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LITIGATION RELEASE NO. 16776 / October 19, 2000

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION v. Robert F. Moore, individually and doing business as The Kingdom of Enenkio, Civil No. 00-00651 SOM/LEK. (D. Haw.)

The Commission filed on October 17 an application seeking an order of civil contempt against Robert F. Moore for violating the Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") issued on October 5, 2000 by the Honorable Susan Oki Mollway of the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii. The Commission alleges that Moore is violating the terms of the TRO by continueing to offer bonds of the purported Kindgom of Enenkio through an Internet web site (www.enenkio.org). Additionally, Moore failed to provide a sworn accounting of his assets, financial institution accounts, and transactions transferring funds or assets to or from Moore. The TRO required Moore to file such accounting by October 10, 2000.

The Commission's complaint, filed on October 5, alleged that Moore is holding himself out to be the head of state of The Kingdom of Enenkio. The complaint alleged that Moore is conducting a $1 billion offering of "Enenkio Gold War bonds" on an Internet web site, through e-mail solicitations sent worldwide, and in postings to various Internet bulletin boards. According to the complaint, the Kingdom of Enenkio is not recognized in any international forum as a sovereign state nor is it a corporate or statutory entity. The complaint alleged that Moore's offering materials represent that the bonds will pay a compound interest rate of ten percent after 5 years. The complaint also alleged that Moore represents that the bonds are "backed by gold reserves, guarantees, real property or other assets." However, according to the complaint, Moore has no gold reserves and no security, real property or otherwise, exists for the bonds. The complaint further alleged that the bonds have not been registered with the Commission and no exemption for registration applies.

On October 5, 2000, the Court granted the TRO sought by the Commission to prohibit Moore from continuing to offer the Enenkio government bonds for sale and to require Moore to provide an accounting. A hearing on the Commission's request for a preliminary injunction is set for October 23, 2000.

The Commission is seeking to have Moore comply with the TRO and to halt the fraudulent offer of securities not registered with the Commission nor exempt from registration. Moreover, the Commission is seeking to have Moore sanctioned for his contempt of the TRO. For further information see prior litigation release number 16758 (Oct. 6, 2000).