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Litigation Releases - Fourth Quarter 1998

Current Litigation Releases

Archives: 1995-2004

Release No. Date Action
LR-16013 Dec. 30, 1998 Robert Falbo, Theresa Billings Falbo, Lorre Meade, Anthony Capricuso, Michael Nardino, Mark Muenster and Eric Muenster
LR-16012 Dec. 30, 1998 Todd J. Loscola, CPI Investment Management, Inc. and CPA Advisors Network, Inc.
LR-16011 Dec. 29, 1998 First Zurich National USA, LLC, Compunomics 139, Inc. and Paul Douglas Catchings
LR-16010 Dec. 23, 1998 Remington-Hall Capital Corp. and Douglas T. Fonteno
LR-16009 Dec. 22, 1998 Robert J. Neprud, David W. Hall, William Y. Hall, William A. Hall, Thomas W. Wagner, and Alan J. Salem
LR-16008 Dec. 22, 1998 W.R. Grace & Co.
LR-16007 Dec. 21, 1998 Jack D. Seibald, Bernhard Seibald, Stewart R. Spector, and Eric S. Fessler, Defendants, and Fron Capital Corporation and Dekalb Holdings, Inc., Relief Defendants
LR-16006 Dec. 21, 1998 WARPnet Holdings, LLC and Kevin A. Tauber
LR-16005 Dec. 17, 1998 Scott Alexander Gryskiewicz, a/k/a Scott Alexander and d/b/a Private Auto Placement, and American Securities Inc.
LR-16004 Dec. 17, 1998 Chancellor Group, Inc.
LR-16003 Dec. 17, 1998 John F. "Pete" Oliver, Willard A. "Tony" Meador, Wayne M. Sampson, James R. Gehringer, Julie McNabb-Meador, Patrick M. Jacobi, Michael W. Roberts, and Steven M. Gross
LR-16002 Dec. 15, 1998 James Russell Cleveland
LR-16001 Dec. 15, 1998 Rex G. Ahlstrom
LR-16000 Dec. 14, 1998 Two-thirds International Inc., Peter J. Zaccagnino III, John L. Klein a/k/a John Klein Loffredo, Merrill H. Klein and Sterling International Bahamas Ltd.
LR-15999 Dec. 14, 1998 WARPnet Holdings, LLC and Kevin A. Tauber
LR-15998 Dec. 11, 1998 Safetech Industries, Inc.
LR-15997 Dec. 9, 1998 Dudley Dworken, Myron Dworken
LR-15996 Dec. 9, 1998 Barclay Davis and World Syndicators, Inc., Bio-tech Industries, Inc., et al.
LR-15995 Dec. 8, 1998 Ronnie R. Neihart and Synvion Corporation
LR-15994 Dec. 7, 1998 Hahn Truong, Hieu Truong, Hen Truong, Nina Vinh, Mike Pirbazari and Christopher Nguyen
LR-15993 Dec. 4, 1998 The Brownstone Group, et al.
LR-15992 Dec. 4, 1998 Jason S. Wall
LR-15991 Dec. 4, 1998 Milestone Scientific (Securities Litigation); December 4, 1998 (Accompanying Amicus Brief)
LR-15990 Dec. 3, 1998 Marisa Baridis, et al.
LR-15989 Dec. 1, 1998 Two-thirds International Inc., Peter J. Zaccagnino Iii, John L. Klein a/k/a John Klein Loffredo, Merrill H. Klein and Sterling International Bahamas Ltd.
LR-15988 Nov. 30, 1998 Sharp Capital, Inc., et al.
LR-15987 Nov. 25, 1998 Ronnie R. Neihart and Synvion Corporation
LR-15986 Nov. 24, 1998 Vincent Setteducate
LR-15985 Nov. 23, 1998 William C. Bethea
LR-15984 Nov. 20, 1998 Zappa International Corporation, Scott L. Simpson, Scott B. Walker, Equity Management Services, Eagle Vision Holdings Inc., Wayne Nattrass, and Westminster Trading Trust
LR-15983 Nov. 19, 1998 Golden Eagle International, Inc., Ronald A. Knittle, Mary A. Erickson, Gregory G. Vernon, Timberline Consultants, Inc., and Terry C. Turner
LR-15982 Nov. 19, 1998 Francis X. Wazeter, III, John W. Howell, Maria M. Wenner and Stanley M. Blanshei
LR-15981 Nov. 19, 1998 Euro Security Fund, et al.
LR-15980 Nov. 18, 1998 Funding Resource Group, Quentin D. Hix, Gene Coulter, Steven C. Roberts, MVP Network, Inc., a/k/a MVP Network (trust), FMCI Trust, Funders Marketing Company, Inc., Raymond G. Parr, Willard Vearl Smith, Earl D. Mckinney, Fortune Investments, Ltd., Robert Cord, a/k/a/ Robert F. Schoonover, Jr., Winterhawk West Indies, Ltd., IGW Trust, Carolyn Don Hicks and Carl Ladane Weaver
LR-15979 Nov. 18, 1998 Anthony Gianninoto and Eileen Laine
LR-15978 Nov. 17, 1998 Hahn Truong, Hieu Truong, Hen Truong, Nina Vinh, Mike Pirbazari and Christopher Nguyen
LR-15977 Nov. 17, 1998 Stephen J. Murphy
LR-15976 Nov. 13, 1998 Austria Trust Company, Ltd., Glen Moyer and Bobby Lee Rodgers, Defendants, and City (U.K.Ltd., Relief Defendant
LR-15975 Nov. 12, 1998 Benefund, Inc., and Vernon R. Twyman, Jr.
LR-15974 Nov. 10, 1998 United Communications, Ltd., et al.
LR-15970 Nov. 6, 1998 Harold Fitzgerald Lenfest and Marguerite Lenfest
LR-15969 Nov. 6, 1998 First Americans Bank Ltd., et al.
LR-15968 Nov. 5, 1998 Gerard Burns, et al.
LR-15967 Nov. 5, 1998 Peter Joseph Cammarano and Cammarano and Associates, Inc.
LR-15966 Oct. 30, 1998 Steven A. Sambrano
LR-15965 Oct. 29, 1998 Arjun Sekhri, et al.
LR-15964 Oct. 29, 1998 Vesta Insurance Group, Inc.
LR-15963 Oct. 29, 1998 Alcohol Sensors International, Ltd.
LR-15962 Oct. 28, 1998 Jerald Beagelman, Fred Lyman, Joseph Sanfellipo and Elliot Stumacher
LR-15961 Oct. 28, 1998 Jerald Beagelman, Fred Lyman, Joseph Sanfellipo and Elliot Stumacher
LR-15960 Oct. 28, 1998 Daniel T. Todt, et. al.
LR-15959 Oct. 27, 1998 Francis Tribble and Sloane Fitzgerald
LR-15958 Oct. 27, 1998 The Future Superstock, Inc. and Jeffrey C. Bruss
LR-15957 Oct. 27, 1998 John D. Attalienti and Barrow Street Research, Inc.
LR-15956 Oct. 27, 1998 Inc., et al
LR-15955 Oct. 27, 1998 Edward B. Taxin and The Taxin Network
LR-15954 Oct. 27, 1998 John Wesley Savage and Princeton Research, Inc.
LR-15953 Oct. 27, 1998 Liberty Capital Group, Inc. and Jason A. Greig
LR-15952 Oct. 27, 1998 Brian M. Volmer, John R. Switzer, International Alliance Trading, Inc., and Sun Pacific Capital Group, Inc.
LR-15951 Oct. 27, 1998 George Schlieben
LR-15950 Oct. 27, 1998 Starwood Media Group, Inc., and Jack Marks a/k/a Jacob Mestechkin
LR-15949 Oct. 27, 1998 Anita Carlisle d/b/a Carlisle Communications, J. Scott Sitra, Sitra Enterprises, Inc., JAFLC Capital Management and Jeffrey Brommer d/b/a Investments 101 Ltd. Et Al.
LR-15948 Oct. 27, 1998 Darin Spencer Ruebel
LR-15947 Oct. 27, 1998 Goldman Lender & Co. Holdings, Blackwell Co., Traderz Associates Holding Inc., Sharon Harosh and Americo Robert Gallo
LR-15946 Oct. 26, 1998 Mark May, Craig A. Herl, USA Financial Network, Inc., S-Corp Financial, Inc., Bancorp Mortgage, Inc., Biltmore Development Corporation, and Network Finance Corp., Defendants, and Cynthia R. May and USA Trust, Relief Defendants
LR-15945 Oct. 26, 1998 Kenton Capital, Ltd., et al.
LR-15944 Oct. 23, 1998 Unique Financial Concepts, Inc., et al.
LR-15942 Oct. 20, 1998 Euro Security Fund, Coim S.A., and one or more unknown purchasers of Call Options and Common Stock of Elsag Bailey Process Automation
LR-15941 Oct. 20, 1998 Richard Warren & Associates, Inc., et. al.
LR-15940 Oct. 19, 1998 Members Service Corporation, et al.
LR-15939 Oct. 19, 1998 Matthew Peter Bowin
LR-15938 Oct. 19, 1998 Rob Nite, Philip L. Thomas, and David V. Sims
LR-15937 Oct. 16, 1998 Halton Technologies Ltd.
LR-15936 Oct. 15, 1998 Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. and Thomas A. Nelson, N.D. III.
LR-15935 Oct. 9, 1998 Michael G. Sargent, et al.
LR-15934 Oct. 8, 1998 Alliance Leasing Corporation and Prime Atlantic, Inc.
LR-15933 Oct. 8, 1998 City Services Corp., et al.
LR-15932 Oct. 7, 1998 The Barr Financial Group, Inc. and Alfred E. Barr
LR-15931 Oct. 6, 1998 First American Reliance, Inc., et al.
LR-15930 Oct. 5, 1998 John M. Toal
LR-15929 Oct. 6, 1998 Glenn A. Schuster, et al.
LR-15928 Oct. 6, 1998 Hamilton Richardson Duncan, Jr.
LR-15927 Oct. 5, 1998 Friendly Power Co., LLC, Friendly Power Co., Inc., Friendly Power Franchise Co., Scott J. Levine, Sabrina Levine, Cyber-Tech Marketing & Consulting, Inc., Dwight H. Stephens, Packard Energy Group, Inc., and Rich Management Corp.
LR-15926 Oct. 2, 1998 Sanjay Saxena
LR-15925 Oct. 2, 1998 Larry C. Talley, Sr.
LR-15924 Oct. 2, 1998 Daniel Lambert, John Pape, James Verrillo and Gerard Verrillo
LR-15923 Oct. 2, 1998 Nolan W. Wade, Nolan W. Wade d/b/a/ Capital Financial Consultants, and Charles E. Campbell
LR-15922 Oct. 2, 1998 International Capital Management, Inc., et al.

Modified: 02/14/2005