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Concise Directory

May 12, 2017

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Toll-Free Consumer Information No. 1-800-SEC-0330
Investor Information and Complaints (202) 551-6551
Filings By Registered Companies (202) 551-8090
Forms and Publications (202) 551-4040
Instant Information Recording (202) 942-8088
Personnel Locator (202) 551-6000
Disability Accommodations
SEC Website

Alternate TTY User Telephone Access: Dial the toll free Federal Relay Service number1-800-877-8339 and provide the SEC number of the office or individual you are calling. For more information about using the Federal Relay Service see:


Terms expire June 5
Michael S. Piwowar (Acting Chairman), (202) 551-2700 2018
Kara M. Stein, (202) 551-2800 2017

The Chairman and Commissioners may continue to serve approximately 18 months after terms expire if they are not replaced before then.

Principal Offices

SEC Headquarters
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549

Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Kenneth Johnson, Acting Chief Operating Officer
(202) 551-7840

Office of the General Counsel
Sanket Bulsara, Acting General Counsel
(202) 551-5100

Division of Corporation Finance
Shelley Parratt, Acting Director
(202) 551-3540

Division of Enforcement
Stephanie Avakian, Acting Director
(202) 551-4500

Division of Investment Management
David Grim, Director
(202) 551-6720

Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
Scott Bauguess, Acting Director
(202) 551-6600

Division of Trading and Markets
Heather Seidel, Acting Director
(202) 551-5608

Office of Acquisitions
Vance Cathell, Director
(202) 551-8385

Office of Administrative Law Judges
Brenda P. Murray, Chief Administrative Law Judge
(202) 551-6030

Office of the Chief Accountant
Wesley Bricker, Chief Accountant
(202) 551-5300

Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations
Peter Driscoll, Acting Director
(202) 551-6200

Office of Credit Ratings
Thomas Butler, Director
(212) 336-9080

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
Peter Henry, Director
(202) 551-6040

Office of Ethics Counsel
Shira Pavis Minton, Director
(202) 551-5170

Office of Financial Management
Caryn Kauffman, Acting Chief Financial Officer
(202) 551-8834

Office of Human Resources
Lacey Dingman, Director
(202) 551-7500

Office of Information Technology
Pamela Dyson, Director
(202) 551-8800

Office of the Inspector General
Carl W. Hoecker, Inspector General
(202) 551-6061

Office of International Affairs
Paul A. Leder, Director
(202) 551-6690

Office of the Investor Advocate
Rick Fleming, Investor Advocate
(202) 551-3302

Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
Lori Schock, Director
(202) 551-6500

Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs
Keith E. Cassidy, Director
(202) 551-2010

Office of Minority and Women Inclusion
Pamela A. Gibbs, Director
(202) 551-6046

Office of Municipal Securities
Jessica Kane, Director
(202) 551-5680

Office of Public Affairs
John Nester, Director
(202) 551-4120

Office of the Secretary
Brent Fields, Secretary
(202) 551-5400

Office of Support Operations
Barry Walters, Director/Chief FOIA Officer
(202) 551-8400

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