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Comments on Proposed Rule:
Form 8-K Disclosure of Certain Management Transactions

[Release No. 33-8090; 34-45742; File No. S7-09-02]

  • Comments of Subcommittee on Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation and Section 16 of the Committee on Federal Regulation of Securities, Section of Business Law of the American Bar Association, July 12, 2002 (File name: skeller.htm)
  • Comments of Robert A. Muh, CEO, Sutter Securities, Inc, July 8, 2002 (File name: rmuh.txt)
  • Comments of W. Hardy Callcott, SVP & General Counsel, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., July 2, 2002 (File name: whcallcott1.htm)
  • Comments of Joseph A. Grundfest, William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA, and 12 Companies, July 2, 2002 (File name: jagrundfest1.htm)
  • Comments of Peter C. Clapman, Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, Corporate Governance, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America - College Retirement and Equities Fund, New York, NY, July 1, 2002 (File name: pcclapman1.htm)
  • Comments of Michael D. Cahn, Chair; Broc Romanek, Co-Vice Chair, Corporate and Securities Law Committee, American Corporate Counsel Association, July 1, 2002 (File name: mdcahn1.txt)
  • Comments of Luke Farber, Derivative Products Committee of the Securities Industry Association, June 24, 2002 (File name: lfarber1.htm)
  • Comments of Robert S. Singley, Vice President and Assistant Secretary, Wells Fargo & Company, June 26, 2002 (File name: rsingley.htm)
  • Comments of William H. Miller, III, Chief Executive Officer, Legg Mason Funds Management, Inc., June 25, 2002 (File name: wmiller.txt)
  • Comments of Christine Edwards, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Bank One Corporation, Chicago, IL, June 25, 2002 (File name: cedwards1.htm)
  • Comments of Marilyn Grenci, Stock Plann Administrator, Diversa Corporation, San Diago, CA, June 25, 2002 (File name: mgrenci1.htm)
  • Comments of Jerry W. Powell, General Counsel, and Secretary, Compass Bancshares, Inc, June 25, 2002 (File name: jwpowell1.htm)
  • Comments of Tony M. Edwards, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Washington, DC, June 24, 2002 (File name: tmedwards1.htm)
  • Comments of K. A. Groskaufmanis, June 24, 2002 (File name: kagroskaufmanis1.htm)
  • Comments of James B. Lootens, Assistant Secretary and Assistant General Counsel, Eli Lilly & Company, June 24, 2002 (File name: jblootens1.htm)
  • Comments of Alvin C. Rodack, CCM, Associate Treasurer, the Ohio State University, Chairman-Government Relations Committee; James R. Haddad, CCM, Vice President-Corporate Finance, Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Chairman-Financial Accounting and Investor Relations Task Force; Association for Financial Professionals, June 24, 2002 (File name: acrodack1.htm)
  • Comments of Carl Krasik, Associate General Counsel and Secretary, Mellon Financial Corp., June 24, 2002 (File name: ckrasik1.htm)
  • Comments of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, June 24, 2002 (File name: clearygottlieb1.htm)
  • Comments of Deborah A. Lamb, Chair-U.S. Advocacy; Ashwinpaul C. Condhi, PhD, Chair-Financial Accounting Policy Committee; Association for Investment Management and Research, June 24, 2002 (File name: dalamb1.htm)
  • Comments of Gerald S. Backman, Chairman of Committee, Securities Regulation Committee of the Business Law Section, New York State Bar Association, June 24, 2002 (File name: gsbackman1.htm)
  • Comments of Rachel R. Cummings, Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Bank of American Corporation, June 24, 2002 (File name: rrcummings1.htm)
  • Comments of Cary Klafter, Director of Corporate Affairs, Legal Department; Salil R. Virkar, Senior Attorney, Corporate Affairs Group, Intel Corporation, June 24, 2002 (File name: srvirkar1.txt)
  • Comments of Warren J. Casey, June 24, 2002 (File name: wjcasey1.htm)
  • Comments of Robert C. Azarow, Thacher Proffitt & Wood, June 24, 2002 (File name: rcazarow1.htm)
  • Comments of Richard Whiting, Executive Director, The Financial Services Roundtable, June 24, 2002 (File name: rwhiting1.htm)
  • Comments of Sullivan & Cromwell, June 24, 2002 (File name: sullivancromwell1.htm)
  • Comments of Fay L. Chapman, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Washington Mutual Inc., Seattle, WA, June 24, 2002 (File name: fachapman1.htm)
  • Comments of Foley Hoag LLP, June 24, 2002 (File name: foleyhoag1.htm)
  • Comments of Sarah A. Miller, American Bankers Association, June 24, 2002 (File name: samiller1.htm)
  • Comments of Perkins Coie LLP, June 24, 2002 (File name: perkinscoie1.htm)
  • Comments of Robert M. Stanton, United States Steel Corp., Pittsburg, PA, June 24, 2002 (File name: rmstanton1.txt)
  • Comments of Susan Ellen Wolf, Co-Chair Securities Law Committee, American Society of Corporate Secretaries, June 24, 2002 (File name: sewolf1.htm)
  • Comments of Lee S. Ainsilie III, Managing Partner, Jane B. Adams, Senior Analyst, Maverick Capital Corporation, June 24, 2002 (File name: lsainsilie1.htm)
  • Comments of John A. Seethoff, Deputy General Counsel-Financial and Operations, Microsoft Corporation, June 24, 2002 (File name: jaseethoff1.htm)
  • Comments of Jay D. Browning, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Valero Energy Corporation, June 24, 2002 (File name: jdbrowing1.htm)
  • Comments of Lisa M. Cavage, Vice President, Secretary and Counsel, Susquehanna Bancshares Inc., Lititz, PA, June 24, 2002 (File name: lmcavage1.htm)
  • Comments of Louis C. Taormina, Frederic W. Cook & Co., Inc., June 24, 2002 (File name: lctaormina1.htm)
  • Comments of Robert F. Price, General Counsel, Legg Mason Inc., June 21, 2002 (File name: rfprice1.htm)
  • Comments of Henry A. McKinnell, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer Inc., Vice Chair and Counsel of SEC Subcommittee Corporate Government Task Force, The Business Roundtable, June 21, 2002 (File name: hamckinnell1.htm)
  • Comments of Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, QUALCOMM, Inc., San Diego, CA, June 21, 2002 (File name: imjacobs1.htm)
  • Comments of Donald R. Reynolds, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton, LLP, June 21, 2002 (File name: drreynolds1.htm)
  • Comments of Dilip Gadkar, CEO, eResticted Stock, Inc., New York, NY, June 20, 2002 (File name: dgadkar1.htm)
  • Comments of Helen W. Melman, Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 2002 (File name: hwmelman1.htm)
  • Comments of K. Steven Hall, June 18, 2002 (File name: kshall1.txt)
  • Comments of John D. Blahnik, Vice President and Treasurer, Acting Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, Delphi Corporation, June 17, 2002 (File name: jdblahnik1.htm)
  • Comments of Richard D. Salyer, Towanda, Kansas, June 17, 2002 (File name: rdsalyer1.txt)
  • Comments of Kevin Rice, Buffalo Grove, IL, June 16, 2002 (File name: krice1.txt)
  • Comments of David Annis, June 12, 2002 (File name: dannis1.txt)
  • Comments of Albert E. Girod, June 11, 2002 (File name: aegirod1.htm)
  • Comments of Stephen Quinlivan, May 23, 2002 (File name: squinlivan1.txt)
  • Comments of John Killeen, May 17, 2002 (File name: killeen1.txt)
  • Comments of Eric Benhamou, Chairman, Palm Inc., May 17, 2002 (File name: benhamou1.txt)
  • Comments of Mark Crisp, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and E. Douglas Hodo, PhD, Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee, May 17, 2002 (File name: crisp1.txt)
  • Comments of Additional Comments of Mitchell J. Freedman, May 8, 2002 (File name: freedman2.txt)
  • Comments of Comments of Mitchell J. Freedman, May 8, 2002 (File name: freedman1.txt)
  • Comments of John D. Spears, Managing Director, Tweedy, Browne Company LLC, May 8, 2002 (File name: spears1.txt)
  • Comments of Jesse M. Brill, May 7, 2002 (File name: brill1.txt)
  • Comments of John R. Valaas, President and Chief Executive Officer, First Mutual Bancshares, April 27, 2002 (File name: valaas1.txt)
  • Comments of Robert A. Mandry, Chief Financial Officer, First Mutual Bancshares, April 27, 2002 (File name: mandry1.txt)
  • Comments of Michael Bertram, Denville, NJ, April 23, 2002 (File name: bertram1.txt)
  • Comments of Donald R. Rawlins, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, AutoZone, Inc., Memphis, TN, April 23, 2002 (File name: rawlins1.htm)
  • Comments of Alfred Schwartz, April 18, 2002 (File name: schwartz1.htm)
  • Comments of Erol Denizkurt, Naples, FL, April 15, 2002 (File name: denizkurt1.htm)
  • Comments of Charles G. Scouten, The Fusfeld Group, Warrenville, IL, April 15, 2002 (File name: schouten1.htm)

Modified: 10/19/2004