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Office of the Investor Advocate:
Title IX Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Submitted Comments

(Click here for meetings with SEC officials)
Nov. 14, 2012 Dennis Bernhard, Toronto, Canada
Dec. 2, 2010 Jennifer Moumneh, President, International Ombudsman Association
Oct. 20, 2010 Arlene M. Redmond, Managing Director, Redmond, Williams Associates, LLC, Stratford, Connecticut
Oct. 11, 2010 Charles L. Howard, Esq., Partner, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP, Hartford, Connecticut
Oct. 4, 2010 Joan E. Engel, CO-OP, Organizational Ombuds, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Oct. 4, 2010 Mary Rowe, PhD
Sep. 30, 2010 John W. Zinsser, MA, Managing Principal, Pacifica Human Communications, LLC, Charleston, South Carolina
Sep. 30, 2010 Theodore R Williamson, III, Ombudsman, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Sep. 29, 2010 Tom A. Kosakowski, Esq., The Ombuds Blog
Sep. 29, 2010 Jim Augustine, Ph.D., University Ombudsman
Sep. 29, 2010 Donald Noack, Corporate Ombudsman, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sep. 29, 2010 Tom Ward, Ombudsman for Staff, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
Aug. 17, 2010 Adele B Bolson, CPA and Investment Adviser, Bellevue, Washington
Aug. 10, 2010 Pete Perry
Jul. 30, 2010 Anonymous
Jul. 28, 2010 David E McNabb, LL.M, Ombudsman, Toronto, Canada
Jul. 28, 2010 Robin McLeish, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Meetings with SEC Officials

Click here for submitted comments from the public)
Aug. 26, 2011 Memorandum from the Office of the Chairman regarding an August 12, 2010, telephone conference with Susan Seltzer, The Derivative Project
Nov. 8, 2010 Memorandum from the Office of the Chairman regarding a November 8, 2010, telephone conversation with Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association

Modified: 06/23/2016