Before you submit a FOIA request, please search the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website:

  • Company filings can be searched on EDGAR
  • SEC decisions and releases, staff manuals, no-action and interpretive letters, and public comments on proposed rules, can be viewed and printed for free by using the on-line search feature
  • If you cannot locate a document, use the online FOIA request form

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Title:Form ADV Data Date:
Title:Company Information About Active Broker-Dealers Date:
Title:Information About Registered Municipal Advisors Date:
Title:FOIA Logs Date:
Title:Fails-to-Deliver Data Date:
Title:Alternative Trading System ("ATS") List Date:
Title:Information About Registered Investment Advisers and Exempt Reporting Advisers Date:
Title:Investment Company Series and Class Information Date:
Title:Closed-End Fund Information Date:
Title:Business Development Company Report Date:
Title:Chairman's Calendar Date:
Title:SEC Credit Card Holders and Approving Officials Date:
Title:EDGAR Log File Data Set Date:
Title:Full-Time Equivalents History Date:
Title:Commission Votes Date:
Title:Commission Votes on Actions Filed in Federal Court From April 8, 2013 through June 12, 2017 Date:
Title:Budget History — BA vs. Actual Obligations ($ in 000s) Date:
Title:Office of Inspector General Date:
Title:Premium Class Travel Records (PDF) Date:
Title:Chief FOIA Officer Report 2019 Date:
Title:FOIA Requests for Tesla and Elon Musk (PDF) Date:
Title:SEC Quarterly FOIA Reports Date:
Title:Public Access Link (PAL) Date:
Title:SEC Chief FOIA Officer Reports Date:
Title:Chair White Letter to Sen. Shelby and Sen. Crapo Date:
Title:SEC Annual FOIA Reports Date:
Title:Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Inc. Date:
Title:FOIA request for GAW Miners Date:
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