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Fiscal Year 2020 Congressional Budget Justification and Annual Performance Plan; Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Performance Report

March 18, 2019


Agency and Mission Information

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  • History and Purpose
  • Organizational Structure and Resources

FY 2020 Budget Request Tables

  • Positions and Full-Time Equivalents by Program
  • Obligations by Object Class
  • Strategic Goal and Program
  • Request Summary of Changes

FY 2020 Appropriations Language

FY 2020 Budget Request by Program

Other Information

  • Risks, Internal Controls, and Management Challenges
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration
  • Evidence Building
  • Links to Additional Information and Resources

FY 2020 Annual Performance Plan

  • Performance Plan by Strategic Goal
  • Strategic Goal 1: Focus on the long-term interests of our Main Street investors
  • Strategic Goal 2: Recognize significant developments and trends in our evolving capital markets and adjust our efforts to ensure we are effectively allocating our resources
  • Strategic Goal 3: Elevate the SEC’s performance by enhancing our analytical capabilities and human capital development

FY 2018 Annual Performance Report

  • FY 2018 Annual Performance Report (APR) Summary
  • Performance by Strategic Goal and Strategic Objective
  • Strategic Goal 1: Establish and maintain an effective regulatory environment
  • Strategic Goal 2: Foster and enforce compliance with the federal securities laws
  • Strategic Goal 3: Facilitate access to the information investors need to make informed investment decisions
  • Strategic Goal 4: Enhance the Commission’s performance through effective alignment and management of human, information, and financial capital


  • Appendix A: Verification and Validation of Performance Data
  • Appendix B: SEC’s Responses to Government Accountability Office Reports
  • Appendix C: Discontinued Performance Goals and Indicators
  • Appendix D: Information Technology Resource Statement


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