SEC Announces Free, Real-Time Public Access to EDGAR Database at


Washington, D.C., May 30, 2002 -- Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey L. Pitt today announced that the Commission's web site now provides the public with free, real-time access to its EDGAR database of corporate filings. Previously, EDGAR filings did not appear on the SEC's web site for at least 24 hours.

"This latest improvement to the Commission's web site will help meet our long-standing goal of providing investors with timely access to information they need to make investment decisions," Pitt said. "Through this initiative we are continuing to level the playing field for all investors."

In addition to making company reports filed electronically with the Commission available on within minutes of filing, the SEC web site also offers new EDGAR search capabilities and features, including:

  • Search Companies and Filings –  Visitors may search the EDGAR historical database for filings by company name, state, CIK number or SIC number.
  • Show Latest Filings –  Visitors will be able to find quickly the most current filings received by the Commission.
  • Company Name Changes –  New searches will include old names and new names for companies. If company A changes its name to company B, then a search for either company A or company B will allow users to access documents for both.
  • Better Linking –  New searches will also give a CIK number that will serve as a link. By clicking on the CIK, the system will return a company's information as well as all of its filings in reverse chronological order.
  • Improved Assistance –  The names and descriptions of forms will be included in search results.

The SEC requires all public companies (except those with less than $10 million in assets and fewer than 500 shareholders) to file registration statements, quarterly and annual reports, and other forms electronically through the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system.

Technical questions concerning the enhanced system should be addressed to the SEC's webmaster at

Last modified: 5/30/2002