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FWRO Associate Director David Peavler Wins Irving M. Pollack Award

June 15, 2016

The Fort Worth Regional Office is honored to be home to David L. Peavler, Associate Regional Director for Enforcement, who was just honored by the Commission with the Irving M. Pollack Award.

The Award recognizes an individual or team whose performance at the SEC is marked by fairness and compassion in dealings with the public and staff, scholarship and professional expertise in execution of their legal duties, and adherence to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. This award honors Irving M. Pollack, whose leadership, integrity and intellect as a staff member, commissioner and the first director of the Division of Enforcement became the foundation for a law enforcement organization recognized worldwide for its vigor, professionalism and dedication to the public interest.

Mr. Peavler’s many significant accomplishments on behalf of the investing public have occurred through his work as an investigative staff attorney, an Assistant Director, and now, as the head of the Fort Worth Regional Office’s enforcement program.

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