SEC Releases Strategic Plan for 2004-2009


Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission today posted the 2004-2009 Strategic Plan on its Web site.  The plan, approved by the Commission on July 9, 2004, identifies the vision, mission, values, and goals shaping the agency's activities during the next five years and details the initiatives being undertaken to achieve the SEC's goals.  

"A strong SEC is essential to addressing problems facing the securities industry and setting a course toward restoring investor confidence," said Chairman Donaldson. "This plan demonstrates the SEC's commitment to fulfill its investor protection mission and to utilize taxpayer resources efficiently and effectively."

The plan, substantially enhanced under Chairman Donaldson's tenure and reflecting a greater focus on risk assessment, was developed by a team of representatives from sixteen of the SEC's divisions and offices. The team evaluated the condition of domestic and international securities markets, recent changes in the marketplace, legislative developments and issues affecting investors and the general public. The team also assessed organizational considerations such as human capital, work processes diversity, financial resources, and technology during the planning process.

Chairman Donaldson concluded, "The staff has done an excellent job in preparing this plan. I look forward to receiving additional comments from all interested parties."

The 2004-2009 Strategic Plan can be found on the SEC's Web site at:

Contact: Matt Well, Director
SEC Office of Public Affairs
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Last modified: 8/4/2004