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Information for EDGAR Filers

  1. EDGAR Filer Manual and Technical Specifications
  2. Guidance for Filers and FAQs
  3. General Information

Important Notices for Filers

1. EDGAR Filer Manual and Technical Specifications

Final EDGAR Filer Manual and Technical Specifications

EDGAR Filer Manual new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Form D XML Technical Specifications (Version 8.1) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Form N-MFP XML Technical Specification (Version 3.1) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Transfer Agent XML Technical Specification new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specifications Document (Version 5.1) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGARLink Online XML Technical Specification (Version 18) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGARLink™ Rel 9.0 and NSAR Rel 6.1a Software

Form 13F XML Technical Specification (Version 1.2) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR ABS XML Technical Specification (Version 1.1) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Form SDR - XML Technical Specification (Version 3) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

EDGAR Reg A XML Technical Specification (Version 1.3) new material (UPDATED 09/14/15)

Draft EDGAR Filer Manual and Technical Specifications

Draft EDGAR Form N-MFP1 XML Technical Specification (Version 1.0) new material (UPDATED 09/28/15)


EDGAR Standard Taxonomies

DRAFT Taxonomies

EDGAR XBRL Validation Errors and Warnings

Preview Interactive Data Submissions

Interactive Data Test Suite

2. Guidance for Filers and FAQs

Corporation Finance Guidance

CF Guidance: Form D Filing Process

CF Guidance: Filing Date Adjustments, PACs, Deletions, Withdrawals, Hardship Exemptions

Form ID and Other EDGAR Forms

Form D

FAQ: Electronic Form ID

FAQ: Section 16 Electronic Reporting

Creating ABS Issuing Entity

Fee Guidance

SEC Filing Fees

Filing Fee Rate

Payment Options

Request a Refund

Investment Management Guidance

Small Entity Compliance Guide: Mandatory Electronic Submission of Applications for Orders under the Investment Company Act and Filings Made Pursuant to Regulation E

Series and Class (Contract) Notice and FAQ's

Co-Reg Filings with S/C ID's

IM EDGAR Post-Acceptance Corrections

FAQ: EDGAR Filing of Certified Shareholder Reports by Registered Management Investment Companies

Other Guidance

Quick Reference Guides

Index of Submission Types

EDGAR Filer Help Sheet

3. General Information

EDGAR Filer Websites

Calendar of Federal Holidays

Calendar of Peak Filing Dates

Electronic Filing & the EDGAR System: A Regulatory Overview

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

XSLT Stylesheets for HTML Rendering of EDGAR XML Filings

EDGAR Quick Start Guide

IAPD: Investment Adviser Public Disclosure Website (Background Information)

EDGAR Dissemination System

EDGAR Archive Materials

Contact the SEC

Modified: Sept. 29, 2015