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Commission Notice:
List of Foreign Issuers Which Have Submitted Information Under the Exemption Relating to Certain Foreign Securities



February 19, 1998

List of Foreign Issuers Which Have Submitted Information Under the Exemption Relating to Certain Foreign Securities

Foreign private issuers with total assets in excess of $10,000,000 and a class of equity securities held of record by 500 or more persons, of which 300 or more reside in the United States, are subject to registration under Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 1 (the "Act"). 2

Rule 12g3-2(b) 3 provides an exemption from registration under Section 12(g) of the Act with respect to a foreign private issuer that submits to the Commission, on a current basis, the material required by the Rule. The informational requirements are designed to give investors access to certain information so they have the opportunity to inform themselves about the issuer. The Rule requires the issuer to provide the Commission with information that it has: 1) made or is required to make public pursuant to the law of the country of its domicile or in which it is incorporated or organized; 2) filed or is required to file with a stock exchange on which its securities are traded and that was made public by such exchange; and/or, 3) distributed or is required to distribute to its securities holders.

On October 6, 1983, the Commission revised Rule 12g3-2(b) by terminating the availability of the exemptive rule for certain foreign issuers with securities quoted on an automated inter-dealer quotation system--including the Nasdaq stock market. 4 The Commission grandfathered indefinitely securities of non-Canadian issuers that were in compliance with the Rule as of October 6, 1983 and quoted on Nasdaq on that date. 5

When the Commission adopted Rule 12g3-2(b) and other rules 6 relating to foreign securities, it indicated that from time to time it would publish lists showing those foreign issuers that have claimed exemptions from the registration provisions of Section 12(g) of the Act. 7 The purpose of this release is to call to the attention of brokers, dealers and investors, that some form of relatively current information concerning the issuers included in this list is available in the Commission’s public files. 8 The Commission also wishes to bring to the attention of brokers, dealers, and investors the fact that current information concerning foreign issuers may not necessarily be available in the United States. 9 The Commission continues to expect that brokers and dealers will consider this fact in connection with their obligations under the federal securities laws to have a reasonable basis for recommending those securities to their customers. 10

Direct any questions regarding Rule 12g3-2 or the list of issuers in this release to Rani Doyle, Office of International Corporate Finance, Division of Corporation Finance, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, D.C. 20549, ((202) 942-2990). This release is available on the Commission’s Web site: www.sec.gov. Requests for copies may also be directed to the Public Reference Room, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, D.C. 20549 ((202) 942-8090).

For the Commission, by the Division of Corporation Finance, pursuant to delegated authority.

Jonathan G. Katz


Foreign Issuers Claiming Exemptions from Registration Provisions of Section 12(g) of Securities and Exchange Act of 1934

Issuer CountryFile No.

A&B Geoscience Corp Canada82-4254
A.C.T. Industrial Corp.Canada82-1071
AAPC LtdAustralia82-3688
AAXIS LtdCanada82-1278
ABB AGSwitzerland82-2871
ACOM Co. LtdJapan82-4121
AGC Americas Gold Corp.Canada82-2622
AIC International Resources Corp.Canada82-1911
AME Resource Capital Corp.Canada82-3435
AO MosenergoRussia82-4475
AO TD GUMRussia82-4132
AO TatneftRussia82-4226
APAC Telecommunications Corp.Canada82-4157
AUR Resources IncCanada82-4624
AVL Information Systems Inc.Canada82-4010
Abitibi Mining CorpCanada82-4321
Aboitiz Equity VenturesPhillipines82-4650
Accor SAFrance82-4672
Adamas Resources Corp.Canada82-4355
Adex Mining CorpCanada82-2796
AdvantEdge International Inc.Canada82-4658
Agen LtdAustralia82-2330
Aggreko PLCScotland82-4659
Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd.Canada82-4608
Airgen CorporationCanada82-4731
Alantra Venture Corp.Canada82-3307
Albert Fisher Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-1020
All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd.Japan82-1569
Allied Colloids Group plcUnited Kingdom82-4038
Allied Domecq plcUnited Kingdom82-878
Alpargatas, S.A.I.CArgentina82-3122
Alpha Airports Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-3694
Altai Resources, Inc.Canada82-2950
Altair International Inc.Canada82-1770
AmSteel Corp BerhadMalaysia82-3318
Amalgamated Banks of South Africa Ltd.South Africa82-4569
Amera Industries Corp.Canada82-3263
American Comstock Exploration Ltd.Canada82-3283
American Manor CorpCanada82-4158
American Mineral Fields Inc.Canada82-1840
Amoy Properties LtdHong Kong82-3410
Anderson Exploration Ltd.Canada82-4169
Andhra Valley Power Supply Co. Ltd.India82-3732
Angkasa Marketing BerhadMalaysia82-3319
Anglo American Corp. of South Africa Ltd.South Africa82-97
Anglo American Gold Investment Co. Ltd.South Africa82-146
Annova Business Group Inc.Canada82-2384
Antares Mining and Exploration Corp.Canada82-3858
Anthian Resources Corp.Canada82-4096
Apasco SA de CVMexico82-3103
Applied High Technology AHT Corp.Canada82-4562
Applied Inventions Management Inc.Canada82-3763
Aqua Pure Ventures Inc.Canada82-4623
Aquaterre Mineral Development Ltd.Canada82-3945
Archon Minerals LtdCanada82-4171
Argenta Systems Inc.Canada82-1320
Arisawa Manufacturing Co.Japan82-4620
Arisco Produtos Alimenticos SABrazil82-4651
Arjo Wiggins Appleton PLCUnited Kingdom82-4185
Arkona Resources IncCanada82-711
Armada Gold CorpCanada82-3965
Arvind Mills Ltd.India82-3708
Asia Fiber PLCThailand82-2842
Assurances Generales de FranceFrance82-4517
Astra Compania Argentina de Petroleo SAArgentina82-3930
Astris Energi IncCanada82-4325
Athabaska Gold Resources Ltd.Canada82-1906
Atna Resources LtdCanada82-1556
Augen Capital CorpCanada82-4712
Augusta Resource Corp.Canada82-3529
Auridiam Consolidated NLAustralia82-3452
Australian National Industries Ltd.Australia82-3351
Australian Oil & Gas Corp. Ltd.Canada82-4576
Austria Tabak AGAustria82-4715
Autoliv ABSweden82-3810
Autumn Industries IncCanada82-3219
Avalon Ventures LtdCanada82-4427
Avmin LimitedSouth Africa82-4519
Aztek Technologies Inc.Canada82-1474

BAT IndustriesUnited Kingdom82-33
BYG Natural Resources Inc.Canada82-2038
BASM Resources CorpCanada82-4667
BC Gas IncCanada82-3909
BCS Technology IncCanada82-4558
BHF Bank AGGermany82-3404
BT Industries ABSweden82-4212
BTR PLCUnited Kingdom82-898
BWI Resources LtdCanada82-2914
Banca Commerciale ItalianaItaly82-3707
Banca Popolare di Brescia SAItaly82-4662
Banco La Previsora SAEquador82-4133
Banco Mercantil SABolivia82-4296
Banco Santander MexicanoMexico82-3508
Banco Venezolano de Credito SACAVenezuela82-4422
Bandai Co. LtdJapan82-3919
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SAPoland82-4613
Bank VozrozhdeniyeRussia82-4257
Bank of East Asia Ltd.Hong Kong82-3443
Bank of Nova ScotiaCanada82-132
Bank of ScotlandUnited Kingdom82-3240
BankInter SASpain82-2972
Bayerische Hypotheken-und Wechsel-BankGermany82-3777
Beatrix Mines LtdSouth Africa82-1054
Bellevue Capital Corp.Canada82-4687
Benz Energy LtdCanada82-2491
Berjaya Group BerhadMalaysia82-2677
Berjaya Industrial BerhadMalaysia82-2580
Berkshire Int'l Mining Ltd.Canada82-1914
Bespak PLCUnited Kingdom82-3349
Beta Systems Software AGGermany82-4631
Big Valley Resources Inc.Canada82-1600
Billiton PLCUnited Kingdom82-4647
Biota Holdings LtdAustralia82-3570
Blackrock Ventures Inc.Canada82-4555
Blackstone Resources Inc.Canada82-4520
Blue Circle Industries PLCUnited Kingdom82-927
Blue Desert Mining Inc.Canada82-4386
Blue Power Energy Corp.Canada82-2213
Blue Range Resource Corp.Canada82-3302
Body Shop International PLCUnited Kingdom82-3534
Bohler Uddeholm AGAustria82-4089
Boliden LimitedCanada82-4707
Bombardier IncCanada82-3123
Bombril SABrazil82-3651
Bompreco SA Supermercados do NordesteBrazil82-4467
Bonton ASCzech Republic82-4684
Borealis Exploration Ltd.Canada82-1656
Borneo Gold CorpCanada82-4702
Bracken Mines LtdSouth Africa82-219
Braddick Resources Ltd.Canada82-4414
Braiden Resources Ltd.Canada82-2121
Brandselite International Corp.Canada82-4042
Breckenridge Resources Ltd.Canada82-1647
Bren Mar Resources Ltd.Canada82-2143
Briana Bio-Tech IncCanada82-3073
Bridgestone CorpJapan82-1264
Bright Star VenturesCanada82-4737
British Aerospace PLCUnited Kingdom82-3138
British Energy PLCUnited Kingdom82-4426
Brocker Investments Ltd.Canada82-4186
Bronx Minerals IncEquador82-966
Burmah Castrol PLCUnited Kingdom82-5
Burns Philip & Company Ltd.Australia82-1565
Burwill Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4266

C.A. Venezolana de Pulpa y Papel SACAVenezuela82-3202
CAPEX SAArgentina82-3862
CDL Hotels International Ltd.Cayman Islands82-3667
CSK CorpJapan82-781
CSL LtdAustralia82-3785
CTM Citras SABrazil82-3555
CVL Resources Ltd.Canada82-1991
Cadre Resources LtdCanada82-2911
Calais Resources Inc.Canada82-3525
Calypso Developments Ltd.Canada82-4692
Cambridge Minerals Ltd.Canada82-4669
Camelot Resources Ltd.Australia82-4550
Campagnie Financiere de ParibasFrance82-4559
CanBaikal Resources Inc.Canada82-4694
Canadian Airlines Corp.Canada82-3203
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.Canada82-3347
Canadian Medical Legacy Corp.Canada82-4729
Canadian Oil Sands TrustCanada82-4726
Canadian Western BankCanada82-4478
Caradon PLCUnited Kingdom82-4542
Carbite Gold IncCanada82-4305
Cardo ABSweden82-4020
Caribbean Cement CompanyJamaica82-3715
Caribgold Resources Inc.Canada82-4104
Carlin Resources Corp.Canada82-4111
Carta Resources LtdCanada82-4553
Casamiro Resources Corp.Canada82-1431
Cash Resources LtdCanada82-4106
Castello Casino Corp.Canada82-1918
Castellum ABSweden82-4683
Castle Rock Exploration Corp.Canada82-2472
Catalyst Ventures Corp.Canada82-2930
Cathay Pacific Airlines Ltd.Hong Kong82-1390
Cathedral Gold CorpCanada82-1990
Celanese Canada IncCanada82-171
Cementos Lima SAPeru82-3911
Cemex SA de CVMexico82-2744
Centaur Mining & Exploration Ltd.Australia82-4313
Central Costanera SAArgentina82-3868
Central Pacific Minerals NLAustralia82-354
Centrica PLCUnited Kingdom82-4518
Cerveceria Nacional SAPanama82-4704
Ceska Sporitelna ASUnited Kingdom82-4384
Challenger Minerals Ltd.Canada82-3666
Champion Gold Resources Inc.Canada82-4485
Champion Resources Inc.Canada82-4286
Charters Towers Gold Mines NLAustralia82-4493
Chauvco Resources Ltd.Canada82-3316
Chen Hsong Holding Ltd.Bermuda82-3953
Chengdu Telecommunications Cable Co. Ltd.China82-4573
Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd.Hong Kong82-4138
China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd.Hong Kong82-3987
China Pharmaceutical Enterprise & Inv. Co.Hong Kong82-4135
China Resources Enterprise Ltd.Hong Kong82-4177
China Strategic Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-3596
Cho Hung BankKorea82-4506
Christiana Bank OG KredithassoNorway82-3018
Christies International PLCUnited Kingdom82-1180
Churchill Resources Ltd.Philippines82-3927
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc.Switzerland82-4541
Cifra SA de CVMexico82-4609
Circle Energy IncCanada82-4586
Circumpacific Energy Corp.Canada82-3102
Claude Resources Inc.Canada82-1742
Clear Creek Resources Ltd.Canada82-4690
Climax International Co.Bermuda82-4062
Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd.Australia82-2994
Colony Pacific Explorations Ltd.Canada82-1115
Columbia Yukon Resources Ltd.Canada82-4290
Comac Food Group Inc.Canada82-2456
Commerzbank AGGermany82-2523
Compagnie Financiere Richemont AGSwitzerland82-4102
Companhia Acos Especiais Itabira AcesitaBrazil82-3769
Companhia Cervejaria Brahma SABrazil82-4352
Companhia Energetica Minas GeraisBrazil82-3465
Companhia Energetica de Sao PauloBrazil82-3691
Companhia Suzano De Papel e CeluloseBrazil82-3550
Companhia de Tecidos NorteBrazil82-4714
Companion Building Material (Holding) Ltd.Hong Kong82-3982
Compass Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-4445
Concept Industries PLCCanada82-4003
Concert Industries Ltd.Canada82-1003
Consolidated Gold City Mining Corp.Canada82-2753
Consolidated Magna Ventures Ltd.Canada82-1370
Consolidated Pine Channel Gold Corp.Canada82-2583
Consolidated Westview Resources Inc.Canada82-2601
Consorcio Hogar SA de CVMexico82-4604
Consorcio Inversionista Mercantil CIMAVenezula82-4377
Continental AGGermany82-1357
Continental Precious Minerals Inc.Canada82-3358
Copene Petroquimica do Nordeste SABrazil82-3367
Cora Resources LtdCanada82-4571
Corner Bay Minerals IncCanada82-4698
Corporacion Financiera del Valle SAColumbia82-3437
Corriente Resources Inc.Canada82-3775
Cream Minerals Ltd.Canada82-4739
Credit Communai Holding / Dexia BelguimBelguim82-4606
Credit Lyonnais SAFrance82-3662
Credit Suisse First BostonSwitzerland82-4705
Credit Suisse GroupSwitzerland82-3477
Crestar Energy IncCanada82-3641
Cross Lake Minerals Ltd.Canada82-2636
Crown LtdAustralia82-4498
Cultor LtdFinland82-1643
Curion Venture CorpCanada82-3602
Curlew Lake Resources Inc.Canada82-1978

DIS Deutscher IndustrieGermany82-4716
Da Capo Resources Ltd.Canada82-3931
Dah Sing Financial Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-4272
Dai'ei IncJapan82-230
Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-2962
Daiwa Associate Holding Ltd.Bermuda82-4402
David Jones LtdAustralia82-4230
De Beers Centenary AGSwitzerland82-3069
De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd.South Africa82-91
Debenhams PLCUnited Kingdom82-4747
Debonair Holdings PLCUnited Kingdom82-4634
Deelkraal Gold Mining Co. Ltd.South Africa82-246
Delpet Resources Ltd.Canada82-1535
Delphi Group Public Ltd. Co.United Kingdom82-4424
Den Danske Bank AGDenmark82-1263
Den Norske Bank ASNorway82-3967
Denstone Resources LtdCanada82-4680
Deutsche Bank AGGermany82-334
Deutsche Lufthansa AGGermany82-4691
Development Bank of SingaporeSingapore82-3172
Dixons Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-3331
Dofasco LtdCanada82-3226
Dorel Industries Inc.Canada82-2800
Dresdner Bank AGGermany82-229
Driefontein Consolidated Ltd.South Africa82-124
Dynamic Ventures Ltd.Canada82-4080

ED& F Man Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-4214
ERG Australia Ltd.Australia82-2372
EI Environmental Engineering Concepts Ltd.Canada82-1598
EMI Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-373
ERG SPAItaly82-4745
ERI Ventures LtdCanada82-4430
East Daggafontein Mines Ltd.South Africa82-42
East India Hotels Ltd.India82-3921
East Rand Gold & Uranium Co.South Africa82-289
East Rand Proprietary Mines Ltd.United Kingdom82-239
East West Resources Corp.Canada82-787
Eastman Resources Inc.Canada82-4421
Egana International Holdings Ltd.Cayman Islands82-4268
Eisai Co. LtdJapan82-4015
Elandsrand Gold Mining Co.South Africa82-266
Eldorado Gold CorpBermuda82-3578
Electrolux do Brasil SABrazil82-3794
Elektrim SAPoland82-4665
Elevadores Atlas SABrazil82-4409
Elite Industries Ltd.Israel82-2958
Email LimitedAustralia82-2951
Emperor (China Concepts) Inv. Ltd.Bermuda82-3886
Emperor Mines LtdAustralia82-969
Empire Alliance Properties Inc.Canada82-2215
Energy Africa LimitedSouth Africa82-4306
Engil Sociedade Gestora de ParticipacoesPortugal82-4246
Enterra Holdings Ltd.Canada82-4335
Essex Resource CorpCanada82-4410
Evander Gold Mines Ltd.South Africa82-220
Evergreen Marine Corp. Taiwan Ltd.China82-4420
Exall Resources LtdCanada82-3535
Expatriate Resources Ltd.Canada82-4603
Exploration Brex Inc.Canada82-4269

FH Faulding & Company Ltd.Australia82-2882
FCA International Ltd.Canada82-1310
FVI Fondo de ValoresVenezuela82-4695
Fairfield Minerals Ltd.Canada82-1784
Fairyoung Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-4236
Falcon Point Resources Ltd.Canada82-1713
Falcon Ventures International Corp.Canada82-1748
Fancamp Resources Ltd.Canada82-3929
Far-Ben SA de CVMexico82-3600
Fastighets AB TornetSweden82-4322
Fedsure Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-3839
Fenway Resources Ltd.Canada82-2303
Ferreyos SAPeru82-4567
Finance One Public Co. Ltd.Thailand82-3536
Findore Minerals Inc.Canada82-4163
First Australian Resources NLAustralia82-3494
First Pacific Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-836
First Quantum MineralsCanada82-4461
First Silver Reserve Inc.Canada82-3449
Flextech Holdings Ltd.Singapore82-4539
Flying Disc Entertainment Inc.Canada82-1931
Footmaxx Holdings Inc.Canada82-4079
Forbes Medi Tech Inc.Canada82-3139
Foreningssparbanken ABSweden82-4092
Foschini LtdSouth Africa82-4044
Founder Resources Inc.Canada82-3264
Frankie Dominion International Ltd.Bermuda82-3649
Free State Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd.South Africa82-44
Frutarom Industries Ltd.Israel82-4357
Fuji Bank LtdJapan82-4492
Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd.Japan82-78
Future Media Technologies Corp.Canada82-2406

G. Accion SA de CVMexico82-4590
GAR LtdCanada82-3489
GGT GroupUnited Kingdom82-2884
GHP Exploration Corp.Canada82-4600
GKN PLCUnited Kingdom82-1042
GMD Resources CorpCanada82-4071
Gala-Bari International Inc.Canada82-2511
GalaVu Entertainment Inc.Canada82-4587
Gallery Resources Ltd.Canada82-2877
Genbel South Africa LtdSouth Africa82-235
Gencor LtdSouth Africa82-311
Genetronics Biomedical Ltd.Canada82-4060
Geo2 LtdAustralia82-4499
Gerdav SABrazil82-4663
Gerle Gold LtdCanada82-1209
Gesham Resources Inc.Canada82-3625
Ghana Gold Mines Ltd.Australia82-4547
Giordano Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-3780
Gitenne Exploration Inc.Canada82-4170
Glencar Explorations PLCIreland82-1421
Global Cogenix Industrial CorpCanada82-2990
Global Metals LtdCanada82-4676
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.Canada82-4025
Glorius Sun Enterprises Ltd.Bermuda82-4581
Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd.South Africa82-204
Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd.Canada82-3604
Gold Ridge Resources Inc.Canada82-1903
Goldcliff Resources Corp.Canada82-2748
Golden Hill Mining Corp.Canada82-4261
Golden Kootenay Resources Inc.Canada82-2546
Golden Peaks Resources Ltd.Canada82-3343
Golden Resources Development Int'l Ltd.Bermuda82-4026
Golden Thunder Resources Ltd.Canada82-1052
Goldhill Industries Inc.Canada82-4162
Goldnev Resources IncCanada82-1080
Goldtex Resources Ltd.Canada82-4526
Goodman Fielder LtdAustralia82-2009
Govett Strategic Investment Trust PLCUnited Kingdom82-287
Gran Cadena de Almacenes Colombianos SAColombia82-3974
Grand Hotel Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-3408
GrandVision SAFrance82-4710
Grande Portage Resources Ltd.Canada82-1767
Granges ABSweden82-4589
Grasim Industries Ltd.India82-3322
Great Eagle Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3940
Greenfields Coal Co. Ltd.Australia82-4227
Groupo Financiero GBM Atlantico SA de CVMexico82-3742
Grupo Continental SAMexico82-4211
Grupo Financiero Banamex Accival SA de CVMexico82-3325
Grupo Financiero Bancomer SA de CVMexico82-3273
Grupo Financiero BitalMexico82-3548
Grupo Financiero Invermexico SA de CVMexico82-3447
Grupo Gigante SA de CVMexico82-3142
Grupo Herdez SA de CVMexico82-3818
Grupo Mexico SA de CVMexico82-4582
Grupo Posadas SA de CVMexico82-3274
Guandong Kelon Electrical Holdings Co.China82-4374
Guangdon (Holdings) LimitedHong Kong82-4725
Guangdong Provincal Expressway Dev.China82-4570
Guangzhou Investment Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-4247
Guangzhou Shipyard Int'l Co. Ltd.China82-4036
Guardian Enterprises Ltd.Canada82-857
Guongdong Investments Ltd.Hong Kong82-3772
Guyana Gold Fields Inc.Canada82-4532
Gwalia Consolidated Ltd.Australia82-2126

H.J. Forest Products Inc.Canada82-4141
H2O Entertainment CorpCanada82-4607
HB International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3949
HSBC Holdings PLCUnited Kingdom82-683
Hai Sun Hup Group Ltd.Singapore82-3575
Hang Lung Development Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-1439
Hang Seng Bank LtdHong Kong82-1747
Hannover Ruckversicherunge AGGermany82-4627
Hanny Holdings LtdBermuda82-3638
Hansabank LtdEstonia82-4643
Harbour Petroleum Company Ltd.Canada82-3427
Hardman Resources NLAustralia82-3472
Harmac Pacific IncCanada82-4122
Hartstone Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-3022
Havas SAFrance82-2879
Henderson Investment Ltd.Hong Kong82-3964
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-1561
Henkel KGAAGermany82-4437
Hera Resources IncCanada82-3656
Herald Resources Ltd.Australia82-4295
Highgrade Ventures Ltd.Canada82-2257
Highveld Steel & Vanadium Corp. Ltd.South Africa82-596
Hilasal Mexicana SA de CVMexico82-4743
Hillsdown Holdings PLCUnited Kingdom82-1407
Hilton Petroleum Ltd.Canada82-4709
Hindalco Industries Ltd.India82-3428
Hino Motors LtdJapan82-1388
Hoganas ABSweden82-3754
Hokuriku Bank LtdJapan82-1045
Holderbank Financiere Glaris Ltd.Switzerland82-4093
Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-1543
Hong Kong Daily News Holding Ltd.Bermuda82-3887
Hopewell Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-1547
Hornbach-Baumarkt AGGermany82-3729
Howard Smith LtdAustralia82-4538
Hualing Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-4195
Hunter Douglas NVNetherlands82-3741
Hyatt Financial Corp. LtdCanada82-4656
Hysan Development Co.Hong Kong82-1617
Hyundai Motor CompanyKorea82-3423

I.T.C. LtdIndia82-3470
I.T.C. Microcomponents Inc.Canada82-4508
ICI Australia LtdAustralia82-4625
IDT Holdings (Singapore) Ltd.Singapore82-4722
IDT International LimitedBermuda82-4727
IGT Pharmaceutical, Inc.Canada82-4098
Image Power IncCanada82-4641
Image Processing Systems Inc.Canada82-4244
Imasco LtdUnited Kingdom82-118
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-359
Imperial Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-4087
Imperial Metals Corp.Canada82-1032
Imperial Mining NLAustralia82-1257
Imperial Tobacco GroupUnited Kingdom82-4440
Inca Pacific Resources Inc.Canada82-1665
Insular Explorations Ltd.Canada82-1827
Insulpro Industries Inc.Canada82-3281
Integrated Media Communications Inc.Canada82-2263
Inter West Energy Corp.Canada82-4510
Intercontinental Mining Corp.Canada82-3058
International Ballatar Resources Inc.Canada82-2237
International Bioremediation Services Inc.Canada82-3828
International Chargold Resources Ltd.Canada82-4385
International Curator Resources Ltd.Canada82-1540
International PBX Ventures Ltd.Canada82-2635
International Panorama Resource Corp.Canada82-1965
International Parkside Products Inc.Canada82-2794
International Pipe Ltd.Hong Kong82-3850
International Road Dynamics Inc.Canada82-3899
International Roraima Gold Corp.Canada82-3988
International Telepresence Canada Inc.Canada82-4686
International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.Canada82-3248
International Training Rinks Corp.Canada82-4626
International Wayside Gold Mines Ltd.Canada82-1606
International Wex Technologies Inc.Canada82-3304
Interpump Group SPAItaly82-4511
Interstar Mining Group Inc.Canada82-3759
Iron Carbide Australia Ltd.Australia82-1386
Iscor LtdSouth Africa82-3826
Istituto Bancario San PaoloItaly82-3265
Ittierre Holding SPAItaly82-4728

J. Sainsbury PLCUnited Kingdom82-913
JD Group LtdSouth Africa82-4401
JD Wetherspoon PLCEngland82-4416
JG Summit Holdings Inc.Philippines82-3572
JNR Resources IncCanada82-4720
JSC KubanelectrosvyazRussia82-4721
JSC NizhegorodsvyasinformRussia82-4642
JSC Petersburg Telephone NetworkRussia82-4649
JSC Primorsk Shipping Corp.Russia82-4717
JSC SamaraenergoRussia82-4708
JSC SilvinitRussia82-4706
JSC VralsvyasinformRussia82-4545
Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd.Jamaica82-3720
Japan Airlines Company Ltd.Japan82-122
Japan Telecom CoJapan82-3943
Japan Tobacco IncJapan82-4362
Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-2963
Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3085
Jilbey Exploration Ltd.Canada82-1629
Jinhui Holdings CoHong Kong82-3765
Jinhui Shipping and Transportation Ltd.Bermuda82-4054
John Keells Holdings Ltd.Sri Lanka82-3854
Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd.Canada82-2416
Johnson Matthey Plc.United Kingdom82-2272
Joint Stock Co. BuryatzolotoRussia82-4619
Joint Stock Co. RosenftegazstroyRussia82-4597
Joint Stock Co. Trading HouseRussia82-4563
Joint Stock Co. Aeroflot Russia Int'l AirlinesRussia82-4592
Jordex Resources Inc.Canada82-3200
Jot-It Software Corp.Canada82-4525
Joutel Resources Ltd.Canada82-502
Julius Meinl International AGAustria82-4554

K&M Moebel AGGermany82-4572
K. Wah International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3853
KGHM Polska Miedz SAPoland82-4639
Kap Resources LtdCanada82-2319
Karlshamns ABSweden82-4601
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.Japan82-4389
Kawasaki Steel CorpJapan82-3389
Kelso Technologies Inc.Canada82-2441
Kettle River Resources Ltd.Canada82-666
Kidston Gold Mines Ltd.Australia82-2351
Kik Tire Technologies Inc.Canada82-2367
King George Development Corp.Canada82-1446
Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd.Caymen Islands82-4082
Kingfisher PLCUnited Kingdom82-968
Kirin Brewery CoJapan82-188
Klondike Gold CorpCanada82-3017
Kloof Gold Mining Co. Ltd.South Africa82-205
Kobe Steel LtdJapan82-3371
Komercni Banka ASCzech Republic82-4154
Koninklijke Wessanen NVNetherlands82-1306
Kookaburra Resources Ltd.Canada82-2740
Kookmin BankKorea82-4447
Krones AGGermany82-3871
Kumagai Gumi (H.K.) Ltd.Hong Kong82-4029
LG Electronics IncKorea82-3857

Ladbroke Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-1571
Lafarge CoppeeFrance82-3369
Lai Sun Development Ltd.Hong Kong82-3878
Lasermedia Communications Corp.Canada82-4646
Latas de Aluminos SABrazil82-4598
Laura Ashley Holdings PLCUnited Kingdom82-1356
Leader Mining CorpCanada82-2467
Leeward Capital Corp.Canada82-3640
Legend Holding LtdHong Kong82-3950
Lenzing AGAustria82-3207
Leslie Gold Mines Ltd.South Africa82-223
Levelland Energy and Resources Ltd.Canada82-3590
Lion Land BerhadMalaysia82-3342
Lloyds Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-4235
London Electricity PLCUnited Kingdom82-3037
Lonrho PLCUnited Kingdom82-191
Louis Dreyfus Citrus SAFrance82-4505
Lucero Resource Corp.Canada82-1756
Lukoil CoRussia82-4006

MCB Investments Corp.Canada82-3512
MCK Mining CorpCanada82-3938
MGI Software CorpCanada82-4666
MIM Holdings LtdAustralia82-173
Madison Enterprises CorpCanada82-4533
Magician Industries Holdings Inc.Bermuda82-4358
Mahindra & MahindraIndia82-4479
Malbak LtdSouth Africa82-3751
Mandarin Oriental International Ltd.Hong Kong82-2955
Mannesmann AGGermany82-4232
Manufacturas De Papel CAVenezuela82-4240
Maple Minerals IncCanada82-3650
Mar-West Resources LtdCanada82-4546
Marcopolo SABrazil82-4310
Marks and Spencer PLCUnited Kingdom82-1961
Marubeni CorpJapan82-616
Mediaset SPAItaly82-4515
Menatep BankRussia82-4155
Menora Resources Inc.Canada82-4289
Menzies Gold NLAustralia82-4536
Meranto Technology Ltd.Canada82-4452
Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc.Canada82-4531
Merita LtdFinland82-4365
Metrowerks IncCanada82-4049
Metsa Serla OYFinland82-3696
Micromedical Industries Ltd.Australia82-4630
Mill City Gold Mining Corp.Canada82-3076
Minco Mining & Metals Corp.Canada82-4160
Minebea Co. LtdJapan82-4551
Minera Rayrock IncCanada82-3471
Minorco SALuxembourg82-206
Minto Explorations Ltd.Canada82-4119
Mishibishu Gold Corp.Canada82-2682
Mispec Resources Inc.Canada82-4661
Misr International Bank SAFEgypt82-4629
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.Japan82-1191
Mitsubishi CorpJapan82-3784
Mitsui Trust & Banking Co. Ltd.Japan82-4677
Mol RtHungary82-4224
Molson Companies Ltd.Canada82-2954
Moulin International Holding Ltd.Bermuda82-3970
Mount Burgess Gold Mining Co. NLAustralia82-1235
Mount Real CorpCanada82-4689
Mt. Leyshon Gold Mines Ltd.Canada82-1753
Multivision Communications Corp.Canada82-2260
Mustang Gold CorpCanada82-4724

NCC Mining CorpCanada82-3580
NDU Resources LtdCanada82-2292
NTS Computer Systems Ltd.Canada82-4354
NTT Resources LtdCanada82-3786
NV Verenigd Bezit VNUNetherlands82-2876
Nadro SA de CVMexico82-4611
Nampak LtdSouth Africa82-3714
Naneco Minerals LtdCanada82-2618
National Bank of CanadaCanada82-3764
National Challenge Systems Inc.Canada82-4222
National Grid Holding PLCUnited Kingdom82-4207
National Mutual Holdings Ltd.Australia82-4438
Natsteel LtdSingapore82-4652
Nedcor LtdSouth Africa82-3893
Nestle SASwitzerland82-1252
Net Nanny Software Int'l Inc.Canada82-2476
New Oji Paper Co. Ltd.Japan82-4112
New World Developments Co.Hong Kong82-2971
New World Infrastructure Ltd.Hong Kong82-4218
NewCoast Silver Mines Ltd.Canada82-4123
Newport Petroleum Corp.Canada82-4557
Newsquest PLCUnited Kingdom82-4735
Newstar Resources Inc.Canada82-4400
Nichiei Go LtdJapan82-4664
Nissan Motor CoJapan82-207
Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.Japan82-3872
Nora Exploration Inc.Canada82-3329
Norcan Resources Ltd.Canada82-3934
Nordbanken ABSweden82-4184
Normandy Mining LtdAustralia82-1975
Noront Resources Ltd.Canada82-2304
North LtdAustralia82-2531
Northern Electric PLCUnited Kingdom82-3039
Northpoint Resources Ltd.Canada82-4645
Northstar Energy Corp.Canada82-4577
Novartis AGSwitzerland82-4412
Novawest Resources, Inc.Canada82-3822
Novogen Ltd.Australia82-4730
Nu-Apex Energy CorpBritish Columbia82-4425
Nuigini MiningNew Guinea82-1230
Nuinsco Resources Ltd.Canada82-1846

OJS KuzbassenergoRussia82-4633
OJSC TyumentelecomRussia82-4535
OTP Nat'l Savings & Commercial Bank Ltd.Hungary82-4685
Ocean Diamond Mining Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-4046
Odessa Petroleum Corp.Canada82-2353
Okak Bay Resources Ltd.Canada82-4584
Oliver Gold CorpCanada82-4537
Olympus Optical Co. LtdJapan82-3326
Omni Resources IncCanada82-385
Onfem Holdings LtdBermuda82-3735
Opawica ExplorationsCanada82-4509
Orbit Oil and Gas Ltd.Canada82-3107
Orient Telecom and Technology Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3946
Orkla ASNorway82-3998
Osterreichische ElcktrizitatswirtschaftsAustria82-4381
Outokumpu OYFinland82-3680
Oxiteno SABrazil82-4148

PT Jakarta Int'l Hotels & Dev.Indonesia82-4397
PT Hero SupermarketIndonesia82-4566
Pacific Andes Int'l Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4031
Pacific Falkon Resources Corp.Canada82-2204
Pacific Galleon Mining Ltd.Canada82-3258
Pacific Rim Mining CorpCanada82-3611
Pacific Vista Industries Inc.Canada82-2829
Palmer Resources Ltd.Canada82-1882
Pangea Goldfields Inc.Canada82-3917
Pannonplast RTHungary82-4548
Panterra Minerals Inc.Canada82-3597
Paramount Ventures & Finance Inc.Canada82-2207
Parkcrest Explorations Ltd.Canada82-4090
Parkland Industries Ltd.Canada82-4644
Paul Y ITC Construction Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-4217
Paxton Pacific Resource Products Inc.Canada82-4614
Pearl Oriental Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4350
Pearson PLCUnited Kingdom82-4019
Peartree Software IncCanada82-4675
Pelorus Navigation Systems Inc.Canada82-4393
Pender Capital CorpCanada82-4405
Pentland Industries PLCUnited Kingdom82-1219
Pepkor LtdSouth Africa82-3925
Perdigao SABrazil82-4628
Perdigao SA Comercio e IndustriaBrazil82-4431
Peregrine Investments HoldingsHong Kong82-3466
Perez Companc SAArgentina82-3295
Perfect Fry CorpCanada82-1609
Petrolem Brasilerio SA PetrobrasBrazil82-4448
Phoenix Canada Oil Co. Ltd.Canada82-3936
Pilat Technologies InternationalIsrael82-4535
Pioneer International Ltd.Australia82-2701
Pittencrief Resources PLCUnited Kingdom82-3985
Placer Pacific LtdAustralia82-1952
Platexco IncCanada82-4679
Pokphand C.P. Co. Ltd.Bermuda82-3260
Poly-Pacific InternationalCanada82-4596
Polyphalt IncCanada82-4585
Position IncCanada82-4536
Power Corp. of CanadaCanada82-137
Power Financial Corp.Canada82-1716
Premier Group LtdSouth Africa82-3892
Premier Oil PLCUnited Kingdom82-2617
President Enterprises Co.Taiwan82-3424
Pricer ABSweden82-4723
Prime Resources Group Inc.Canada82-1503
Princeton Mining Corp.Canada82-1243
Prokom Software SAPoland82-4700
Promatek Industries Ltd.Canada82-1351
Prosieben Media AGGermany82-4621
Prudential Corporation PLCUnited Kingdom82-1477
Puma AG Rudolf Dassler SportGermany82-4369
Python Oil & GasCanada82-4703
QNI LimitedAustralia82-3834

RAO GazpromRussia82-4670
RAO Unified Energy SystemsRussia82-4077
RBS Participacoes SABrazil82-4338
RBS RV de Florianopolis SABrazil82-4340
RJK Explorations Ltd.Canada82-2629
RWE AGGermany82-4018
Radio Gaucha SABrazil82-4341
Railtrack Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-4282
Raindrop Resources Ltd.Canada82-4565
Rampton Resource Corp.Canada82-4579
Rand Mines LtdSouth Africa82-304
Randfontein Estates Gold MiningSouth Africa82-267
Raptor Capital CorporationCanada82-4599
Rautaruukki OyFinland82-3981
Rayrock Yellowknife Resources Inc.Canada82-378
Raytec Capital CorpCanada82-3553
Redex Gold IncCanada82-4529
Redwood Energy LtdCanada82-4349
Regeena Resources Inc.Canada82-3560
Rembrandt Group LtdSouth Africa82-3760
Renong BerhadMalaysia82-4166
Rentokil Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-3806
Resorts World BerhadMalaysia82-3229
Rex Diamond Mining Corp.Canada82-4719
Rhodia-Ster SAArgentina82-3942
Rich Minerals CorpCanada82-2832
Richland Mines IncCanada82-3192
Rivera Explorations Inc.Canada82-2945
Rock Resources IncCanada82-4504
Rolls-Royce PLCUnited Kingdom82-2821
Roly International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4364
Root Industries IncCanada82-4457
Rossi Residencial SABrazil82-4638
Royal Nedlloyd Group NVNetherlands82-1056
Royaledge Resources Inc.Canada82-4388
Roycefield Resources Ltd.Canada82-4149
Rustenburg Platinum Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-241

SAP AGGermany82-4045
SEAT SPAItaly82-4561
SNG Telecom IncCanada82-4580
Sadia Concordia SA IndustriaBrazil82-4678
Sage Group LtdSouth Africa82-4241
Sakura Bank LtdJapan82-3055
Salhus Brandon Gold Corp.Canada82-842
Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.Korea82-4091
San Miguel CorpPhilippines82-306
Sancor Cooperatives Unidas Ltd.Argentina82-4476
Sandvik ABSweden82-1463
Santos LtdAustralia82-34
Sanwa Bank LtdJapan82-4711
Sanyo Electric Co. LtdJapan82-264
Sanyo Securities Co. LtdJapan82-1857
Sao Paulo Alpargatas SABrazil82-3692
Sasol LtdSouth Africa82-631
Scandinavian Mobility International ASSweden82-4231
Scottish Hydro-Electric PLCUnited Kingdom82-3099
Scottish Power PLCUnited Kingdom82-3100
Sedex Mining CorpCanada82-3587
Sega Enterprises LtdJapan82-3439
Seine River Resources Inc.Canada82-2942
Selecta GroupSwitzerland82-4594
Senco Sensors IncCanada82-3711
Senetek PLCUnited Kingdom82-875
Sennen ResourcesCanada82-2238
Sentrachem LtdSouth Africa82-3914
Servgro International Ltd.South Africa82-3898
Sharp CorpJapan82-1116
Shenhzen Special Economic Zone Real Estate Group China82-3783
Shinawatra Satellite PLCThailand82-4527
Shiseido Company Ltd.Japan82-3311
Shun Tak Holdings LtdHong Kong82-3357
Siam Commercial Bank PLCThailand82-4345
Siderar SAICArgentina82-4328
Siebe PLCUnited Kingdom82-2142
Sikaman Gold Resources Ltd.Canada82-1651
Simsmetal LtdAustralia82-3838
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.Singapore82-3622
Sino Pacific Development LtdCanada82-1979
Slovnaft ASRussia82-3721
Smedvig ASNorway82-3551
Societe GeneraleFrance82-3501
Solomon Resources Ltd.Canada82-2893
Sons of Gwalia NLAustralia82-1039
Soranzo International Spirits Inc.Canada82-4408
South African Breweries Ltd.South Africa82-303
South African Land & Exploration Co.South Africa82-59
South China Morning Post Holdings Ltd.Hong Kong82-3327
Southcorp Holdings Ltd.Australia82-2692
Southern Pacific Petroleum NLAustralia82-353
Southern Water PLCUnited Kingdom82-2797
Southvaal Holdings Ltd.South Africa82-197
Spokane Resources Ltd.Canada82-4391
Sportsmate International Inc.Canada82-4356
St. Barbara Mines Ltd.Australia82-3747
St. Dupont SAFrance82-4552
St. George Bank LtdAustralia82-3809
St. Jude Resources Ltd.Canada82-4014
St. Laurent Paperboard Inc.Canada82-3896
Stackpal International Corp.Canada82-4264
Stampede Oils IncCanada82-3605
Star Choice Communications Inc.Canada82-4136
Star Telecom International Holding Ltd.Bermuda82-3654
Starlight International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3594
Starrex Mining CorpCanada82-3755
State Bank of IndiaIndia82-4524
Stef International Corp.Canada82-4070
Stilfontein Gold Mining Co.South Africa82-301
Stina Resources LtdCanada82-2062
Stirrup Creek Gold Ltd.Canada82-4464
Stratabound Minerals Corp.Canada82-3284
Strathmore Resources LtdCanada82-2723
Stryker Resources Ltd.Canada82-883
Sudamtex de Venezuela SA de CVVenezuela82-3653
Sultan Minerals Inc.Canada82-4741
Sumitomo Bank LtdJapan82-4395
Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.Japan82-3507
Sumitomo Trust & BankingJapan82-4617
Summit Resources Ltd.Canada82-2922
Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.Hong Kong82-1755
Svedala Industri ABSweden82-3593
Swire Pacific LtdHong Kong82-2184
Synex International Inc.Canada82-862

Tabcorp Holdings Ltd.Australia82-3841
Tai Cheung Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3528
Takefuji CorporationJapan82-4622
Tapajos Gold IncCanada82-4496
Tappit Resources Ltd.Canada82-3813
Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Co.India82-3704
Tata Power Company LtdIndia82-3733
Taylor Nelson AGB PLCEngland82-4668
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.Hong Kong82-3648
Telebackup Systems IncCanada82-4701
Telecel Cominicacoes PessoaisPortugal82-4528
Televisao Gaucha SABrazil82-4339
Television Broadcasts Ltd.Hong Kong82-1072
Tenaga Nasional BerhodMalaysia82-3677
Tenke Mining CorpCanada82-2948
Teollisuuden Voima OyFinland82-2973
Teuton Resources Corp.Canada82-1394
Thai Telephone and Telecommunications PLCThailand82-3744
Theme International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4441
Thermal Control Technologies Corp.Canada82-4280
Thyssen AvtiengesellschaftGermany82-4681
Tiberon Minerals Ltd.Canada82-4488
Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S.Turkey82-3699
Tomorrow International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-4256
Tomra Systems A/SNorway82-3334
Topper Gold CorpCanada82-2694
Toscana Resources Ltd.Canada82-4434
Totally Hip Software Inc.Canada82-4556
Totem Sciences IncCanada82-4417
Toyobo CoJapan82-1172
Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.Japan82-208
Trans Hex Group LtdSouth Africa82-4011
Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A.Argentina82-3845
Treminco Resources Ltd.Canada82-1384
Tri-Vision International Ltd.Canada82-4501
Triband Resources Corp.Canada82-4574
Trikem S.ABrazil82-4612
Trimin Resources Inc.Canada82-1833
Trinity International Holdings PLCUnited Kingdom82-3043
Trio Gold CorpCanada82-2127
Trivalence Mining CorpCanada82-4688
Troymin Resources Ltd.Canada82-3503
Truly International Holdings Ltd.Cayman Islands82-3700
Trust Company of Australia Ltd.Australia82-1443
Tsingtao Brewery Company Ltd.China82-4021
Tung Fong Hung Holdings Ltd.Cayman Islands82-4152
Tusk Energy IncCanada82-3297
Twin Star Minerals Ltd.Canada82-4733
Tyler Resources IncCanada82-3881

UDL Holdings LtdHong Kong82-4260
UPM Kymmene CorporationFinland82-4333
USA Video Interactive Corp.Canada82-1601
Ungava Minerals CorpCanada82-4436
Union Bank of SwitzerlandSwitzerland82-3804
United Biscuits PLCUnited Kingdom82-3079
United Film & Video Holdings Ltd.Canada82-3859
United Reef LtdCanada82-4331
Univa IncCanada82-2570
Universal Gun Loc Industries Ltd.Canada82-828
Universal SAPoland82-4502
Unuk Gold CorpCanada82-4653
Upland Global CorpCanada82-4346
Upton Resources IncCanada82-3290
Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais SABrazil82-3902

Vaal Reefs Exploration & Mining Co. Ltd.South Africa82-56
Vanguard Petroleum Ltd.Australia82-3478
Vannessa Ventures Ltd.Canada82-4473
Vantex Oil, Gas & MineralsCanada82-4530
Vasogen IncCanada82-4372
Vedior NVNetherlands82-4654
Velcro Industries NVNeth. Ant.82-145
Ventures Resource Corp.Canada82-4575
Vescan Equities Inc.Canada82-4516
Vestel Elektronik SanayiTurkey82-4718
Vetta Ventures LtdCanada82-4673
Viag AgGermany82-4343
Viceroy Resource Corp.Canada82-1193
Vickers PLCUnited Kingdom82-1359
Viking Gold CorporationCanada82-4560
Village Roadshow LimitedAustralia82-4513
Voice-It Solutions Inc.Canada82-1743
Volkswagen AGGermany82-2188
Vortex Energy & Minerals Ltd.Canada82-3462
Vtech Holdings LtdBermuda82-3565

Wace Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-2369
Waite Dufault Mines Ltd.Canada82-4324
War Eagle Mining Co. IncCanada82-2008
Wattachak Public Co. Ltd.Thailand82-4549
Wayburn Resources Inc.Canada82-3740
Wedderburn Securities PLCUnited Kingdom82-4696
West Rand Consolidated Mines Ltd.South Africa82-314
Western Deep Levels Ltd.South Africa82-58
Western Pacific Gold Inc.Canada82-4521
Westgold Resources NLAustralia82-4540
Westley Mines International Inc.Canada82-1088
Westpine Metals LtdCanada82-3116
Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AGAustria82-4316
Williams Creek Explorations Ltd.Canada82-3146
Willow Resources Ltd.Canada82-3843
Windarra Minerals Ltd.Canada82-561
Wing Tai Holdings Ltd.Singapore82-4632
Winkelhaak Mines Ltd.South Africa82-221
Wolford AGAustria82-4403
Woolworths LtdAustralia82-3544
Wrightson LtdNew Zealand82-3646

X-Cal Resources LtdCanada82-1655
Yaletown Entertainment Corp.Canada82-4336
Yamaichi Securities Co. Ltd.Japan82-4697
Yasuda Trust & Banking Co.Japan82-4583
Yeebo International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3869
Yiu Wing International Holdings Ltd.Bermuda82-3655
Yorkshire Electricity Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-3034
Yorkshire Food Group PLCUnited Kingdom82-4242
Yukong LtdKorea82-3901
Zanex N.LAustralia82-932
Zero Hora-Editora Jornalistica SABrazil82-4337
Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Inc.Canada82-1281
Ztest Electronics Inc.Canada82-4637
Zurich Insurance CompanySwitzerland82-4319


-[1]- 15 U.S.C. 78a et seq.

-[2]- Foreign issuers may also be subject to such requirements of the Act by reason of having securities registered and listed on a national securities exchange in the United States, and may be subject to the reporting requirements of the Act by reason of having registered securities under the Securities Act of 1933, 15 U.S.C. 77a et seq.

-[3]- 17 CFR 240.12g3-2(b)

-[4]- Exchange Act Release No. 20264 (Oct. 6, 1983).

-[5]- If, however, the securities are delisted from an automated inter-dealer quotation system or if the issuer fails to meet the requirements of the Rule, the grandfather provision will cease to apply. In addition, effective April 1, 1998, the securities of foreign private issuers that claim the Rule 12g3-2(b) exemption will no longer be able to be quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board Service. See Exchange Act Release No. 38456 (March 31, 1997).

-[6]- Exchange Act Release No. 8066 (Apr. 28, 1967).

-[7]- Exchange Act Release No. 38235 (Feb. 4, 1997) was the last such list.

-[8]- Inclusion of an issuer on the list in this release is not an affirmation by the Commission that the issuer has complied or is complying with all the conditions of Rule12g3-2(b). The list does identify those issuers that have both claimed the exemption and have submitted relatively current information to the Commission as of February 11, 1997.

-[9]- Paragraph (a)(4) of Rule 15c2-11 (17 CFR 240.15c2-11) requires a broker-dealer initiating a quotation for securities of a foreign private issuer to review, maintain in its files, and make reasonably available upon request, the information furnished to the Commission pursuant to Rule 12g3-2(b) since the beginning of the issuer’s last fiscal year.

-[10]- See, e.g., Hanley v. SEC , 415 F.2d 589 (2d Cir. 1969) (broker-dealer cannot recommend a security unless an adequate and reasonable basis exists for such recommendation).