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Comments on:
Roundtable Discussions Regarding Proxy Process

[File No. 4-537]

Links to comments on File No. 4-537 will be indicated on this page as they are available.

Comments have been received from individuals and entities using the following Letter Type A: 64
Comments have been received from individuals and entities using the following Letter Type B: 384
Comments have been received from individuals and entities using the following Letter Type C: 16
Dec. 2, 2007 Captain George M. Brereton
Sep. 4, 2007 Lan R. Richart
Aug. 6, 2007 Tim Speece
Jul. 27, 2007 Dale Brooks
Jul. 27, 2007 Tom Manning
Jul. 26, 2007 Jeremy Kaufman
Jul. 25, 2007 David O'Leary
Jul. 24, 2007 Mehul M. Thakker, lnvestment Advisor, Progressive Asset Management-FWG
Jul. 24, 2007 Richard W. Torgerson, Director, Social Research & Shareholder Advocacy
Jul. 24, 2007 Stephen Abrecht, Executive Director of Benefit Funds, SEIU Master Trust
Jul. 24, 2007 Karina Litvack, Director, Head of Governance & Sustainable Investment, F&C Management Ltd.
Jul. 24, 2007 Lincoln Pain
Jul. 24, 2007 Krista Strohoffer
Jul. 24, 2007 Russell A. Rybicki
Jul. 24, 2007 Robert McClellan
Jul. 24, 2007 Hank Murrow
Jul. 24, 2007 Barbara Date
Jul. 24, 2007 Gail Wechsler
Jul. 24, 2007 Barney Frank, Paul Kanjorski, Maxine Waters, Melvin L. Watt, Carolyn Maloney, Brad Sherman, and Brad Miller, Members of Congress, Committee on Financial Services
Jul. 23, 2007 Ken Jacobs, CFP, Progressive Asset Management of Colorado
Jul. 23, 2007 Valerie Heinonen, Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk
Jul. 23, 2007 Valerie Heinonen, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
Jul. 23, 2007 Valerie Heinonen, Dominican Sisters of Hope
Jul. 23, 2007 George R. Gay, CFP,AIF, Chief Executive Officer, First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC
Jul. 23, 2007 Norm Brown
Jul. 23, 2007 James Moran
Jul. 23, 2007 Nathaniel Teich
Jul. 23, 2007 Margie Juris
Jul. 23, 2007 Eric Smith, CFP
Jul. 23, 2007 Debby Martin
Jul. 23, 2007 Andrew Frank
Jul. 23, 2007 William M. Tartikoff, Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Ivy Wafford Duke, Assistant Vice President, and Associate General Counsel, Calvert Group, Ltd.
Jul. 23, 2007 John Hinckley
Jul. 23, 2007 Kathleen Hartman, CFA, CFP
Jul. 23, 2007 Bree Kalb
Jul. 23, 2007 Patrick Bosold
Jul. 23, 2007 Bonita Hay
Jul. 23, 2007 Rose Marie Stallbaumer, OSB
Jul. 23, 2007 Marcia Rucker
Jul. 23, 2007 Margarita M. Rose, Ph.D.
Jul. 23, 2007 Mike Hodge
Jul. 23, 2007 Alan Wojtalik
Jul. 23, 2007 David Merkowitz
Jul. 23, 2007 Jonas Kron, Attorney
Jul. 23, 2007 Luke Ackerman
Jul. 23, 2007 Joel Weisberg
Jul. 22, 2007 Larry Levine
Jul. 22, 2007 Joel D. Shore
Jul. 22, 2007 Connie Ross
Jul. 22, 2007 Phil Bailey
Jul. 21, 2007 Cindy Schafer
Jul. 21, 2007 James McRitchie, Publisher of
Jul. 21, 2007 Ray Domino
Jul. 21, 2007 Roger Rocka
Jul. 21, 2007 Mike Taylor
Jul. 21, 2007 Randy Schutt
Jul. 21, 2007 Carolyn R. Pilgrim
Jul. 20, 2007 John Shellenberger, CFP, Reg. Rep., Pacific West Securities
Jul. 20, 2007 Sanford J. Lewis, Attorney
Jul. 20, 2007 Mark A. Regier, Stewardship Investing Services Manager, MMA
Jul. 20, 2007 Richard H. Moore, Treasurer, State of North Carolina
Jul. 20, 2007 Diana Oleskevich, CSJA, Justice Coordinator, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Associates
Jun. 29, 2007 Frank Rauscher, Senior Principal, Aquinas Associates, Dallas, Texas
Jun. 26, 2007 Sr. Stella Storch, CSA Justice Coordinator
Jun. 26, 2007 Margaret Weber, Coordinator of Corporate Responsibility, Adrian Dominican Sisters
Jun. 26, 2007 Jim Madden, Senior Portfolio Manager, Progressive Investment Management
Jun. 22, 2007 Rian Fried, President, The Clean Yield Group
Jun. 21, 2007 Adam Kanzer, Managing Director & General Counsel, Domini Social Investments
Jun. 20, 2007 Margaret Weber, Board Chair and Laura Berry, Executive Director, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
Jun. 19, 2007 Michael J. Ryan, Executive Director and Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jun. 19, 2007 Joan Bavaria, President and CEO, Trillium Asset Management Corporation
Jun. 15, 2007 Lauren Compere, Chief Administrative Officer, Boston Common Asset Management
Jun. 15, 2007 Stanley Keller, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, Boston, Massachusetts
Jun. 15, 2007 Timothy Smith, Senior Vice President, Walden Asset Management, Boston, Massachusetts
Jun. 13, 2007 Vidette Bullock Mixon, Director of Corporate Relations, General Board of Pensions, UMC, Evanston, Illinois
Jun. 12, 2007 Joseph F. Keefe, President/CEO, Pax World Management Corp., Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Jun. 11, 2007 Julie N.W. Goodridge, President, NorthStar Asset Management, Inc.
Jun. 4, 2007 Timothy Smith, President and Lisa Woll, CEO, Social Investment Forum
May 25, 2007 Michael Kramer, M.Ed., AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary), Managing Partner, Director of Social Research, Natural Investment Services, LLC, Portfolio Management Exclusively Using Socially Responsible Investments
May 25, 2007 Sharon A. Haeger, Regulatory Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, America's Community Bankers
May 25, 2007 Peter H. Mixon, General Counsel, California Public Employees' Retirement System
May 24, 2007 Paul Schott Stevens, President and CEO, Investment Company Institute
May 23, 2007 Kenneth L. Altman, The Altman Group, New York, New York
May 22, 2007 Henry T. C. Hu
May 15, 2007 Phillip Goldstein, Co-founder and Principal, Bulldog Investors
May 13, 2007 John C. Wilcox, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Governance, TIAA-CREF
May 11, 2007 William Michael Cunningham, MA, MBA, Social Investing Advisor, Creative Investment Research, Inc., Washington, District of Columbia
May 11, 2007 Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, Inc.
May 11, 2007 William Michael Cunningham, Creative Investment Research, Inc.
May 4, 2007 Stephen M. Bainbridge, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
May 4, 2007 Richard J. Daly, CEO, Broadridge Financial Solutions
May 4, 2007 David Pudge and Caroline Sherrell, Clifford Chance LLP
May 3, 2007 J. Robert Brown, Jr., Professor, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, Denver, Colorado
May 2, 2007 "Street Name" Registration & the Proxy Solicitation Process by John C. Wilcox, John J. Purcell III, and Hye-Won Choi
May 2, 2007 John C. Wilcox, Vice Chairman, Georgeson Shareholder Communications Inc.
May 1, 2007 J.W. Verret, Dover, Delaware
Apr. 25, 2007 Stephen M. Bainbridge, William D Warren Professor of Law, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
Apr. 25, 2007 Les Greenberg, Esquire, Committee of Concerned Shareholders
Apr. 25, 2007 Glyn A. Holton, Author and Consultant on corporate finance, Contingency Analysis, Boston, Massachusetts
Apr. 4, 2007 Sandra Vatrano
Jan. 30, 2007 Stephen P. Holmes, Chairman & CEO, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
Jan. 19, 2007 Dr. Martha Carter, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Corporate Governance and Stephen Deane, Vice President, Director of the ISS Center for Corporate Governance, Institutional Shareholder Services
Dec. 12, 2006 Donald D. Kittell, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Dec. 12, 2006 Sandra L. Kennedy, President, Retail Industry Leaders Association
Dec. 12, 2006 Jay Timmons, Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Relations, National Association of Manufacturers
Dec. 12, 2006 Carleen C. Kohut, SVP and Chief Financial Officer, National Retail Federation
Dec. 4, 2006 Neila B. Radin, Chairman, Securities Law Committee, Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, Inc.
Nov. 27, 2006 Keith F. Higgins, Committee Chair, Committee on Federal Regulation of Securities of the Section of Business Law, American Bar Association
Nov. 27, 2006 Charles J. Kalil, Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, The Dow Chemical Company
Oct. 16, 2006 Peter Montagnon, Director of Investment Affairs, Association of British Insurers; Steve Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Reward Investment Alliance; Jack Ehnes, Chief Executive Officer, California State Teachers' Retirement System; Ian Jones, Head of Responsible Investment, Co-operative Insurance Society - UK; Karina Litvack, Director, Head of Governance & Socially Responsible Investment, F&C Asset Management - UK; William R. Atwood, Executive Director, Illinois State Board of Investment; Peter Scales, Chief Executive, London Pensions Fund Authority - UK; Keith Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Morley Fund Management - UK; Claude Lamoureux, President & Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan; Marcel Jeucken, Head of Responsible Investment, PGGM - Netherlands; Giles Craven, Managing Director, Shell Pensions Management Services Ltd. - UK; Guy Jubb, Head of Corporate Governance, Standard Life Investments - Scotland; Roderick Munsters, Chief Investment Officer, Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP - Netherlands; Pernilla Klein, Head of Corporate Governance, The Third Swedish National Pension Fund; Ann Byrne, Chief Executive Officer, UniSuper Ltd. - Australia; Peter Moon, Chief Investment Officer, Universities Superannuation Scheme - UK
Oct. 3, 2006 Jack Ehnes, Chief Executive Officer, California State Teachers’ Retirement System
Sep. 22, 2006 John J. Flynn, President, International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers

Modified: 12/03/2007