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SEC Final Rules: 1995

Archive of older SEC Final Rules available include:

Fourth Quarter | Third Quarter | Second Quarter | First Quarter

Additional Archives

Release No. Date Details
Fourth Quarter
33-7241 Dec. 18, 1995 Adoption of Revised EDGAR Filer Manual and Technical Rule Changes
Other Release Nos.: 34-36479; 35-26407; IC-21500
34-36530 Nov. 30, 1995 Exemption of the Securities of the United Mexican States Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 for Purposes of Trading Futures Contracts on Those Securities
File No.: S7-26-95
Third Quarter
33-7197 Jul. 26, 1995 Payment for Investment Company Services With Brokerage Commissions
File No.: S7-22-94.
Other Release Nos.: IC-21221; FR-46
Second Quarter
35-26311 Jun 20, 1995 Exemption of Issuance and Sale of Certain Securities By Public-Utility and Nonutility Subsidiary Companies of Registered Public-Utility Holding Companies; Exemption of Acquisition by Companies in a Registered Public-Utility Holding Company System of Certain Securities of Associate Companies; Exemption of Capital Contributions and Open Account Advances, Without Interest, by Parent Companies to Subsidiary Companies
File No.: S7-12-92
34-35844 Jun. 9, 1995 Rules of Practice
File No.: S7-40-92
33-7168 May 11, 1995 Prospectus Delivery; Securities Transactions Settlement
File No.: S7-7-95
Other Release Nos.: 34-35705
First Quarter
34-35548 Mar. 30, 1995 Establishment of Commission Quorum Requirement
IC-20916 Feb. 23, 1995 Exemption of Certain Open-End Management Investment Companies To Impose Contingent Deferred Sales Loads
File No.: S7-24-88
33-7143 Feb. 23, 1995 Exemption for Open-End Management Investment Companies Issuing Multiple Classes of Shares; Disclosure of Multiple Class and Master-Feeder Funds; Class Voting on Distribution Plans
File No.: S7-32-93
Other Release Nos.: IC-20915
34-35341 Feb. 8, 1995 Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Approving Proposed Rule Changes by the American Stock Exchange, Inc., Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated, Chicago Stock Exchange, Incorporated, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., New York Stock Exchange, Inc., Pacific Stock Exchange Incorporated, and Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to a Continuing Education Requirement for Registered Persons
File Nos.: SR-AMEX-94-59; SR-CBOE-94-49; SR-CHX-94-27; SR-MSRB-94-17;SR-NASD-94-72; SR-NYSE-94-43; SR-PSE-94-35; and SR-PHLX-94-52
33-7132 Feb. 1, 1995 Adoption of Amendments To Clarify Safe Harbors for Broker-Dealer Research Reports
File No.: S7-36-94
Other Release Nos.: International Series Release No. 780

Modified: 01/15/2009