Press Release

SEC Updates Website to Improve Compliance, Functionality, and User Experience 

For Immediate Release


Washington D.C., July 2, 2024 —

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced enhancements to its website to improve compliance with federal statutes and standards as well as the site’s functionality. The updates will improve the website’s user experience for market participants and the public.  
“I’m pleased that these updates will improve our website’s compliance with federal standards,” said SEC Chair Gary Gensler. “These changes will benefit investors, issuers, and the broader public.”   
Compliance With the 21st Century IDEA, U.S. Web Design Standards, Section 508 and Other Statutory Regulations 
The updates to include improving the site’s information architecture to better conform to the 21st Century IDEA, the General Services Administration’s U.S. Web Design Standards, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For example, the website now features a more responsive design, an increased focus on mobile usability, enhanced search capabilities, and streamlined content organization. These updates improve’s accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities, and support a variety of devices and screen sizes.  
Enhanced Navigation With the Public in Mind 
The SEC updated the site’s information architecture to be more intuitive, which will simplify public access to the information they seek and reduce time spent searching for documents, filings, and regulatory updates. This user-centric approach organizes information clearly, logically, and topically rather than based on the agency’s internal organizational structure. 

New “Quick Links” 

Based on web traffic data and user testing and feedback, the SEC’s homepage features a new “Quick Links” section that enables users to get to the most sought-after content quickly. The site’s dynamic design will allow the agency to change “Quick Links” as needed based on web traffic changes. 

“Tips and Complaints” Wizard 

Many users visit the SEC’s website to report misconduct or to seek help addressing an issue with an investment account. The updated website includes a new “Tips and Complaints” wizard to direct users to the correct forms when contacting the agency. Those forms include Tips, Complaints, and Referrals; the Investor Complaint Form, the Ombuds Matter Management System, and the Investor Question Form. In addition to helping users access the correct form, the wizard includes resources that provide relevant information to users seeking to contact the agency. 

Improved Performance, Coding, and Speed 
The enhancements improve’s speed, providing users with quicker access to information. The site also features better coding that improves search engine optimization, machine readability, and overall accessibility. 
Easier Access to Past Events 
In the past, it was difficult for users to find information on past events. The site improvements include a new events archive that allows users to quickly locate details about previous Commission meetings or other public events, including Sunshine Act notices and archived webcasts. 


Last Reviewed or Updated: July 2, 2024