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Litigation Release No. 21276 / November 3, 2009

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Peter S. Jessop, et al., United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Civil Action No. 05 Civ 10115 (PAC)

Information for Investors in Cameron International, Inc.

On April 23, 2009, Alan M. Grochal, Esq. was appointed as Distribution Agent by the Honorable Paul A. Crotty of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in connection with the civil action commenced by the Commission against Peter S. Jessop, Socius Holdings, Ltd., SIGF, S.A., Steven R. Wright, International Solutions, Inc., Shawn Casias and Logic’s Consulting, Inc. (collectively, “Defendants”) stemming from Defendants’ alleged market manipulation of the stock price of Cameron International, Inc. (“CMRN”).

Pursuant to Judge Crotty’s Order, Mr. Grochal’s role is to take control of all disgorgement funds paid by Socius Holdings, Ltd. (and any other Defendants) into the Court Registry and distribute a pro-rata share of those funds to any harmed investors. Persons eligible to receive a pro-rata distribution of the disgorgement funds are those individuals who traded CMRN stock between August 29, 2005 and November 7, 2005. A claim form must be completed, and any supporting documentation provided, before anyone will be entitled to receive a share of the distribution funds.

For more information, investors should contact the Distribution Agent at (410) 752-9700. Additional information is available at www.sociusfairfund.com

For more information, see Litigation Release No. 19481




Modified: 11/03/2009