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Release No.DateDetails
Fourth Quarter
2000-194Dec 21, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #13
2000-193Dec 21, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #12
2000-192Dec 20, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt to Step Down Before Mid-February 2001
2000-190Dec 19, 2000SEC Staff Report Describes Development of Payment for Order Flow and Internalization in the Options Markets
2000-188Dec 18, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #11
2000-187Dec 18, 2000Investors Town Meeting in Indianapolis Canceled
2000-186Dec 14, 2000SEC Brings Civil Charges Against MicroStrategy and Three Executive Officers for Accounting Violations; Settled Actions Yield $10 Million in Disgorgement, $1 Million in Penalties, and Corporate Governance Reforms
2000-185Dec 14, 2000Division of Corporation Finance Creates Office of Small Business Policy
2000-184Dec 11, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #10
2000-183Dec 7, 2000Statement by Chairman Arthur Levitt Concerning NASD Board Decision
2000-182Dec 5, 2000David L. Kornblau Named Chief Litigation Counsel of SEC's Division of Enforcement
2000-181Dec 5, 2000Commission Releases Decimalization Rountable Agenda and List of Confirmed Roundtable Participants
See Also:  List of Confirmed Participants, Agenda
2000-180Nov 30, 2000SEC Chairman Levitt, Indiana Secretary of State Gilroy to Conduct Investors Town Meeting in Indianapolis
2000-179Nov 28, 2000SEC Amends OPRA Plan To Allocate OPRA Systems Capacity Among Options Markets During Peak Usage Periods
2000-178Nov 27, 2000David Fielder Named Counsel to the Chairman
2000-177Nov 21, 2000Commission Releases Final Rule Revisions on Auditor Independence
2000-176Nov 20, 2000SEC To Conduct Roundtable on Decimalization
2000-175Nov 20, 2000James Adelman, Associate District Administrator for the Boston District Office, to Leave SEC After Nine Years of Service
2000-174Nov 17, 2000One-Day Shutdown of the EDGAR Filing System
2000-173Nov 17, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #9
2000-172Nov 16, 2000Division of Corporation Finance Promotes Ten to New Positions
2000-171Nov 15, 2000Commission Approves Auditor Independence and Market Structure Rules
See Also:   Chairman's Statement, Fact Sheet on Auditor Independence, Fact Sheet on Market Structure
2000-170Nov 14, 2000SEC Staff to Conduct Two Media Briefings on Rulemakings To Be Considered at Open Commission Meeting on November 15, 2000
2000-169Nov 9, 2000Senior SEC Official Speaks to the Alaska Government Finance Officers Association
2000-168Nov 7, 2000Estee S. Levine Named Director of the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
2000-167Nov 6, 2000Commission to Consider Adoption of Rules Governing Auditor Independence at Open Meeting on November 15, 2000
2000-166Nov 2, 2000Commission Announces Limited Extension of Legacy EDGAR
2000-165Oct 27, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #8
2000-164Oct 27, 2000Chief Accountant is Seeking Candidates for Two Professional Accounting Fellow Positions
2000-163Oct 26, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #7
2000-162Oct 25, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #6
2000-161Oct 20, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #5
2000-160Oct 19, 2000Media Advisory: Chairman Levitt to Deliver Address at AICPA Conference
2000-159Oct 19, 2000SEC Staff Releases Interpretive Guidance for Regulation FD
See Also:  Manual of Publicly Available Telephone Interpretations, Fourth Supplement: Regulation FD
2000-158Oct 17, 2000SEC Chairman Levitt Asks Congress Not to Intervene in Auditor Independence Rulemaking Process
2000-157Oct 16, 2000SEC Chaiman Levitt to Conduct Investors Town Meeting in Atlanta
2000-156Oct 13, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #4
2000-155Oct 12, 2000Commission Staff Provides Written Guidance on Implementing Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 101, Revenue Recognition
See Also:  FAQ on SAB 101
2000-154Oct 12, 2000SEC Reaffirms October 23, 2000 Effectiveness Date for Regulation FD
2000-153Oct 10, 2000SEC Charges Former Connecticut Treasurer and Ten Others Involved in Fraudulent Scheme in Connection with Investment of State Pension Fund Money; Three Defendants Agree To Settle Charges
2000-152Oct 6, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #3
2000-151Oct 4, 2000Stock Markets Agree to Distinguish After-Hours and Regular Session Trades with "T" Modifier
2000-150Oct 4, 2000SEC Releases Full Agenda and Panelists for Second Annual Municipal Market Roundtable 'Bonds in the New Millennium'
2000-149Oct 3, 2000Division of Corporation Finance Promotes Six Staff to Senior Positions
Third Quarter
2000-148Sep 29, 2000One-Day Shutdown of the EDGAR Filing System
2000-147Sep 29, 2000Wayne Carlin Named Director of the Northeast Regional Office
2000-146Sep 29, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #2
2000-145Sep 28, 2000Civil and Criminal Fraud Charges Filed Against Former Executives for Massive Financial Reporting Violations at McKesson HBOC
2000-144Sep 28, 2000SEC Brings Charges Against German Company E.ON (Formerly Veba) for Deliberately Issuing False Statements Regarding Merger Negotiations
2000-143Sep 27, 2000SEC Takes Action Against Four Broker-Dealer Firms and Seven Associated Persons for Failing to Supervise Remote Branch Offices Four of the Firms' Brokers Also Sued for Fraud
2000-142Sep 27, 2000SEC and U.S. Attorney Coordinate Efforts to Crackdown on Cooking the Books
2000-141Sep 27, 2000Media Advisory: News Conference to Announce Criminal and Civil Charges Against Company Executives for Financial Fraud
2000-140Sep 27, 2000SEC Announces Members of Advisory Committee on Market Information
2000-139Sep 27, 2000Paul Maco, First Director of the Office of Municipal Securities, to Return to Private Practice After Six and One-Half Years of Service
2000-138Sep 25, 2000Fee Rate Advisory #1
2000-137Sep 25, 2000Chris Mixter, Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement, Leaves the Commission After Nine Years of Service
2000-136Sep 21, 2000SEC Chairman Levitt to Conduct Investors Town Meeting in Fort Lauderdale
2000-135Sep 20, 2000SEC Brings Fraud Charges in Internet Manipulation Scheme; Settlement Calls for Return of $285,000 in Illegal Gains
2000-134Sep 19, 2000Second Annual Municipal Market Roundtable 'Bonds in the New Millennium'"
2000-133Sep 18, 2000Agenda for Public Hearings on Proposed Auditor Independence Rules
2000-132Sep 15, 2000Agenda for Public Hearings on Proposed Auditor Independence Rules
2000-131Sep 15, 2000Media Advisory: Levitt to Deliver Speech on Accounting Profession
2000-130Sep 14, 2000SEC and CFTC Draft Legislation to Lift Ban on Single Stock Futures; Agencies Agree to Joint Regulation
See Also:  Transmittal Letters, Summary of SEC/CFTC Agreement, Errata to the Summary, Agreement in HTML, Agreement in PDF format (includes line numbers), Errata to the Agreement (Updated 09/26/2000), and Analysis
2000-129Sep 14, 2000SEC Commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the Investment Company Act of 1940
2000-128Sep 14, 2000Jennifer Scardino, Chief of Staff to the Chairman, to Leave the SEC After Seven Years of Service; Tracey Aronson Named as Successor
2000-127Sep 13, 2000SEC Approves Electronic Filing for Investment Advisers, Amendments to Form ADV
2000-126Sep 11, 2000SEC and Department of Justice Sanction Four Options Exchanges for Anticompetitive Conduct
2000-125Sep 7, 2000Period for Abrogation of CBOE Filing Expires
2000-124Sep 5, 2000SEC Continues Nationwide Crackdown Against Internet Fraud, Charging 33 Companies and Individuals With Fraud For Manipulating Microcap Stocks; Fourth Internet Sweep Brings to More Than 180 the Total Number of Internet Cases Filed
2000-123Sep 5, 2000Agenda for Public Hearings on Proposed Auditor Independence Rules
2000-122Sep 1, 2000SEC Freezes Assets of Defendant in Emulex Hoax
2000-121Sep 1, 2000SEC and U.S. Attorney Charge Former Intel Employee and Others With Insider Trading
2000-120Aug 31, 2000Media Advisory: News Conference to Announce Arrest of Student in Internet Stock Manipulation of Emulex
2000-119Aug 30, 2000Commission Extends to September 12, 2000 the Deadline for Submission of Written Materials for September 20, 2000 Public Hearing on Auditor Independence Rule Proposals
2000-118Aug 29, 2000Commission Files Insider Trading Action Against Manu B. Shrivastava
2000-117Aug 23, 2000Russell Horwitz Named Senior Advisor for Policy to Chairman Levitt
2000-116Aug 22, 2000Chairman Levitt Names David Nelson Head of the SEC's Southeast Regional Office
2000-115Aug 21, 2000Jackson Day Selected as Deputy Chief Accountant
2000-114Aug 17, 2000Additional Information Concerning Second Public Hearing on Auditor Independence Rule Proposal
2000-113Aug 15, 2000One Day Shutdown of EDGAR Filing System on November 24, 2000
2000-112Aug 10, 2000Commission Votes to End Selective Disclosure; Chairman Arthur Levitt Hails Leveling of Information Playing Field
See Also:  Fact Sheet; Chairman Levitt's statement; and Final Rule: Regulation FD
2000-111Aug 10, 2000Two Additional Public Hearings on Auditor Independence Rule Proposal Set for September 13th and 20th
2000-110Aug 9, 2000Media Advisory: Media Briefing on Proposed Selective Disclosure Rule
2000-109Aug 9, 2000Daniel B. Thornton Appointed Academic Accounting Fellow
2000-108Aug 9, 2000Andrew D. Bailey, Jr. Appointed Academic Accounting Fellow
2000-107Aug 4, 2000Noran Camp, Legal Counsel to Chairman Levitt, To Leave Commission After Ten Years of Service; Douglas Davison Named as Successor
2000-106Aug 1, 2000Commission Announces Final Steps in Modernization of EDGAR Filing System
2000-105Aug 1, 2000Michael Conley Named First Richard W. Jennings Attorney-Fellow
2000-104Jul 28, 2000Mary B. Tokar, Senior Associate Chief Accountant in the Office of the Chief Accountant, To Leave SEC
2000-103Jul 26, 2000Decimal Implementation Plan Submitted by the National Securities Exchanges and the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.
2000-102Jul 25, 2000SEC To Establish Advisory Committee on Market Information
2000-101Jul 25, 2000SEC Approves Options Intermarket Linkage Plan; Commission Also Issues Two Rule Proposals on Market Fragmentation
2000-100Jul 24, 2000SEC to Conduct Media Briefings on Market Structure Rule Proposal and Auditor Independence Hearings
2000-99Jul 20, 2000SEC Announces Schedule of Witnesses for Public Hearing on Auditor Independence; Schedule of Appearances; Public Hearing - July 26, 2000, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
2000-98Jul 19, 2000James M. Daly and William L. Tolbert, Jr. Named Associate Directors in SEC's Division of Corporation Finance
2000-97Jul 19, 2000Commission To Study Effect of Payment for Order Flow and Internalization in the Options Markets
2000-96Jul 12, 2000Kenneth J. Berman, Associate Director of the Division of Investment Management, To Leave SEC After 12 Years of Service
2000-95Jul 12, 2000SEC Chairman Levitt and Treasury Secretary Summers To Conduct Investors Town Meeting in Cleveland; Free Program Will Offer Area Residents Practical Tips for Saving and Investing
2000-94Jul 10, 2000Public Hearing on Auditor Independence Rule Proposal Formally Set for July 26, 2000
2000-93Jul 7, 2000Susan Nash Named Associate Director of the Division of Investment Management
2000-92Jul 5, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt Praises GAO On Mutual Fund Fee Study
2000-91Jul 5, 2000Barry W. Rashkover Named Associate Director of the Commission's Northeast Regional Office
Second Quarter
2000-90Jun 30, 2000Proposal To Modernize Auditor Independence Rules Available on SEC Website; First Public Hearing To Be Held July 26, 2000
2000-89Jun 30, 2000Website for Investment Advisor Registration Depository (IARD) Electronic Filing Announced
2000-88Jun 27, 2000SEC Approves Issuance of Auditor Independence Rule Proposal
See Also:  Fact Sheet; Chairman Levitt's statement; and Background Information
2000-87Jun 26, 2000Commission Staff Issues SAB 101B To Provide Registrants With Additional Time To Implement Guidance on Revenue Recognition
2000-86Jun 26, 2000John McCarthy Named Associate Director for Market Oversight, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations
2000-85Jun 26, 2000Media Advisory: Media Briefing On Proposed Auditor Independence Rules; Embargoed Fact Sheet Available
2000-84Jun 20, 2000SEC To Host Annual Government-Business Forum
2000-83Jun 20, 2000Carmen J. Lawrence, Director of the Northeast Regional Office, to Leave the Commission After Nearly 20 Years of Service
2000-82Jun 14, 2000Media Advisory: News Conference in NYC to Announce Enforcement Action
2000-81Jun 14, 2000SEC, U.S. Attorney, and FBI Announce Major Attack Against Microcap Fraud; Those Charged Include Alleged Members of Organized Crime
2000-80Jun 14, 2000SEC Brings Enforcement Actions Against Former Top Financial Officers and Managers at CUC International for Massive Financial Fraud at CUC and Cendant Corp.
2000-79Jun 13, 2000SEC Orders Securities Markets to Phase In Decimal Pricing on September 5, 2000
See Also:  the order itself
2000-78Jun 7, 2000Division of Market Regulation Issues Report on 'Electronic Communication Networks and After-Hours Trading'
See Also:  the report itself
2000-77Jun 7, 2000All Big 5 Accounting Firms Agree To Participate in Voluntary Program To Address Independence Violations; Safe Harbor Provided for Certain Violations; Firms Will Conduct Reviews, Disclose Past Violations, and Improve Quality Control Systems
2000-76Jun 6, 2000Chairman Arthur Levitt Issues Statement on the Report and Recommendations of the Panel on Audit Effectiveness
2000-75Jun 5, 2000Kathleen M. Hamm, Assistant Director in the Division of Enforcement, To Leave SEC After Nine Years of Service
2000-74Jun 5, 2000SEC Helps Investors Weigh Benefits and Costs of Variable Annuities; New Online Brochure Also Includes Caution
See Also:  Variable Annuities on-line brochure
2000-73Jun 2, 2000Gregg W. Corso, Senior Counsel to Chairman Arthur Levitt, To Leave the Commission After 13 Years of Service
2000-72Jun 1, 2000SEC, State Securities Regulators Announce Promissory Note Enforcement Sweep
See Also:   Summary of Cases ; Statistics and Common Elements of the cases
2000-71May 26, 2000Commission Grants ISE Exemption To Accommodate Its Electronic Market in the Marketwide Data System
2000-70May 25, 2000Charles Niemeier Named Chief Accountant of the Division of Enforcement; Will Also Lead Division's New Financial Fraud Task Force
2000-68May 18, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt Praises Partnership Between ICI Education Foundation and National Urban League
2000-67May 17, 2000SEC Releases Program for the Roundtable on Investment Adviser Regulatory Issues
2000-66May 16, 2000SEC, CFTC, and Monetary Authority of Singapore Sign Memorandum of Understanding
2000-65May 16, 2000Chairman Arthur Levitt Praises Investment Counsel Association of America on Best Practices Addressing Pay-To-Play Abuses
2000-64May 16, 2000SEC and Regulators From Around the World Conduct an International Surf Day To Help Combat Internet Fraud
2000-63May 15, 2000SEC Sues America Online for Financial Reporting Violations; Settled Action Yields $3.5 Million Penalty
2000-62May 10, 2000Chairman Arthur Levitt, Concerned About Auditor Independence, Proposes Rulemaking and Other Measures To Maintain Quality Of Financial Reporting
2000-61May 8, 2000Former SEC Chairman and SEC Alumni Create Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society
2000-60May 8, 2000Media Advisory: SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt To Deliver Policy Address on State of Financial Reporting
2000-59May 4, 2000SEC Study Reveals Problems in Display of Limit Orders; SRO Oversight and Disciplinary Programs Need Improvement
2000-58May 3, 2000Media Advisory: Limit Order Transparency Roundtable Available Via Teleconference, New Limit Order Display Report To Be Released, Media Briefing On Report
2000-57May 1, 2000SEC Sues Internet Stock Picker For Using Fraudulent Advertising To Lure Day Traders To His Stock Picking Service
2000-56May 1, 2000SEC Releases Agenda for Investment Advisers Roundtable
2000-55May 1, 2000SEC Releases List Of Limit Order Transparency Roundtable Participants
2000-54Apr 27, 2000Agencies Announce Working Group on Public Disclosure" (Joint Press Release: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)
2000-53Apr 26, 2000SEC Approves Issuance of Interpretive Release on the Use of Electronic Media
2000-52Apr 26, 2000SEC Extends Comment Period For Concept Release On Market Fragmentation
2000-51Apr 24, 2000Paul R. Berger and Linda Chatman Thomsen Named Associate Directors of SEC's Division of Enforcement
2000-50Apr 18, 2000SEC To Conduct Roundtable on Limit Order Transparency
2000-49Apr 14, 2000SEC Stays Deadlines for Decimal Pricing Implementation and Requests Comment on Revised Decimal Implementation Schedules
See Also:  Commission Order and Notice on this issue
2000-48Apr 10, 2000Chairman Levitt Names Randall J. Fons Head of the SEC's Central Region
2000-47Apr 10, 2000Dan Shea, Head of the Central Region, To Leave the Commission
2000-46Apr 10, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, Congressional, and State Officials To Conduct Investors Town Meeting in Milwaukee; Free program will offer area residents practical tips for saving and investing
2000-45Apr 6, 2000SEC Settles With Ten Brokerage Firms As Part of Global Resolution of Yield Burning Claims
See Also:  Summary of Yield Burning Settlement Payments; Deals Covered by the Yield-Burning Settlement (note: large file); Payments to Municipal Issuers and Obligors in Connection with Advance Refundings in Negative Arbitrage; Administrative Proceedings mentioned in the press release
2000-44Apr 5, 2000Chairman Arthur Levitt Issues Statement on Internet Search System
First Quarter
2000-43Mar 31, 2000Media Advisory: Are Baby Boomers Ill-Prepared for Retirement? - Financial Literacy Campaign To Host Expert Panel Discussion
2000-42Mar 31, 2000SEC Announces Tenth Annual International Institute
2000-41Mar 31, 2000Mark J. Ready Named Chief Economist
2000-40Mar 24, 2000Commission Staff Issues SAB 101A To Provide Registrants With Additional Time To Implement Guidance on Revenue Recognition
See Also:  SAB 101A
2000-39Mar 22, 2000Commissioner Norman Johnson to Leave SEC
2000-38Mar 22, 2000SEC To Conduct Roundtable on Investment Advisers
2000-37Mar 22, 2000Thomas A. Zaccaro Named New Regional Trial Counsel of SEC's Pacific Regional Office
2000-36Mar 18, 2000Order for the National Grid Group PLC, et al. Available on Commission's Website
See Also:  the order itself
2000-35Mar 16, 2000Paul V. Gerlach, Associate Director of the Division of Enforcement, To Leave SEC
2000-34Mar 15, 2000Office of the Chief Accountant Selects Five Professional Accounting Fellows
2000-33Mar 14, 2000SEC and US Attorney Bring Charges Against 19 Individuals, Including Wall Street Professionals, for $8 Million Insider Trading Scheme; First Case Charging Use of Internet to Pass Inside Information
See Also:  litigation release; U.S. District Court Complaint
2000-32Mar 14, 2000Media Advisory News Conference in NYC To Announce Enforcement Action
2000-31Mar 14, 2000Event and Briefing Advisory: SEC Chairman Levitt to Deliver Policy Address at Northwestern University; Staff To Conduct Teleconference Briefing
2000-30Mar 14, 2000Andrew J. Geist, Senior Associate Director of the Northeast Regional Office, To Leave SEC After Twelve Years of Service
2000-29Mar 13, 2000Meridith Mitchell Named Principal Associate General Counsel
2000-28Mar 10, 2000SEC Delays Submission Date for Decimal Pricing Implementation Plan
2000-27Mar 9, 2000Estee S. Levine Named Counselor to Chairman Arthur Levitt
2000-26Mar 8, 2000Elizabeth K. King Named Associate Director of the Division of Market Regulation
2000-25Mar 8, 2000SEC Authorizes Filing of Actions To Recover Unpaid NASD Sanctions
2000-24Mar 7, 2000Tracey E. Aronson Named Director of the Office of Congressional and Inter-Governmental Affairs
2000-23Mar 7, 2000Susan Ferris Wyderko Named Director of the Office of Investor Education and Assistance
2000-22Mar 3, 2000Receiver Appointed in Mobley Case
See Also:  Questions and Answers on the David Mobley/Maricopa Investment Funds Case; Litigation Release 16462; Litigation Release 16446
2000-21Mar 2, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt To Conduct Investors Town Meeting in St. Louis; Free program will offer area residents practical tips for saving and investing
2000-20Mar 2, 2000SEC Sues Washington, DC-Area Law Students for Internet Price Manipulation Scheme; Scheme Architect's Mother - a Colorado Springs, CO City Councilwoman Also Charged
See Also:  administrative order; litigation release; U.S. District Court Complaint
2000-19Feb 24, 2000SEC Staff Releases Examination Report Concerning Day Trading
See Also:  Report of Examinations of Day-Trading Broker-Dealers; Investor Tips: Margin; Oral Statement of Lori Richards, Director, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, re: the report
2000-18Feb 24, 2000SEC Issues Options Markets Linkage Plans for Public Comment
2000-17Feb 24, 2000SEC Approves International Securities Exchange's Application to Become First New Exchange in 27 Years
2000-16Feb 24, 2000SEC Charges Two People With Internet Stock Manipulation Scheme; Spams Implied that America Online Had Issued or Endorsed the Recommendations
2000-15Feb 23, 2000Media Advisory: Senate Banking Committee To Conduct Hearings at SEC's Northeast Regional Office
2000-14Feb 23, 2000NYSE's Rescission of Rule 390 and Commission's Request for Comment on Market Fragmentation
2000-13Feb 22, 2000Media Advisory: Teleconference Media Briefing to Discuss Rule 390 and Fragmentation Concept Release
2000-12Feb 22, 2000SEC Charges Two Day-Trading Firms With Violations of Federal Margin Regulations; Firms Loaned Customers Funds in Excess of Legal Limits To Permit Continued Trading
2000-11Feb 16, 2000SEC Approves Concept Release on International Accounting Standards
See Also:  Fact sheet on the Concept Release; Chairman Levitt's remarks on the Concept Release
2000-10Feb 14, 2000SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt Praises American Bar Association for Banning Lawyer Pay-to-Play
2000-9Feb 14, 2000Media Advisory: Media Briefing on International Accounting Standards Concept Release
2000-8Jan 28, 2000SEC Orders Securities Markets To Begin Trading in Decimals on July 3, 2000; Decimal Pricing Implementation Plan Due in 45 Days
See Also:  the Commission's Order Directing the Exchanges and NASD To Submit a Decimalization Implementation Plan
2000-7Jan 24, 2000New SEC Mutual Funds Tips Remind Investors To Look at More Than Short-Term Past Performance; 'Buy and Hold' Beats Switching In and Out of Funds
2000-6Jan 20, 2000Statement by Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt Regarding Options Market Linkages
2000-5Jan 11, 2000Enforcement Action Brought Against Informix Corporation for Inflating Revenues by $295 Million and Earnings by $244 Million by Fraudulent and Other Means
2000-4Jan 6, 2000Independent Consultant Finds Widespread Independence Violations at PricewaterhouseCoopers
See Also:  The independent consultants' Report on PricewaterhouseCoopers, in PDF format
2000-3Jan 5, 2000Fee Rate Advisory No. 11
2000-2Jan 5, 2000SEC Sues 'Tokyo Joe,' Internet Website Operator and Stock Picker, for Securities Fraud
See Also:  Litigation Release No. 16399
2000-1Jan 5, 2000Securities and Exchange Commission Steps Down Y2K Monitoring as Securities Industry Transition Remains Smooth at Mid-Week
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