML Size:876.36 KB
File: October 2016 Format:CSV Size:290.47 KB
File: October 2016 Format:XML Size:882.6 KB
File: September 2016 Format:CSV Size:295.16 KB
File: September 2016 Format:XML Size:905.29 KB
File: July 2016 Format:XML Size:927.22 KB
File: July 2016 Format:CSV Size:303.93 KB
File: June 2016 Format:CSV Size:326.45 KB
File: June 2016 Format:XML Size:954.62 KB
File: May 2016 Format:CSV Size:319.2 KB
File: May 2016 Format:XML Size:935 KB
File: January 2016 Format:CSV Size:261.62 KB
File: January 2016 Format:XML Size:853.36 KB
File: December 2015 Format:XML Size:857.44 KB
File: December 2015 Format:CSV Size:272.14 KB
File: November 2015 Format:CSV Size:272.46 KB
File: November 2015 Format:XML Size:867.3 KB
File: October 2015 Format:CSV Size:276.12 KB
File: October 2015 Format:XML Size:869.39 KB
File: September 2015 Format:CSV Size:334.67 KB
File: September 2015 Format:XML Size:1.02 MB
File: August 2015 Format:XML Size:1.03 MB
File: August 2015 Format:CSV Size:329.97 KB
File: December 2014 Format:CSV Size:283.46 KB
File: December 2014 Format:XML Size:901.36 KB
File: November 2014 Format:CSV Size:70.19 KB
File: November 2014 Format:XML Size:225.4 KB
File: August 2014 Format:CSV Size:281.55 KB
File: August 2014 Format:XML Size:914.06 KB
File: July 2014 Format:XML Size:915.49 KB
File: July 2014 Format:CSV Size:287.36 KB
File: May 2014 Format:CSV Size:289.34 KB
File: May 2014 Format:XML Size:922.5 KB
File: April 2014 Format:CSV Size:297.52 KB
File: April 2014 Format:XML Size:922.52 KB
File: March 2014 Format:CSV Size:282.63 KB
File: March 2014 Format:XML Size:920.39 KB
File: January 2014 Format:XML Size:919.26 KB
File: January 2014 Format:CSV Size:286.63 KB
File: December 2013 Format:CSV Size:349.2 KB
File: December 2013 Format:XML Size:1.07 MB
File: November 2013 Format:CSV Size:341.73 KB
File: November 2013 Format:XML Size:1.06 MB
File: October 2013 Format:CSV Size:294.21 KB
File: October 2013 Format:XML Size:929.38 KB
File: September 2013 Format:XML Size:1.06 MB
File: September 2013 Format:CSV Size:341.49 KB
File: August 2013 Format:CSV Size:341.49 KB
File: August 2013 Format:XML Size:1.06 MB
File: July 2013 Format:CSV Size:289.92 KB
File: July 2013 Format:XML Size:938.98 KB
File: June 2013 Format:CSV Size:356.76 KB
File: June 2013 Format:XML Size:1.08 MB
File: May 2013 Format:XML Size:941.12 KB
File: May 2013 Format:CSV Size:297.39 KB
File: April 2013 Format:CSV Size:286.19 KB
File: April 2013 Format:XML Size:937.75 KB
File: March 2013 Format:CSV Size:217.32 KB
File: March 2013 Format:XML Size:711.37 KB
File: February 2013 Format:CSV Size:306.73 KB
File: February 2013 Format:XML Size:957.62 KB
File: January 2013 Format:XML Size:1.09 MB
File: January 2013 Format:CSV Size:360.89 KB
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