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Comments on Interpretive Rule:
Interpretation; Use of Electronic Media.

[Release Nos. 34-42728, File No. S7-11-00]

  • Comments of Gregory H. Mathews, Chair, Corporate & Securities Law Committee of the American Corporate Counsel Association, March 12, 2001(File name: mathews1.htm)

  • Comments of Michael L. Michael, Chair, SIA Technology & Regulation Committee; Patricia Maher, Chair, SIA Capital Markets Committee; Ken Josselyn, Co-Chair, Ad Hoc Electronic Media Release Committee; Robert Mendelson, Co-Chair, Ad Hoc Electronic Media Release Committee, The Securities Industry Association, August 25, 2000 (File name: michael1.htm)

  • Comments of Stanley Keller, Chair, Committeeon Federal Regulation of Securities of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, August 25, 2000 (originally submitted on August 2, 2000) (File name: keller1.htm)

  • Comments of Howard Gramer, June 28, 2000 (File name: gramer1.txt)

  • Comments of Marcy Engel, Salomon Smith Barney, Co-Chair-The Bond Market Association Task Force on the SEC Internet Release; Robert G. Knox, Zions First National Bank, Co-Chair-The Bond Market Association Task Force on the SEC Internet Release; Benjamin Wolkowitz, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., Inc., Chair-The Bond Market Association On-Line Bond Steering Committee; Craig C. Messinger, Fidelity Capital Markets, Vice-Chair-The Bond Market Association On-Line Bond Steering Committee, June 21, 2000 (File name: engel1.htm)

  • Comments of Theresa M. Brunsman, Assistant Counsel, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 20, 2000 (File name: brunsma1.htm)

  • Comments of Doron Bar-Levar, June 19, 2000 (File name: bar-lev1.htm)

  • Comments of Dina Kennedy, Chairman of National Federation of Municipal Analysts ("NFMA") and Mary Metastasio, Chairman of NFMA's Industry Practices and Procedures Committee, June 19, 2000 (File name: kennedy1.htm)

  • John T. McEvoy, Executive Director, The National Council of State Housing Agencies, June 19, 2000 (File name: mcevoy1.htm)

  • Comments of Fred Bunker Davis, Omaha, Nebraska, June 17, 2000 (File name: davis1.htm)

  • Comments of Alexander C. Gavis, Assistant General Counsel, Fidelity Investments, June 16, 2000 (File name: gavis1.htm)

  • Comments of Howard Zucker, President, National Association of Bond Lawyers, June 16, 2000 (File name: zucker1.htm)

  • Comments of Helen C. Atkeson, Co-Chair, and John M. Gardner, Co-Chair, National Association of Bond Lawyers, Electronic Disclosure Subcommittee, June 16, 2000 (File name: atkeson1.htm)

  • Comments of Kutak Rock LLP, June 16, 2000 (File name: kutak1.htm)

  • Comments of J. Ben Watkins III, The Florida Division of Bond Finance, Tallahassee, FL, June 16, 2000 (File name: watkins1.htm)

Modified: 08/09/2001