About the Office

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) promotes investor protection, cross-border securities transactions and fair, efficient and transparent markets by advancing international regulatory and enforcement cooperation, promoting the adoption of high regulatory standards worldwide, and formulating technical assistance programs to strengthen the regulatory infrastructure in global financial markets.

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International Regulatory Policy

OIA advances the SEC's interests in a number of international organizations and bilateral dialogues. SEC staff participation in international workstreams has increased dramatically following the financial crisis because of the resulting change in the international financial architecture. SEC staff actively promotes and protects, daily, the SEC's mission and interests in these international workstreams.

Cooperative Arrangements with Foreign Regulators


Enforcement Cooperation

Enforcement cooperation is among the top priorities of the SEC's international program.

Supervisory Cooperation

The SEC has entered into a number of information sharing arrangements to facillitate supervisory cooperation with foreign regulators.

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Raquel FoxRaquel Fox, Director, Division of International Affairs

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International Enforcement Assistance

OIA provides advice on and assists with cross-border securities investigations and prosecutions and negotiates international information-sharing arrangements with foreign regulators and law enforcement agencies. Foreign authorities may obtain information about seeking the SEC's enforcement counsel and assistance here.