LITIGATION RELEASE NO. 16454 / February 24, 2000

Court Declines To Issue Injunction Against Terry C. Turner

(SEC v. Golden Eagle International, Inc., et al, Civil Action No. 98-Z-1020 (D. Colo.)
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that on February 18, 2000, the Honorable Zita L. Weinshienk, United States District Judge for the District of Colorado, after a four day bench trial found no likelihood of future violations and declined to enter an injunction against Terry C. Turner ("Turner"), president of Golden Eagle International, Inc. ("Golden Eagle"). The Commission's complaint alleged that Turner had issued a false press release on May 22, 1998.

Previously orders were entered by the court in which defendants Golden Eagle, Mary Erickson, Ronald Knittle, Greg Vernon, and Paul Vernon were enjoined from future violations of various provisions of the securities laws without admitting or denying the allegations of the complaint. The allegations against defendant Timberline Consulting, Inc. were previously dismissed.

For further information see: Litigation Release 15,733 (May 7, 1998); Exchange Act Release 40104 (June 19, 1998); Litigation Release 15,862 (August 28, 1998); 16,079 (March 8, 1999); 16,246 (August 5, 1999) and 16,289 (September 22, 1999).