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Frequently Requested FOIA Document:Alternative Trading System ("ATS") List

What You Should Know About the Data File

This report is provided as a PDF file. The report includes the name, the
name(s) under which business is conducted, and location of each current filer of a Form ATS. It is arranged alphabetically by alternative trading system name.

Please note that as of March 13, 2013, the ATS list format has changed.

What You Should Know About the Data

The SEC receives submissions from alternative trading systems on an ongoing basis pursuant to Regulation ATS. We note that the list of alternative trading systems changes over time. Accordingly, Commission staff expect to update the list as circumstances warrant.

For technical questions regarding the Web site, send an e-mail message to For additional information about the data, contact the Office of Interpretation and Guidance, Division of Trading and Markets at 202-551-5777 or

Current List

Download the current ATS List now
Report as of: March 1, 2017

Archive Lists