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Small Business Capital Formation Reports

Dec. 13, 2023

Annual Reports

The Office delivers an annual report to Congress and the Commission by December 31 of each year. The reports provide a comprehensive resource on the dynamics of capital raising across the country, including: data on capital formation, broken down by life cycle stage, demographic group, and geographic areas; the Office’s policy recommendations; highlights of the Office’s advocacy work; and a summary of the Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee’s work.

2023 OASB annual report thumbnail cover
FY 2023 Annual Report

Previous Annual Reports

FY 2022 Annual Report
FY 2021 Annual Report
FY 2020 Annual Report
FY 2019 Annual Report

Archived Capital Calls Covering Our Annual Reports.

Forum Reports

The Office hosts the SEC’s annual Small Business Forum, where members of the public and private sectors gather to provide feedback to improve capital-raising policy for startups to smaller public companies and their investors. Following the Forum, the Commission delivers a report to Congress that includes a summary of the proceedings and recommendations for changes needed to the capital-raising framework.

2023 OASB Annual Forum Report thumbnail
2023 Forum Report

Previous Small Business Forum Reports

2022 Forum Report
2021 Forum Report
2020 Forum Report

Archived Forum reports and materials.

Strategic and Foundational Business Plans

The Office’s strategic and foundational business plans provide a transparent and accessible roadmap of the Office’s advocacy approach, outlining the Office’s mission, goals, and strategic objectives.

OASB Strategic Plan 2021-2025
Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Previous OASB Strategic Plans

Foundational Business Plan

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