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Search for Confidential Treatment Orders

Aug. 19, 2009

The Commission now releases orders relating to applications for confidential treatment of certain information otherwise required to be included in filed documents. The Divisions of Corporation Finance and Investment Management issue these orders pursuant to delegated authority. The database contains orders issued beginning May 1, 2008. These orders are identified as CT ORDER.

You can find confidential treatment orders using several types of searches:

  • Latest Filings. To get only the latest CT ORDERs, enter "CT ORDER" in the Form Type field.
  • Company Search. You can search by Company Name, Central Index Key (CIK), ticker symbol (for 10,000 largest publicly traded companies), or File number to get a listing of filings by a unique company. On the company results screen, there is an option at the top right to filter by Form Type. You can indicate "CT ORDER" in this field to see only the CT ORDERs for this company.
  • Full-Text Search. Use the Advanced Search and select CT ORDER in the Form Type option menu. Use other search fields if you want to narrow your search results.
  • EDGAR Daily Indexes and Quarterly Indexes. The EDGAR Form Indexes will list CT ORDER submissions by filing day or quarterly period. See Accessing EDGAR Data for guidance on working with EDGAR Index files.
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