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SEC Action Lookup – Individuals

April 10, 2018

Search Tips

To run a search, the Last Name box must be populated. Be sure to include at least two letters in the Last Name box. You are not required to enter a First Name, but if you do, you must enter at least two letters in the First Name box.

Keep in mind that your results will only include individuals from actions filed during the Time Period referenced below. Your results will only include those individuals against whom a judgment or order has been issued.

Your search results are sorted alphabetically by the Last Name of the individual.

Federal Court Actions and Administrative Proceedings

This search feature allows you to look up information about individuals who have been named as defendants in SEC federal court actions or respondents in SEC administrative proceedings. For background about these types of actions, see About the Division of Enforcement.

Time Period

Your search results will only include individuals charged in SEC actions filed between October 1, 1995 and September 30, 2023. This feature will be updated periodically to add individuals from newly-filed actions.

Individuals Included

Your search results will include individuals against whom a judgment or order has been issued. This includes individuals who settled, defaulted, or contested their actions, provided a judgment or order was issued against them.

Your results will not include individuals whose cases are currently pending at the trial court or those against whom no judgment or order has been issued. Your results will also not include individuals named in district court actions as “relief defendants.”

Your search may contain multiple results for the same individual if that individual was charged in multiple actions. For example, an individual charged in both a federal court action and an administrative proceeding filed in the Time Period will have two results.

State and Current Age

In your search results, the individual’s State is based on the information in the charging document (the Complaint or Order Instituting Proceedings). The individual’s State is not necessarily his or her current state of residence. The individual’s Current Age is also based on the charging document and is updated automatically to reflect the approximate age of the individual as of the search date.

Other Resources

For additional information about SEC federal court actions and administrative proceedings, see the Enforcement page on There, you can search for documents related to SEC actions by using the “Search Litigation Materials” feature located at the bottom of that page.

When making decisions about investments and investment professionals, you should not solely use this tool. For other resources and tools, see Information for the Individual Investor or visit

Report an Error

If you believe this search feature has returned a result that contains an error, you can report the error to Please note that you may not receive a response from this mailbox.

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