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January 2006 - September 2019

Log files are available for the following fiscal years. For questions about the logs contact the Office of FOIA Services at 202-551-7900.

Data Downloads

File: September 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:7.63 KB
File: September 2019 Format:CSV Size:125.95 KB
File: August 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:6.07 KB
File: August 2019 Format:CSV Size:143.92 KB
File: July 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:4.35 KB
File: July 2019 Format:CSV Size:186.37 KB
File: June 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:6.52 KB
File: June 2019 Format:CSV Size:147.94 KB
File: May 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:4.21 KB
File: May 2019 Format:CSV Size:167.38 KB
File: April 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:5.42 KB
File: April 2019 Format:CSV Size:170.55 KB
File: March 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:7.77 KB
File: March 2019 Format:CSV Size:194.52 KB
File: February 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:8.02 KB
File: February 2019 Format:CSV Size:143.53 KB
File: January 2019, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:1.15 KB
File: January 2019 Format:CSV Size:107.9 KB
File: December 2018, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:3.1 KB
File: December 2018 Format:CSV Size:130.2 KB
File: November 2018, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:5.33 KB
File: November 2018 Format:CSV Size:180.3 KB
File: October 2018, B7A Exemption Format:CSV Size:5.94 KB
File: October 2018 Format:CSV Size:177.63 KB
File: 2018 Format:CSV Size:2.36 MB
File: 2017 Format:CSV Size:2.24 MB
File: 2016 Format:CSV Size:2.42 MB
File: 2015 Format:CSV Size:2.73 MB
File: 2014 Format:CSV Size:2.28 MB
File: 2013 Format:CSV Size:1.75 MB
File: 2012 Format:CSV Size:1.61 MB
File: 2011 Format:CSV Size:1.6 MB
File: 2010 Format:CSV Size:1.68 MB
File: 2009 Format:CSV Size:1.24 MB
File: 2008 Format:CSV Size:1.48 MB
File: 2007 Format:CSV Size:1.42 MB
File: 2006 Format:CSV Size:1.43 MB
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