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EDGAR Updates Form N-MFP, Item C.17 to Allow Reporting of Negative Values

April 7, 2020

The SEC updated EDGAR Form N-MFP, Item C.17 last night to allow certain Division of Investment Management filers to report negative values for that item. (Prior to the change, Item C.17 did not accept negative values.) 

Filers should download the latest schema to avoid error messages. The updated technical specification is available here:  Filers do not need to download the schema, however, to make their submission today; they may disregard error messages triggered by the prior schema and proceed to submit; EDGAR will accept these filings.

For filers wishing to enter negative values in Item C.17, the format of the entry should be a negative sign “—“ followed by one digit, followed by a decimal point “.”, followed by four digits.  For example, a negative value entry in Item C.17 might look like this:  -1.1234

Filers with questions may contact EDGAR Filer Support at 202-551-8900, option 3.

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