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Comments on NASD Rulemaking

Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change and Amendment No. 1 Thereto Relating to Amendments to the Classification of Arbitrators Pursuant to Rule 10308 of the NASD Code of Arbitration

(Release No. 34-52332; File No. SR-NASD-2005-094)

Aug. 23, 2006 John D. Nachmann, NASD, Washington, District of Columbia
Feb. 1, 2006 Richard H. Levenstein, Kramer, Sopko & Levenstein, P.A.
Oct. 09, 2005 Les Greenberg, Law Offices of Les Greenberg, Culver City, California
Oct. 07, 2005 Bradford D. Kaufman, Esq., Greenberg Traurig
Sep. 30, 2005 Jonathan L. Hochman, Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP
Sep. 21, 2005 Jonathan W. Evans, Securities Lawyer, Studio City, California
Sep. 21, 2005 Randall R. Heiner, Esquire, Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep. 21, 2005 Scot Bernstein, Esquite, Sacramento, California
Sep. 20, 2005 Jerome Stanley, Lawyer, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sep. 20, 2005 Dale Ledbetter, Adorno & Yoss
Sep. 20, 2005 Randall R. Heiner, Attorney at Law
Sep. 20, 2005 Sam T. Brannan, Page Perry, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia
Sep. 20, 2005 Jason R. Doss, Esquire, Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia
Sep. 20, 2005 William B. Langenbacher, Esquire, Private Attorney, Clayton, Missouri
Sep. 20, 2005 Steve Parker, Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia,
Sep. 20, 2005 Jeffrey D. Pederson, Attorney, Denver, Colorado
Sep. 20, 2005 Martin Seiler, Esquire, Attorney, Memphis, Tennessee
Sep. 20, 2005 Brian M. Greenman, Scarsdale, New York
Sep. 20, 2005 Teresa M. Gillis, Attorney, Shustak Jalil & Heller, San Diego, California
Sep. 20, 2005 William F. Davis, Esquire, Los Angeles, California
Sep. 20, 2005 David Harrison, Esquire, Spivak & Harrison LLP, Los Angeles, California
Sep. 20, 2005 Susan N. Perkins, Esq.
Sep. 20, 2005 Mitchell S. Ostwald, Esquire, Sacamento, California
Sep. 20, 2005 John W. Barnes, Esquire, Attorney, San Rafael, California
Sep. 20, 2005 Scot D. Bernstein, Mather Field, California
Sep. 20, 2005 William F. Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Sep. 20, 2005 William P. Torngren, Attorney, Sacramento, California
Sep. 20, 2005 Charles C. Mihalek, Esq. and Steven M. McCauley, Esq., Charles C. Mihalek, P.S.C.
Sep. 20, 2005 Timothy A. Canning, Law Offices of Timothy A. Canning, Arcata, California
Sep. 20, 2005 Laurence M. Landsman, Block & Landsman, Chicago, Illinois
Sep. 20, 2005 Steven J. Gard, Esq., Partner, Gard Smiley Bishop & Dovin LLP, Atlanta, Georgia
Sep. 20, 2005 Scott L. Silver, Blum & Silver, P.A., Coral Springs, Florida
Sep. 20, 2005 Mitchell S. Ostwald, Esquire, Sacramento, Connecticut
Sep. 20, 2005 G. Mark Brewer, Esquire, La Jolla, California
Sep. 20, 2005 John D. Hudson, Esquire, Des Moines, Iowa
Sep. 20, 2005 Joel A. Goodman, Clearwater, Florida
Sep. 20, 2005 Jill I. Gross, Director of Advocacy; Barbara Black, Director of Research; and Per Jebsen, Staff Attorney, Pace Investor Rights Project, Pace University School of Law
Sep. 19, 2005 Royal B. Lea, III, Esq., Bingham & Lea and Randall A. Pulman, Esq., Pulman, Bresnahan & Pullen, LLP
Sep. 19, 2005 Richard P. Ryder, President, Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc.
Sep. 19, 2005 Alan C. Friedberg, Pendleton, Friedberg, Wilson & Hennessey, P.C.
Sep. 19, 2005 Robert K. Savage, Esq., Savage Law Firm, P.A.
Sep. 19, 2005 Michael Chasen, New York, New York
Sep. 19, 2005 Adam S. Doner, Esquire, Palm Beach Gardens
Sep. 19, 2005 Jan Graham, P.I.A.B.A., Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep. 19, 2005 Frederick W. Rosenberg, JD, Attorney, Roseland, New Jersey
Sep. 19, 2005 Debra G. Speyer, Esquire, Law Offices of Debra G. Speyer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep. 19, 2005 Andrew Stoltmann, Esquire, Chicago, Illinois
Sep. 19, 2005 Al Van Kampen, Esquire, Rohde & Van Kampen PLLC, Seattle, Washington
Sep. 19, 2005 Eliot Goldstein, Esq., Cabin John, Maryland
Sep. 18, 2005 W. Scott Greco, Greco & Greco, P.C.
Sep. 18, 2005 Barry D. Estell, Esq., Attorney At Law, Mission, Kansas
Sep. 17, 2005 Charles W. Austin, Jr., C. W. Austin, Jr. P.C., Richmond, Virginia
Sep. 16, 2005 Robert C. Port, Esq., Cohen Goldstein Port & Gottlieb, LLP
Sep. 16, 2005 Kurt Arbuckle, Attorney in private practice, Houston, Texas
Sep. 15, 2005 William A. Fynes
Sep. 15, 2005 Jeffrey A. Feldman
Sep. 14, 2005 Jay H. Salamon, Hermann, Cahn & Schneider LLP, Cleveland, Ohio
Sep. 14, 2005 Steven B. Caruso, Esq., Maddox Hargett & Caruso, P.C., New York, New York
Sep. 14, 2005 Jorge A. Lopez, Esq., President, Law Offices of Jorge A. Lopez, P.A., Coral Gables, Florida
Sep. 13, 2005 Michael J. Willner, Miller Faucher and Cafferty LLP
Sep. 13, 2005 Jeffrey S. Kruske, Law Office of Jeffrey S. Kruske, P.A.
Sep. 13, 2005 Richard M. Layne, Partner, Layne Lewis, LLP, Portland, Oregon
Sep. 13, 2005 John Miller, Law Office of John J. Miller, P.C., Kansas City, Missouri
Sep. 13, 2005 Herb Pounds, Esquire, San Antonio, Texas
Sep. 12, 2005 Laurence S. Schultz; Driggers, Schultz & Herbst
Sep. 09, 2005 Rosemary J. Shockman, President, Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association
Sep. 08, 2005 Seth E. Lipner, Professor of Law, Zicklin School of Business Baruch College; Member, Deutsch & Lipner, New York , New York
Aug. 30, 2005 Scott I. Batterman, Esq., Clay Chapman Crumpton Iwamura & Pulice

Modified: 03/22/2007