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EDGAR Password Changes

Sept. 20, 2019

As of Monday, September 30, 2019, all filers will have one (1) year from the date they created or last changed their password to change to a new password that is twelve characters in length, including at least one number (0-9), and one of the following symbols:  @, #, *, $.

Filers will receive a message prompting them to change their password to comply with the new requirements when they log into EDGAR.  Filers may change their password through either the EDGAR Filing Website or the Online Forms Management Website

If you fail to update your password within the time allowed or become locked out of your account, you may generate a new password using the EDGAR Filer Management Website.

Please consult the EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume I, Chapter 4, for further information. Alternatively, if you require further assistance, please contact EDGAR Filer Support at (202) 551-8900.

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