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SEC Proposed Rules Archives: 1995

Archive of older proposed rules currently available on site. We encourage the public to submit comments on proposed rules during the comment period. For detailed instructions, please read How to Submit Comments. Proposed rules currently available include:

Fourth Quarter | Third Quarter | Second Quarter | First Quarter

Additional Archives

Release No. Date Details
Fourth Quarter
33-7250 Dec. 28, 1995 Proposed amendments to require disclosure of accounting policies for derivatives
Reference:   Rel. Nos. 34-36643, IC-21625
File No.:   S7-35-95
34-36548 Dec. 1, 1995 Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change by National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Relating to NAqcess System and Accompanying Rules of Fair Practice
File No.:   SR-NASD-95-42
33-7242 Nov. 22, 1995 Calculation of Yield by Certain Unit Investment Trusts
File No.:   S7-32-95
IC-21398 Oct. 5, 1995 Custody of Investment Company Assets Outside the United States -- Extension of Comment Period; Action: Proposed rule amendments and request for comment; extension of comment period. 17CFR 270
File No.:   S7-23-95
RIN 3235-AE98
Third Quarter
33-7212 Sep. 8, 1995 Proposed Rule: Personal Investment Activities of Investment Company Personnel and Codes of Ethics of Investment Companies and Their Investment Advisers and Principal Underwriters (Rule 17j-1)
File No.:   S7-25-95
Comments Due:   November 13, 1995
Comments received electronically are available for this proposal.
IC-21260 July 27, 1995 Status of Investment Advisory Programs under the Investment Company Act of 1940
Reference:   Rel. No. IA-1510
IC-21259 Jul. 27, 1995 Custody of Investment Company Assets Outside the United States
Reference:   Rel. No. International Series Rel. No. 831
File No.:   S7-23-95
IC-21217 Jul. 19, 1995 Money Market Fund Quarterly Reporting
Reference:   Rel. No. 34-35991
File No.:   S7-22-95
33-7196 Jul. 19, 1995 Money Market Fund Prospectuses
Reference:   Rel. No. IC-21216
Second Quarter
33-7183 Jun. 27, 1995 Use of Abbreviated Financial Statements in Documents Delivered to Investors Pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Reference:   Rel. Nos. 34-35893, IC-21166
33-7184 Jun. 27, 1995 Streamlining and Consolidation of Executive and Director Compensation Disclosure
Reference:   Rel. No. 34-35894
File No.:   S7-14-95
Comments Due:   September 8, 1995
Comments received electronically are available for this proposal.
33-7188 Jun. 27, 1995 Solicitations of Interest Prior to an Initial Public Offering
34-34923   Disclosure Concerning Legal Proceedings Involving Management, Promoters, Control Persons and Others
Reference:   Rel. Nos. 33-7106, IC-20670
35-26312 Jun. 20, 1995 Exemption of Issuance and Sale of Securities By Public-Utility and Non-Utility Subsidiary Companies of Registered Public-Utility Holding Companies
35-26313 Jun. 20, 1995 Exemption of Acquisition By Registered Public Utility Holding Companies of Securities of Nonutility Companies Engaged in Certain Energy-Related and Gas-Related Businesses; Exemption of Capital Contributions and Advances to Such Companies
First Quarter
34-35375 Feb. 14, 1995 Disclosure by Investment Advisers Regarding Soft Dollar Practices
Reference:   Rel. No. IA-1469
File No.:   S7-5-95
34-35323 Feb. 2, 1995 Unlisted Trading Privileges
File No.:   S7-4-95
33-7133 Feb. 1, 1995 Registration Fees for Certain Investment Companies
Reference:   Rel. No. IC-20874
File No.:   S7-3-95

Modified: 01/21/2009