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Comments on Exemptions for Banks Under Section 3(a)(5) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Related Rules

[Release No. 34-54947; File No. S7-23-06]

Apr. 10, 2007 Eliot W. Rester, RFC, VP/Regional Director, Investment Professionals Inc., San Antonnio, Texas
Mar. 30, 2007 Jeffrey P. Neubert, President and CEO, The Clearing House Association L.L.C.
Mar. 30, 2007 Carl Howard, General Counsel, Bank Regulatory, Citigroup Inc.
Mar. 26, 2007 Sarah A. Miller, Director & Chief Regulatory Counsel, Center for Securities, Trust and Investments, American Bankers Association
Mar. 26, 2007 Lawrence A. Knecht, Sr., Vice President & Legal Counsel, UMB Bank, n.a.
Mar. 26, 2007 Stefan M. Gavell, Executive Vice President and Head of Regulatory and Industry Affairs, State Street Corporation
Mar. 26, 2007 Norman R. Nelson, General Counsel, The Clearing House Association L.L.C.
Mar. 26, 2007 David W. Lauer, Vice President and Senior Counsel, Wells Fargo & Company
Mar. 26, 2007 F. Jay Meyer, Vice President & Senior Attorney, TD Banknorth, N.A.
Mar. 23, 2007 Lawrence R. Uhlick, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of International Bankers
Mar. 23, 2007 Beverley Rutherford, Virginia Credit Union, Richmond, Virginia

Modified: 04/11/2007