Statement of the Securities and Exchange Commission on the Death of Former Chairman Hamer H. Budge


Washington, D.C., July 28, 2003 -- The Commission released the following statement on the death of former Chairman Hamer H. Budge:

The Commission notes with sorrow and regret the death of Hamer H. Budge, who served as Chairman of the Commission from February 22, 1969 until January 1, 1971, following his service as a Commissioner from July 8, 1964.

Chairman Budge's tenure was marked by rapid growth and change in the nation's capital markets and strong regulatory responses. During this period the Budge Commission implemented many key changes to corporate disclosure requirements, recommended by the Disclosure Policy Study Report. These included the adoption of Form 10-Q, requiring quarterly reporting by corporate issuers, and adoption of amendments to Form 10 and Form 10-K to expand corporate disclosure of current business operations. The Budge Commission also was responsible for proposal of rule 144, the first in a series of creative rules designed to reduce the cost and complexity of selling securities.

Under Chairman Budge the Commission's staff conducted a comprehensive study of institutional investors, as mandated by Congress, which eventually resulted in significant changes to the Investment Company and Investment Advisers Acts. The Budge Commission also undertook a staff study of hedge funds and continued to examine such complex issues as brokerage firm "back office" problems, fixed commission rates and public ownership of brokerage firms.

Chairman Budge's career at the SEC was only a portion of his distinguished career as a public servant. He served in all three branches of the Federal government, in addition to service in state government. He will be remembered by the Commission with great respect and affection. The Commission and staff extend their deepest sympathy to his family and his many friends.


By the Commission


Jonathan G. Katz

Last modified: 7/28/2003