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Inappropriate Custom Members for Certain Axes

Oct. 13, 2020

The U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy (GAAP Taxonomy) has designated a limited set of permitted members[1] for certain axes[2] in Commission filings. For example, the four axes below are allowed to have only the following members:[]

Axis Allowed Members
1 ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeAxis A) Reclassification Out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
2 FairValueByMeasurementFrequencyAxis

A) Fair Value Recurring

B) Fair Value Non-Recurring

3 FairValueByMeasurementBasisAxis

A) Portion at Fair Value Measurement

B) Reported Value Measurement

C) Estimate of Fair Value Measurement

D) Changes Measurement

E) Portion at Other than Fair Value Measurement

4 SubsequentEventTypeAxis A) Subsequent Event

We have observed that some filers have inappropriately added custom members to these axes.[]If the filers use the above standard axes in the GAAP Taxonomy, they should use allowed members for relevant axes where appropriate.[3]

For more information on axes in the GAAP Taxonomy, see

[1] Represents an element representing one of the possibilities within an entire set of elements. For example, Maryland is a member within a set of all U.S. states.

[2] An instance document contains facts; an axis differentiates facts and each axis represents a way that the facts may be classified. For example, Revenue for a period might be reported along a business unit axis, a country axis, a product axis, and so forth.

[3] A filer must use a custom member if and only if an appropriate member does not exist in the allowed members for reasons other than or in addition to an inappropriate standard label.

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