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Information About Registered Municipal Advisors

March 2015 - April 2024

What You Should Know About the Data File

This Excel spreadsheet file contains the names of SEC registered municipal advisor firms (including sole proprietorships), as well as their SEC reporting file numbers and Central Index Key (CIK) numbers.

What You Should Know About the Data Itself

To get a copy of the municipal advisor’s Form MA filed with the SEC, please refer to the EDGAR Company Filings webpage.  You may also request a copy by submitting a request on our online form at:  

For technical questions regarding the website, send an e-mail message to For additional information about the data, call the SEC's Office of Municipal Securities at (202) 551-5680.

Data Downloads

Associated Data Distribution Table

File: April 2024 Format:XLSX Size:31.34 KB
File: March 2024 Format:XLSX Size:31.22 KB
File: February 2024 Format:XLSX Size:31.16 KB
File: January 2024 Format:XLSX Size:31.19 KB
File: December 2023 Format:XLSX Size:31.06 KB
File: November 2023 Format:XLSX Size:31.04 KB
File: October 2023 Format:ZIP Size:27.27 KB
File: September 2023 Format:ZIP Size:27.25 KB
File: August 2023 Format:XLSX Size:31.42 KB
File: July 2023 Format:ZIP Size:27.18 KB
File: June 2023 Format:ZIP Size:26.17 KB
File: May 2023 Format:ZIP Size:24.92 KB
File: April 2023 Format:ZIP Size:25.96 KB
File: March 2023 Format:ZIP Size:25.32 KB
File: February 2023 Format:ZIP Size:25.99 KB
File: January 2023 Format:ZIP Size:26.35 KB
File: December 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.22 KB
File: November 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.2 KB
File: October 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.27 KB
File: September 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.13 KB
File: August 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.21 KB
File: July 2022 Format:ZIP Size:25.7 KB
File: June 2022 Format:ZIP Size:28.73 KB
File: May 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.74 KB
File: April 2022 Format:ZIP Size:25.84 KB
File: March 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.15 KB
File: February 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.49 KB
File: January 2022 Format:ZIP Size:26.74 KB
File: December 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.9 KB
File: November 2021 Format:ZIP Size:28.07 KB
File: October 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.74 KB
File: September 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.94 KB
File: August 2021 Format:ZIP Size:28.72 KB
File: July 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.84 KB
File: June 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.87 KB
File: May 2021 Format:ZIP Size:27.82 KB
File: April 2021 Format:ZIP Size:28.87 KB
File: March 2021 Format:ZIP Size:24.76 KB
File: February 2021 Format:ZIP Size:28.34 KB
File: January 2021 Format:ZIP Size:28.74 KB
File: December 2020 Format:ZIP Size:27.97 KB
File: November 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.7 KB
File: October 2020 Format:ZIP Size:27.97 KB
File: September 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.76 KB
File: August 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.02 KB
File: July 2020 Format:ZIP Size:27.41 KB
File: June 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.34 KB
File: May 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.64 KB
File: April 2020 Format:ZIP Size:27.13 KB
File: March 2020 Format:ZIP Size:27.07 KB
File: February 2020 Format:ZIP Size:28.99 KB
File: January 2020 Format:ZIP Size:24.78 KB
File: December 2019 Format:ZIP Size:26.12 KB
File: November 2019 Format:ZIP Size:25.04 KB
File: October 2019 Format:ZIP Size:26.72 KB
File: September 2019 Format:ZIP Size:25.23 KB
File: August 2019 Format:ZIP Size:27.08 KB
File: July 2019 Format:ZIP Size:32.38 KB
File: June 2019 Format:ZIP Size:32.36 KB
File: May 2019 Format:ZIP Size:29.38 KB
File: April 2019 Format:ZIP Size:30.85 KB
File: February 2019 Format:ZIP Size:32.01 KB
File: January 2019 Format:ZIP Size:31.43 KB
File: December 2018 Format:ZIP Size:35.25 KB
File: November 2018 Format:ZIP Size:33.13 KB
File: October 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.07 KB
File: September 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.19 KB
File: August 2018 Format:ZIP Size:29.11 KB
File: July 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.25 KB
File: June 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.17 KB
File: May 2018 Format:ZIP Size:30.08 KB
File: April 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.54 KB
File: March 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.5 KB
File: February 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.36 KB
File: January 2018 Format:ZIP Size:32.7 KB
File: December 2017 Format:ZIP Size:32.29 KB
File: November 2017 Format:ZIP Size:34.76 KB
File: October 2017 Format:ZIP Size:33.74 KB
File: September 2017 Format:ZIP Size:33.72 KB
File: August 2017 Format:ZIP Size:31.76 KB
File: July 2017 Format:ZIP Size:34.4 KB
File: June 2017 Format:ZIP Size:34.43 KB
File: May 2017 Format:ZIP Size:32 KB
File: April 2017 Format:ZIP Size:32.06 KB
File: March 2017 Format:ZIP Size:32.7 KB
File: February 2017 Format:ZIP Size:32.76 KB
File: January 2017 Format:ZIP Size:27.85 KB
File: December 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.67 KB
File: November 2016 Format:ZIP Size:34.24 KB
File: October 2016 Format:ZIP Size:35.98 KB
File: September 2016 Format:ZIP Size:35.91 KB
File: August 2016 Format:ZIP Size:27.73 KB
File: July 2016 Format:ZIP Size:27.88 KB
File: June 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.85 KB
File: May 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.55 KB
File: April 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.52 KB
File: March 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.54 KB
File: February 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.14 KB
File: January 2016 Format:ZIP Size:29.4 KB
File: December 2015 Format:ZIP Size:29.44 KB
File: November 2015 Format:ZIP Size:29.6 KB
File: October 2015 Format:ZIP Size:29.41 KB
File: September 2015 Format:ZIP Size:27.57 KB
File: August 2015 Format:ZIP Size:27.43 KB
File: July 2015 Format:ZIP Size:28.52 KB
File: June 2015 Format:ZIP Size:28.59 KB
File: May 2015 Format:ZIP Size:28.25 KB
File: April 2015 Format:PDF Size:105.62 KB
File: March 2015 Format:PDF Size:102.2 KB
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