Subject: File No. 4-537: Shareholder Resolutions

July 21, 2007

Dear Chairman Cox: Giving citizens the right to express themselves lawfully without fear of reprisal is one of the cornerstones of democracy, a democracy we're fighting for in this world. Therefore, as a concerned investor, I'm more than alarmed to learn that the SEC is considering a proposal to restrict or eliminate one of the most important tools that shareholders like myself can use to make our concerns known to corporate management. I urge you to drop the suggested proposal curtailing investors' right to file advisory resolutions under Rule 14a-8. Advisory resolutions have proven to be a highly effective way to get management's attention on issues that matter to shareholders. They help to promote improved corporate governance, greater accountability, and more meaningful disclosure. They are a source of important new ideas, and often serve as the starting point for productive dialogue with companies. As an investor, I know that the right of shareholders - even small shareholders - to propose these resolutions has helped the companies I own to become better companies. Restricting or eliminating advisory shareholder resolutions would be a disastrous step backwards. Please let me know what action you intend to take on this issue. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Ray Domino