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Updated Personnel Guidance

June 23, 2003
Audit Memorandum No. 28

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June 24, 2003

To: Jayne Seidman

From: Walter Stachnik

Re: Updated Personnel Guidance

Many chapters in the Personnel Policy and Procedures (POPPS) Manual need updating. The heavy personnel workload in the last several years (including the implementation of pay parity and the negotiation and implementation of a collective bargaining agreement with the Commission's union), has delayed revision of the Manual. To date, current information on Pay Parity Implementation, SEC Worklife Programs, Telework, Administrative Leave Policy, and Training and Career Development have been updated and posted to the Intranet. In addition, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, in its entirety, is available on the Insider.

The Office of Administrative and Personnel Management (OAPM), which is responsible for personnel guidance, plans to develop a comprehensive set of personnel policies for SEC staff that will be user friendly and easily accessible. This guidance (which will replace the POPPS Manual), will be posted on the Intranet and contain links to relevant outside sites ( e.g., to the website of the Office of Personnel Management).

In the meantime, OAPM plans to continue use of the POPPS Manual supplemented as appropriate by the Collective Bargaining Agreement until the new guidance is developed.

Recommendation A

OAPM should implement its plan to issue updated personnel guidance, and establish timeframes for completion of the guidance. It should also inform Commission employees regarding its plans and the personnel guidance they should use.

cc: Brian Bussey
Jim McConnell
Darlene Pryor
Carol Smith
Vic Tynes
Tom McCool

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